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Custom Threshing Crew-Circa 1900
The picture shows Charles Henry Michel & his threshing crew. The threshing machine was used for threshing wheat, oats, barley & clover seed. The grain was cut with a mower, loaded into wagons & carried to the location of the thresher, it was then pitched into the thresher. Looking at the thresher you will see what looks like a tube coming back over the thresher, this is the tube through which the grain was discharged from the storage bin into the wagon to be hauled to the grain storage bin back at the barn. The thresher was moved from one field to another by a large steam engine. My Great Uncle said my Great Grandfather was single at the time & traveled doing custom work for other people & a lot of times they let him sleep in their barn at night. They would also feed him.

Contributed by Pat Moyer, great granddaughter of Charles Michel.

Chester & Elsie Green of Shannon County MO.

Chester Green
June 4, 1912 - April 24, 1978
Son of James H. Green & Zettie Ireland

Married October 9, 1932 in Hartshorn Shannon Co MO

Elsie Geraldine Michel
April 26, 1915 - May 4, 2006 
Daughter of Charles H. Michel & Malva Elizabeth Edgmond

Chester & Elsie were the parents of Gloria, Gordon & Glenn Green

Chester's siblings were Myrtle Mae Green, Elijah Andrew, Allen Alford & Virgil Clayton Thomas Green.

Contributed by Pat Moyer

Chester & Elsie Green with children
Gordon & Gloria  

Contributed by Pat Moyer

Eighth grade graduation class from Round Valley School
located about 4 1/2 miles north of Hartshorn on KK Highway in Shannon County.

Front Row:  Teacher, Mr. Clinton Smith, Vernon Butts, Arthur Smith, Vernon 'Chick' Smith, Eugene Roberts & Delmer Sullivan.
Back Row: Frances Williams, Mary Lee Coninger, Juanita Bradway, Eunice Derryberry, Thelma Sykes & Velma Latimer.

NOTE: Morris Eugene Roberts is the son of Floyd Montgomery Roberts & Anna Estelle Murfin Roberts. He is the father of Pat Moyer

Family of Charles H. Michel & Malva Elizabeth Edgmond

Back row left to right:
Norman, Elsie, Clarence, Vernie, Clinton Michel
Bottom front row left to right: Joy (daughter of Vernie), Malva & Charles H. Michel of Hartshorn.

Not pictured is son Harold Clifton Bellwright Michel.

Great Grandparents of Pat Moyer

Norman Henry Michel
March 24, 1925 - November 28, 2007

Elsie Geraldine Michel
April 26, 1915 - May 4, 2006
Clarence Charles Michel
September 16, 1917 - February 14, 1987
Vernie Elmo Michel
August 17, 1911 - April 7, 1977
Clinton Lester Michel
October 8, 1921 - March 29, 1943
 He was a SGT. in the 34th. Inf. Div. Hill  engaged in combat in the country of Tunisia against
German General Rommel's desert forces during WW11. He died on Hill 509.
Malva Elizabeth Edgmond Michel
July 12, 1886 - January 20, 1966
 Daughter of Sterling Alexander Edgmond
Nancy Matilda (Fulkerson) Edgmond (of Miller Co MO).

Married Charles Henry Michel
July 4, 1910 in Marionville Stone Co MO.
Charles Henry Michel
January 7, 1882 - April 28, 1964
Son of Herman George Michel
Anna Benne Michel (of Marionville MO).


Charles Henry Michel and his Mules

Contributed by Pat Moyer

James Henry Green
April 11, 1870 - July 1950

Delilah Parazetta 'Zettie' Ireland
October 12, 1877 - 1943

They are interred at Antioch Cemetery.

Front row: James Henry Green & Zettie Ireland Green of Shannon County MO.
Back row: Chester Green and a brother, sons of James Henry & Zettie.

Contributed by Pat Moyer

Charles Henry Michel World War I Draft Registration

Contributed by Pat Moyer

Report card of Gloria Green, daughter of Chester & Elsie Green.


Contributed by Pat Moyer

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