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James Washburn

James Washburn married Almeda Cole.
James was born in New York and was killed 12 Nov 1864 during the Civil War.
He had a frontal head injury caused by a minie ball, and also suffered from typhoid fever at the time of his death in Fallstown, Pennsylvania. He was a Private in Company G of the Pennsylvania Volunteers.

 Contributed by Sharrel Hilton Jones
John Calvin Alton Haynes
05 Nov 1878 - 15 Jun 1945

Son of Claude Jackson Haynes
Mattie Fitzgerald
Married (1) Nora Josephine 'Phine' Atkins
Father of Mary 'Edith' Haynes Yearwood
Married (2) Mary Francis Holder Carey

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Washburn Family

Back row: Ara Ellen Washburn (05 Aug 1890 - 10 Jul 1985), married (1) Clarence B. Entenman 28 Apr 1906; married (2) William Thomas 'W. T.' Hilton 14 Aug 1922; married (3) Lewis B. Lowry;
Merley May Washburn (05 Sep 1900 - 19 Jan 1975), married Fred Clousing;
Hannah Almeda Washburn (21 Jan 1893 - 19 Jun 1986), married (1) George William Farris 15 Sep 1910; married Charles W. Parcel 17 Dec 1921; married (3) Roy W. Crawford;
Front row: Chester 'Arthur' Washburn (22 May 1888 - 12 Jul 1982) married Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Garrett;
 James Franklin 'Jim' Washburn (26 May 1879 - 29 Jul 1969) married Nancy Elizabeth 'Betty' Brandon;
Mary Elizabeth Harrison Washburn (03 Nov 1861 - 21 Dec 1938) and William Henry Washburn (02 Dec 1856 - 02 Feb 1942)
(great-great grandparents of Sharrel Hilton Jones).
There were two other children, Pearl L. (11 Feb 1896 - 24 Nov 1899)
and Charles Isaac 'Charley' Washburn (08 Oct 1899 - 24 Sep 1910).

 Contributed by Sharrel Hilton Jones

Hannah Baker Mizell Harris Harrison

Born abt. 1844

Married (1) Walter Mizell; married (2) Elijah W. Harris; married (3) Benjamin Harrison.
Mother of Mary E. Harrison, wife of William H. Washburn.

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The home of Bessie Sallee on Sallee Street in Winona is now located on this site.

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