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William Henry Harrison
1845 - 1910

Son of John Harrison & Elizabeth Wells

William Henry Harrison married 1st Peggy or Priscilla Unknown, and had a daughter by one of those names.  Mother & infant died in childbirth and are buried together in Miner Cemetery, Dent Co, MO.) 
R. Huit (b. 1836? d. 1890) was the daughter of Green
Huit and Polly Sullivan. 

Contributed by Janice Johnson Harrison

Mary Jane Shelton Dunlap Harrison
Born 1863; died Jul. 2, 1904.

Daughter of Rev. Joel Shelton & Sarah Boyce.

Married 1st Richard Dunlap, who was the father of John Henry Harrison's 2nd wife Mary Magdelene Dunlap.

Contributed by Janice Johnson Harrison
George W. & Clinton Harrison

Sons of
William Henry Harrison & Mary Jane Shelton
Photo ca. late 1927

Contributed by Janice Johnson Harrison

John Henry Harrison

Son of William Henry Harrison (b. abt. 1845 - d. July 1910) and Reeda/Resa/Reesa/Reza/Rebecca A. Huit/Hewett. 

Married Rebecca Larken/Larkin Nov. 16, 1892 in Salem, MO.  He
was 22. Becky died 1899 or 1900. John Henry then married his
step-sister, Mary Magdalene Dunlap at Rat just outside of Salem, MO, probably April 1902 at Flatriver MO.
Mary Magdalene 'Maggie' was not quite 16 and John Henry was almost 31.

Contributed by Janice Johnson Harrison

Alcorn Family


Family get together at Granny Alcorn's home on High School Hill in Eminence, MO: back row - Leah Alcorn Corbin, Minnie Dixon Alcorn, Earlene Rogers Alcorn, Dale "Shot" Alcorn, Alta Alcorn, Bob Alcorn. Front row - Naomi Alcorn Weaver and Stoney Alcorn.



Contributed by Dennis Weaver


Alcorn Family

Verner Alcorn & Minnie Pearl Dixon Alcorn

Leah, Dorthy, Naomi, Robert and Dale 'Shot' Alcorn

Contributed by Dennis Weaver


Dorothy Alcorn and Minnie Pearl Dixon Alcorn at the Alcorn farm on Mahan's Creek

Contributed by Dennis Weaver


Lloyd Alcorn
 1894- 1955


Son of James Harmon Alcorn, Jr.
& Margaret 'Maggie' Payne

Contributed by Dennis Weaver

Vern 'Sonny' Russell


Son of Gordon Russell & Dorothy Alcorn

Contributed by Dennis Weaver

Robert 'Bob'Alcorn and Dale 'Shot' Alcorn at the Alcorn farm on Mahan's Creek

Vern Alcorn


Contributed by Dennis Weaver


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