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Mount Zion School, 1906

From records of Esther Harrod Barkley given to me in 1970

Jesse 'Luther' Harder & Effa Estelle 'Effie' Mayberry Harder

This house is currently owned by the Barkley family; it is located east of town just inside city limits of Winona on Old 60.
Property was awarded to a Rucker ancestor for war service.

Carr's Creek School


Big Spring School


Low Wassie Store


Low Wassie School


Winona Post Office

Robert Lee 'Bob' Norton was the Post Master (shown on far right). Others in the photo have not been positively identified,
but the woman to Bob's right may be his wife Minerva Davis.
One of the other two men may be Elmer Lewis, who was a mail carrier. The date of photograph is not known, but Elmer Lewis was a mail carrier when the 1920 census was enumerated
and Bob Norton was the Post Master, however, he passed away in Aug., 1920, so this was taken prior to that time.

Contributed by Jean Tobey

Pleasant Site School


near Fremont Carter Co MO

Contributed by Sylvia Hathaway

Frisco Depot

Frisco Depot

Birch Tree

Frisco Depot


Frisco Depot


Stamped on the back, "This is the Court House Winona offers to give you.  Why should you allow additional taxes to build another one?"  Vote "YES" to accept this Court House."

Submitted by Marcia J. Wagner


Submitted by Marcia J. Wagner


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