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Round Valley School near Hartshorn, Mo.

Eugene 'Gene' Roberts is the boy directly behind the stars on the flag.
No names are given for the other children.

Contributed by Pat Moyer

'Grandma Harrod's Ninety Third Birthday Anniversary at Ira Williams' Residence, Greer, MO, May 28, 1914'

Nancy Ellen Allison Peachee Harrod
28 May 1821 - 01 Dec 1918
Daughter of Joseph Allison & Mary Ragsdale
Married 1st Hiram Peachee 12 Jun 1841 in Davies Co IN; children Louisa & Melissa.
Married 2nd William McKamey Harrod 23 Feb 1847  in Davies Co IN; children
George Washington Harrod (m. Martha Ann Jarutha Greer);
Ann Elizabeth Harrod; Mary Malina Harrod (m. Alex Collison);
Lydia Ann Harrod (m. Lewis W. Greer; m. William Harvey Blankenship; m. George Finley Weldon; m. William Chilton;
Joseph Harrod; John A. Harrod; Thomas Harrod;
William Ellsworth 'Billy' Harrod (m. Katherine J. 'Kate' Strosnider) and
Catherine 'Kitty' Harrod (m. Ira Moss Williams).

1st Row:  Syntha Kent, Dan Pitts, Sylvia Robinson, ____Robinson, Grace Whitehead, Nora Harrod, Dora Harrod, Vera Whitehead, Mike Hall, Ray Hall, Depho Hall, Kent boy, Cora Kent.

2nd Row:  Guy Williams, Clyde Williams, Dunigan boy, George Harrod, Grandma Harrod (her 93rd birthday), Lyda Blankenship, Billy Harrod, Mrs. Roberts.

3rd Row: Oscar Cauhorn, Ellen Dunigan, Anice Dunigan, George Morman, Alta Morman, Ira Williams, Kitty Williams, Tom Barrett, Gib Hall, Tom Kent.

4th Row:  Gladys Whitehead, R.M. 'Dick' Johnson, Ray Hall, Hall girl, Ann Hall, Mrs Morman, Mrs Cowhorn, Beulah Whitehead, Mittie Hall, MrsTinsley, Mrs Pitts, Mrs R. M.Johnson, Gibb Hall.

5th Row:  Carlus Pitts, Everett Williams, Rosa Smith, Golda Pitts, Rachel Shehorn, Maude Waller, Laura Gazaway, Amy Waller, unknown, Walter Hall and Laura Williams.


Can you identify these people?

They are a group of men related to the Williams and Harrod families of Oregon County, with ties to Shannon County.

On the left, sitting against wall of house in white shirt, is Uncle Billy (William Ellsworth) Harrod. At least some of these men are believed to be Williamses.


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