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Elizabeth Turley Jones


Irabelle 'Belle' Jones Bruce



      Silas Jones                        Nettie Myrtle Brawley
01 May 1886 - 18 Jan 1977                  15 Sep 1887 - 14 Dec 1977

Son of Robert J. 'Bob' Jones & Nancy Jane Alley
Daughter of Charles Dressler 'Charley' Brawley & Faustina 'Tiny' Monk
Married 28 Oct 1906


Montie Virgil (26 Dec 1902 - 14 Jun 1985), m. Lola Edith Randolph;
 Omett 'Paul' (01 Aug 1915 - 23 Sep 1995), m. Hazel Medley;
Iva Delta, (b. abt. 1906) m. Ollie M. Randolph;
Emmot A. (27 Jul 1909 - 08 Sep 1979), m. Verna Wave Smith;
Mary Elizabeth 'Beth' Wood (20 Jul 1885 - 22 Feb 1949)
& John Franklin 'Bud' Wood (1879 - Bet. 1945 - 1949).

Beth and Bud Wood were married Jan. 22, 1902 Shannon Co MO.
She was the daughter of Joseph Vardie Wood & Martha Jane 'Mattie' Meade.

Joseph & Mattie Mead Wood



Willy and Mary Meade
Willie & Mary Mead


Sarah Amanda 'Sally' Clay Mead (William's Mother)




David & Anna Hearst Massie


Unknown Massie Family


Unknown - may be of the Massie Family


Cora Belle Snider Alley

Picture on wall in the Mercantile, Van Buren, MO


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