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Samuel Franklin 'Frank' Piatt
Born 29 april 1893 Dent Co MO
Janie Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Counts
Born 01 Nov 1894 - Died 29 Aug. 1945

Married 13 Aug 1911 at Timber Shannon Co MO
Frank was the son of Samuel Pleasant Piatt
and Francis L. Stewart
Lizzie was the daughter of
John McDonald Counts and Mary A. Conway

Contributed by Carol Piatt

William Columbus 'Bill' Haynes
1859 - 1902

Married (1) Martha Ann Allmon 06 Jul 1890
Father of Flora Doane 'Donie' Reed, twins Esther Dailey
& Martha 'Ruth' Simpson White, Golda Viola 'Ola' Burrell
& Rufus C. 'Bud' Haynes
Married (2) Eliza A. Hill 14 Sep 1882
Father of James Edward 'Willis' Haynes.

Contributed by Ona Fern Warren
William Cornelius 'W. C.' Copeland
02 May 1868 - 19 Apr 1941

Son of
Francis Newton Copeland
Mary 'Polly' Chrisco

Francis Newton Copeland
09 Jan 1836 - 27 Jul 1909    
Mary 'Polly' Chrisco
 03 Jun 1841 - 12 Jan 1930

Married 15 Jul 1858

Parents of 11 Children
Claude Chilton

1903 - 1963

Son of William S. Chilton
 Rebecca Isabelle Chilton.

Married Constance Gregory  

Pearl Wave Enloe Piatt
22 Mar 1917 - 21 Mar 1991 

 Daughter of
Charles L. Enloe & Sarah Pyatt
Married Chester McDonald 'Donnie' Piatt
Contributed by Carol Piatt

David Lewis Massie
01 Mar 1858 - 23 Jul 1940
Anna Susan 'Annie' Hearst
10 Mar 1862 - 09 Nov 1953

David was the son of Henderson Massie
& Margaret Elizabeth Evans.

Annie was the daughter of John D. Hearst
 & Sarah Ellen Bay

They were married 11 Nov 1884 at Shannon Co MO

Their children:
Mary Ella Massie 
Sarah Margaret 'Sadie' Massie (m. General Logan Thomas)
David Luther Massie (died in infancy)
Anna Ruth Massie
Naomi Jane 'Oma' Massie
Charles Edward Massie
Nathan H. Massie

Contributed by Ona Fern Warren
Nathan Massie
24 Nov 1835 - 13 Apr 1913
Lydia Neal
1845 - 1869

Came to Missouri from Lawrence Co OH
Settled in Carter County

Parents of Docia Ann Massie who married
Anderson Kinnard, and Walter 'Bud' Massie,
who married Tella Cotton.

Contributed by Sylvia Hathaway

William Elvie Jones
16 Feb 1845 - 06 Mar 1922
Elizabeth Elvira Turley
26 Jul 1846 - 31 Mar 1933

Son of Richard Jones & Eliza Stalcup
Daughter of Giles Jurin Turley & Margaret Montgomery
Married 04 Oct 1866

Contributed by Lois Barkley

Elizabeth Elvira Turley Jones

Born 26 Jul 1846 Washington Co MO
Died 31 Mar 1933 Midco Carter Co MO

Daughter of Giles Jurin Turley and
Margaret Montgomery

Married William E. Jones 04 Oct 1866

Contributed by Sylvia Hathaway
James Marion Piatt 
18 Dec 1885 - 20 Dec 1942 

Son of Samuel Pleasant Piatt and Frances E. Stewart
James married Magdalena 'Aunt Mag' Thompson
20 Aug 1906, Shannon Co MO
She was born 15 Jan 1890 Shannon Co MO
and died 20 Aug 1960 New London Ralls Co MO
at the home of her son Harvey.

Contributed by Carol Piatt

Grade card from Fairview School at Timber, Shannon Co MO. (now used for storing hay - if it is still standing today?)  The picture probably was taken while James attended.

Contributed by Carol Piatt

Magdalena 'Aunt Mag' Thompson Piatt
(in center)
with James Marion Piatt's
two children:
Lorena 'Louie' Piatt Sheetz
13 Jan 1916 - Dec., 1976 
Harvey Alva Piatt
11 Apr 1912 - 07 Aug 1978 

Contributed by Carol Piatt

Samuel Pleasant Piatt
22 Jan 1858 - 15 Aug 1920 
Frances Elizabeth Stewart
15 Aug 1859 - 12 July 1942 

Son of James Glass Pyatt and Rachel E. Miller
Daughter of Marion M. Stewart
& Margaret 'Polly' Welch

Married 24 Oct 1876 Dent Co MO.

Sam and Francis are buried in the Lone Pine Piatt Cemetery. The land was donated in 1918 by Sam and Frances.

Contributed by Carol Piatt


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