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Located at Winona on Old Hwy. 60 in southwest part of town, between the intersections of south Hwy. 19 and north Hwy. 19.
(Just up the hill from the car wash, on the left, and directly across the highway from the senior citizens apartments and Trace Pond).

This is a very old cemetery. Many years ago a sink hole appeared and a lot of graves disappeared.
There are obvious locations of graves throughout the cemetery that are unmarked, sunken in or overgrown, and unidentifiable.
 It is certain that all the burials in this cemetery are not listed, but as many as are known are here.


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Updated Sep. 23, 2017


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RANDEL, Z. A.    Died 1 July 1899.     ‘Age 31y 6d.’    


RANDOLPH, Infant      Born & Died 6 Dec. 1890.     ‘Son of U. M. & M. E.’ (Ulysses Nelson Randolph & Mary E. Ailshire. They were also the parents of Ernest Lawrence Randolph who married Sarah Sadie Shedd, daughter of George Washington Shedd & Sarah 'Louvina' Allison).   



REA, Naomi     8 Oct. 1869 - 8 Jan. 1898.     ‘Age 28y 3m.     Wife of R. K.’

REA, R. K.        1849 - 15 Feb. 1894.      ‘Born in Belfast Ireland.'

REA, Robert N.     1 Jan. 1894 - 4 April 1895.     ‘Son of R. K. & Naomi Rea.’   


REARY, Maudy Mable    09 Oct 1895 - 5 Aug. 1897.     ‘Age 1y 9m 27d.'     Daughter of Allen C. Reary & Amelia V. 'Dolly' Bannister.


REDWINE, Beulah    10 Feb 1901- 2 (or 4) Aug. 1909.     ‘Daughter of     W.S.N. & Eddie.’     (rest of family plot completely covered by vines, trees & brush).


REDWINE, Elva Edie C. Barrett      27 Nov. 1859 – 23 Apr. 1950. MO Death Cert.#15585: Daughter of L. D. Barrett. Born at Carsville KY; died at Winona MO. Widowed twice. Wife of W.S.N. Redwine. Informant F. E. Copeland, Eminence, MO. Burial 24 Apr. 1950 at “Old Cemetery, Winona”.


REDWINE, William S. N. 'Will'     8 Mar. 1860 – 23 May 1939.     MO Death Cert.#19937: Son of (looks like) Jerome Redwine (VA) and Margaret F. 'Peggy' Orr (or Omer) (VA). Born VA; died at Winona MO. Married Elva Edie C. Barrett. Occupation Carpenter. Informant Mrs. Redwine, Winona MO. Burial 25 May 1939.


RICE, Cora L.     Died Sep. 25, 1891.     'Age 18 yr, 15 d.'


RICE, Infant      Born & Died 13 July 1908.     ‘Daughter of H. G. & Lena Rice.’ 


RICE, Lillian E.     3 Jan. 1881 -     8 March 190?.     ‘Daughter of A. E. & S. H. Rice.’



RICE, Sophronia H. O'Neal       Mar. 5, 1844 - Sep. 21, 1894.    ‘Wife of A. E. Rice.’     ‘50y 6m 16d.     Daughter of Edward Neel & Mary 'Polly' Harris. Married to Levi P. Rice (1824-1877) and to A. E. Rice (no dates). Born at Auburn, Logan Co KY; died at Winona, Shannon Co MO. She was the mother of six children; four from her first marriage and two by her 2nd marriage, both husbands surnames 'Rice.' Children Cora, Lillian and George died young.
RICE, A. E.     No dates.     'Husband of Sophronia.’    After the death of Sophronia he moved to Oklahoma, where he is buried. (Information from Nancy Wells).


RICHARDSON, Milford Elliot     18 April 1847 -  5 July 1913.     MO Death Cert.#28669: Born KY, died Winona MO. Farmer. Married; wife unnamed. Parents names unknown to informant Fred Richardson, Winona. Burial in ‘Old Cemetery’ 6 Jul. 1913.


ROUSH, Allie Rose     14 Nov. 1915 - 7 Aug. 1919     ‘8 mos 24 days’.     Born at Mill Camp, Sugar Hollow. Died at Winona. (Long Branch written and then crossed out). Daughter of Oley Francis Roush & Ethel E. Davis. Died of malarial fever. Informant Mrs. Ethel Roush, Van Buren MO. Burial 8 Aug. 1919, Winona. MO Death Cert.#26704 lists Allie Dove Roush. 


ROUSH, Gladys M.     MO Death Cert.#28367: (looks like) 1 May 1910 – 2 Aug. 1912.     ‘2 yrs 3 mos 2 days’.     Daughter of Otis A. Roush (MO) & Reffie (looks like) Haebgraus (IL).     Cause of death acute bronchitis, whooping cough. Informant Otis Roush, Winona. Burial 3 Aug. 1912.  


RUSSELL, Charles     17 Feb. 1917 – 28 May 1919.     MO Death Cert.#18868: Age 2 yrs 3 mos 10 days.     Born Winona MO. Son of James W. Russell (MO) & Melia Brandon (MO).     Died at Eminence MO. Informant James W. Russell, West Eminence. Burial 29 May 1919.    


RUSSELL, Floyd     1914 – 1925.     Son of James W. Russell & Amelia 'Meelie' Brandon. 


RUSSELL, James Walter     13 June 1888 - 5 Oct. 1932.     Son of James W. Russell (MO) & Serena Patterson (MO). Married Amelia 'Meelie Brandon. MO Death Cert.#34488: Occupation: Laborer. Born Shannon Co MO. Informant Earl Russell, St. Louis MO. Burial 6 Oct. 1932 at Old Cemetery, Winona.     Parents of Floyd, Leland, Charles, Howard, Amos, Robert L. and Donald 'Donnie' Russell.   


RUSSELL, Joseph Richard     Apr. 23, 1930 – May 2, 1930.     MO Death Cert.#18318: 9 days old. Born West Eminence Shannon Co MO; died at Eminence. Son of William J. Russell (MO & Eva Floyd Hunt (TN). Burial May 3, 1930. 


RUSSELL, Leland     Mar. 8, 1912 – Mar. 4, 1957.     Son of James W. Russell & Amelia 'Meelie' Brandon. Died at State Hospital #4 at Farmington St Francois Co MO of 'dementia praechosis & diabetes; coronary occlusion.' He was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night after becoming very confused; in the late 1940s. Spent the rest of his life there. 



RUTHERFORD, Carrie     1854 – 1948.      

RUTHERFORD, Harlow M.     18 Jul. 1851 – 17 Jun. 1921.     MO Death Cert.#16499: Husband of Carrie; Occupation Merchant; born Meigs Co OH, son of James I. Rutherford & Helen McNaughton. Informant Charles Jones, Winona. Burial 18 Jun. 1921.


SALISBURY, Edith A.     Died 25 Oct. 1896.     ‘Age 10y.     ‘Daughter of P. F. Ephraim & Annie Salisbury.’ 



SALLEE, Lidosha Francis Devine     25 Mar. 1871 – 29 May 1955.     MO Death Cert.#17441: Widowed twice. Daughter of James D. Devine & Sharlotte Claunch. Informant     Della Swain, Winona. Burial 30 May 1955 at Baptist Cemetery.
SALLEE, William ‘Harry’     14 Mar. 1867 - 27 Aug. 1937.     MO Death Cert.#31972: Born Kentucky, died Winona MO. Son of John Sallee (KY) and Margaret Moon (KY).     Informant Gus Sallee, Winona; burial 28 Aug. 1937. 


SALLEE, Misha 'Mishie' DeWeese     3 Dec. 1891 - 14 Dec. 1913.     MO Death Cert.#7070:     Born at Texas Co MO, daughter of George W. DeWeese (TN) and Margaret C. Smith. Informant Gusta Sallee, Winona. Burial 15 Dec. 1913. Wife of Gustus 'Gus' Sallee. 


SANDERS, Elsie ‘Jane’     24 Feb. 1860 – 24 Nov. 1910.     'Age 49y 9m 10d.’     MO Death Cert.#46642: Single. Daughter of James Sanders (KY) and Elizabeth Barton (KY). Informant     A. J. Jamieson, M.D., Winona. Burial 25 Nov. 1910.     (Tombstone has birth year 1861).


SANDERS, G. E.    No dates.   


SANDERS, James A.    7 June 1858 - 8 Nov. 1899.     ‘Age 43y 5m 11d.’

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 29 Dec 1939.

SANDERS, Mary Lavica 'Vica' Cooper     07 May 1892 - 12 Nov. 1973.     Third wife of Ike Sanders. Daughter of Thomas C. Cooper & Sarah Ann Yearwood.

SANDERS, James Isaac 'Ike'     22 Feb. 1885 - 5 Mar. 1956.     Born at Carter Co MO; died at Winona Shannon Co MO. Son of James Sanders & Louise (Hooper) Snyder. He was married three times. 1st to Mary Dawson (1888-1919) on 21 Feb 1904 (she is buried at Carter Co MO). Children of Ike & Mary: Jemima 'Mimie' Sanders (m. David Vanarsdall)), Ivan (a/k/a Iva Sanders (m. Herbert 'Bus' Bell); Velma Mae Sanders (m. Claude 'Buck' Atkins, m. Fred Cooper) & Harvey Sanders. Married 2nd Florence Geretta Julian Myers  (03 Sep 1882 - 20 Feb 1939) on 22 Jan 1918; she is buried at Munsell Cemetery). Children of Ike Sanders & Florence were Silas (m. Florene Eleanor Pruitt), Luther (m. Ruby Hicks) & Jewell Eugene 'Gene' Sanders (m. Ruby Pruitt). MO Death Cert.#15237. Informant Velma Atkins, Winona. Burial 7 Mar. 1956 at Old Baptist Cemetery.
NOTE: Florence Geretta Julian married 1st William Jackson 'Will' Myers. Their children were Homer Franklin (m. Suda Mae Rayfield), Jim (m. Jane Estill), Dennis William (m. Lorene Evelyn Atkins) & Woodrow Jackson 'Jack' Myers (m. Thelma 'Geneva' Van Winkle). Also, Jemima & Dave Vanarsdall and Ivan & Bus Bell are buried in Grant's Pass OR. 


SANNER, Sadie Talbert     5 Aug. 1881 - 3 May 1900.     ‘Wife of D.R. Sanner, daughter of T.A. Talbert.’ 


SEATON, Jennie C.     4 July 1879 - 22 March 1897.     ‘Daughter of N. C. & J. E.’ 


SILLS, Gracey W.     Died 19 June 1889.     ‘Age 14m. Daughter of W. & R. Sills.’  


SMITH, E. S.    Jul. 17, 1848 - Mar. 9, 1891 (or 1896).    'Husband of Mrs. E. S. Smith.'   


SMITH, Harvey     12 May 1873 - 5 Dec. 1911.     Son of Calvin E. Smith and Nancy E. Hopkins. Grandson of John L. Smith and Nancy Cotton. Husband of Nancy Elizabeth Neal. Father of Joyce Smith (married 1st Arie Myers; 2nd Leroy Morris; and Emma Sue, married 1st Harry Hollis; 2nd Charles Reed). 

SMITH, J. M.    No Dates.     ‘Co D 48th Missouri Inf. Civil War.’ 

SNELSON, Amos Leonard    7 April 1840 - 14 May 1923.     Son of Louis Snelson and Mary Champ. Married 1st Eliza Ann Jones on 25 Mar 1864; children William Suggett Snelson, Walter W. Snelson and Lula M. Snelson. Married Nancy Jane Reynolds in 1882 in Crawford Co MO.

SPURGEON, Charles 16 Feb. 1891 - 6 Aug. 1909.

NOTE: There are five broken markers by this grave. No death certificates found for any Spurgeons buried here. 


STOVER, Infant son     Born & Died 16 Sep. 1900.


STOVER, LIla Maud      29 July 1898 - 19 Sep. 1898.     ‘Daughter of E. A. & Tena.’ 


STRAIN, Telitha     8 Apr. 1861 – 23 Dec. 1937.     MO Death Cert.#4064: Widow of Barney Strain. Born Wright City MO; died 1302 Boland Place, Richmond Heights, Jefferson Twp., St Louis Co MO. Informant Bert Strain, ‘1918 5th Madison’ (St Louis). Removal 26 Dec. 1937 to Eminence MO.
STRAIN, Lewis Marion 'Barney'      3 Jun. 1864 – 23 Apr. 1937.     MO Death Cert.#17742: Husband of Talitha Strain. Born MO; died Eminence Shannon Co MO. Son of Daniel Strain (MO) and Melinda Miller (MO). Informant W. R. Strain, Eminence. Burial 24 Apr. 1937.



SWAIN, Magdaline 'Maggie' Baker     1846 – 2 Mar 1921.     'Age 74 yrs. 7 mos. 25 days.'     Born in Butler Co KY, daughter of Hiram Baker (IL) and Milly (illegible). MO Death Cert.#8654. Informant C. H. Swain, Winona. Burial 3 Mar. 1921.

SWAIN, Pendleton N.     28 Mar. 1854 – 30 Nov. 1945.     MO Death Cert.#42133: Son of Rhoden B. Swain (VA) and Nancy Smith (VA). Born Ohio Co KY. Died at Phelps Co MO. Informant Chester Swain, Salem, MO. Burial 2 Dec. 1945.


 SWAIN, Therba Edith     26 April 1923 – 10 Dec. 1923.     Born and Died Winona Shannon Co MO, daughter of Chester Harry Swain (Eminence) and Della Sallee (MO).     MO Death Cert.#38529. 




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