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Delaware Church

Rocky Falls

Ozark Barn near Devil's Well

Shannon County

Photo Credit: Maria Burton, Jadwin
Falling Spring


Greer, Oregon County
Turner's Mill

Mill wheel at dusk, Oregon County
Photo Credit: Debora Clark, Alton
Oscar Price and the double pen, mirror image house he constructed in Shannon County, Missouri, in 1924. An expert tie cutter, he hewed and notched the logs after work at night, "one a day, until they were done." Early twentieth century innovations were construction of a stove flue rather than the traditional fireplace chimney, and windows in the endwalls. Late twentieth century improvement: electricity.


Pulliam - Pierce Family


This photo was taken ca 1908 in Missouri, possibly Shannon County. The individuals identified in the photograph as "My Parents" are the Rev. Francis Marion Pulliam and Mary Ella (Pierce) Pulliam, parents of Anna Lorene (Pulliam) Ravens. "And Oren" is Francis Oren Pulliam, son of Rev. Francis and Mary Ella Pulliam. "Altha" is Altha F. Pierce, daughter of Nathaniel Marion Pierce and Mary Ann Rebecca (Lewis) Pierce. "Grandpa Pierce" is Rev. Nathaniel Marion Pierce, father of Mary Ella Pierce. "Grandpa Pulliam" is William Laffette Pulliam, father of Francis Marion Pulliam.

 Photo and information generously shared by James


Ozark Homestead

Alley Women's Basketball Team

Shannon County, Missouri c, 1915

Reed Log House

Shannon Co MO
Chilton House



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