Strangers in the Box
 Come, look with me inside the drawer
 in this box I've often seen,
 at the pictures black and white
 faces proud, still, serene.
 I wish I knew the people
 these strangers in the box,
 their names and all their memories
 are lost among my socks.
 I wonder what their lives were like.
 How did they spend their days?
 What about their special times?
 I'll never know their ways.
 If only someone had taken time
 to tell who, what or when,
 these faces of my heritage
 would come to life again.
 Could this become the fate
 of pictures we take today?
 The faces and memories
 someday to be passed away?
 Make time to tell your stories.
 seize the opportunity when it knocks.
 Or someday you and yours could be
 The strangers in the box.
 Author Unknown

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Floyd Brock Weaver & Eleanor Barkley Weaver with
children Clark, Dana Beth & Bob, and niece Lillian Barkley
ca. 1935

Contributed by Jennie Prewett

James Milton Vermillion  1865 - 1940
Son of John Compston Vermillion & Mary Smith
Married Malinda J. Jones

Contributed by Sylvia Hathaway

Martha Ann 'Mattie' Greer Harrod
& granddaughter Anna Marie Smotherman

Mother & Niece of Esther Barkley
Anna was the daughter of Mary Edith Harrod &
Thomas Pitts Smotherman.
She married Donald Elmer Brown

Contributed by Marilyn Brown

Note: This photo was originally misidentified as being of Mattie and her daughter Edith, instead of her granddaughter Anna.

Elgin & Mel Vermillion

Sons of George Vermillion & Artie Adeline Norris

Elgin George Vermillion
22 Mar 1920 - 26 Sep 1983
Married Ruby Elizabeth Huett.

Melvin Virgil Vermillion
23 Sep 1911 - 01 Oct 1984
married Katie Genevia Tucker.

Contributed by Melba Vermillion Snider

William Lankford Birge & Nancy Melvina Cooper Family
Married 26 Sep 1888 Franklin Co MO.
Parents of 13 children.
Of Summersville Shannon Co MO

George Washington Cooper Family

George Washington Cooper  27 Nov 1841 - 27 Jun 1924
Martha Jane 'Mattie' McFall 29 Jul 1847 - 11 Jan 1921

Children George K. Cooper, Amanda E. Betterton,
Samuel Joseph, William Elias 'Loss',
Vina A. Brown, James M., Leander Burr 'Lee',
Willie W., Hettie J. Brown
and William 'Irvin' Cooper.

Contributed by Barbara Cooper McGee

Family of John & Esther Barkley

ca 1942

L-R: Max, Esther holding Shannon, Norrine,
Larry standing in front of Norrine,
John holding Jennie, and Don on the right.

Photo from Esther Harrod Barkley
given to me in 1970

Sister & Brother

Eleanor Nora Barkley Weaver
John William 'J. W.' Barkley

Contributed by Johnny Barkley

Lee Alexander Campbell
23 Apr 1899 - 18 Apr 1946

Son of Thomas W. Campbell & Joan Ann 'Annie' Reed
First husband of Ava Viola Norris
Father of Anna Lee Weaver,
Thomas Lewis Campbell & Lois Barkley

Contributed by Lois Campbell Barkley


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