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Located at Winona on Old Hwy. 60 in southwest part of town, between the intersections of south Hwy. 19 and north Hwy. 19.
(Just up the hill from the car wash, on the left, and directly across the highway from the senior citizens apartments and Trace Pond).

This is a very old cemetery. Many years ago a sink hole appeared and a lot of graves disappeared.
There are obvious locations of graves throughout the cemetery that are unmarked, sunken in or overgrown, and unidentifiable.
 It is certain that all the burials in this cemetery are not listed, but as many as are known are here.


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DOUBLE: Married 1893.
ADAIR, Henry C.     13 Jul 1869 – 22 Mar 1963.     Son of John Wilson Lee Adair & Elizabeth Mary Kile. Born at Winona and died at Poplar Bluff, Butler Co MO . He was a former school teacher and county judge of Shannon County. He married Henri Nan Layton 09 Apr 1895 at Shannon Co MO. He married Della Lehman in 1961. NOTE: Tombstone has died 1964; obituary lists 22 Mar. 1963.
ADAIR, Henrie Nan Layton     13 Jan 1869 – 22 Mar 1936.     Born in Kentucky. No death certificate found. Parents of Wilbur (m. Wilma Paulding, m. Augusta Mae Drewel); Leland Reed (m. Dors Lang); Dixie Wilma (m. Perry Gordon Chilton, m. Ralph Palmer; Thelma (m. Curtis C. Breeden, m. Unknown Singler); Lavera 'Vera' (m. Clifford P. McClintock); Thela B. (m. Cephus Marlin Bell); Oneita (m. Ray Heger).

ADAIR, Leland Reid     12 Apr 1896 - 23 Oct 1946.     ‘Mo. Pvt Adjt. Gen Dept WWI’.    MO Death Cert.#34723: Son of Henry C. Adair (Winona MO) & Henri Layton (KY). Divorced. Carpenter. Death certificate lists burial Oct. 27th at Van Buren. Informant Registrar at Veteran’s Hospital in St. Louis where he died.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1858
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Evans     Aug. 30, 1840 – Sep. 30, 1919.      MO Death Cert.#29311: widow of John Anderson. Born TN; died Winona MO. Daughter of Thomas Evans (IL) and Unknown (TN). Informant (looks like) Frank Anderson, Winona, MO. Burial Sept. 30, 1919.
ANDERSON, John     Abt. 1840 - Bef. 1919.     Parents of Alice; Henry Franklin (m. Sadie Anderson); Sarah Evaline (m. Samuel Barton Yearwood); Rosetta; William A. (m. Maude M. Lawrence) and Thomas G. Anderson. 
Inscription ‘Sgt Co K 50th Ill Inf. Civil War’.    (Or it might be Co I)


ARMSTRONG, James A.     6 Dec 1900 - 23 Jan 1902.     'Son of J. E. & Julia Armstrong.'


BALLEW, Melvina Tippey     Nov. 30, 1862 - Feb. 5, 1933.    MO Death Cert.#8181: Matilda Melvina Ballew, wife of W. A. Ballew. Born Nov. 1, 1861, died Feb. 5, 1933. Daughter of I. N. Tippey.  Born in Illinois; died at Winona. Informant V. O. Ballew, Winona. Burial Feb. 6, 1933.


BARKLEY, William M. 'Bill'     1827 - 03 Jan 1898.    Known to be buried here; no marker.  Son of John Locke Barkley (Rowan Co NC) & Elizabeth Bostic (AL). Civil War, Tackett's Co.  Obituary


BARKLEY, William 'Willie'     19 Jun. 1873 - 14 Dec. 1891.     Son of William M. 'Bill' Barkley & Hannah Minerva Martin. Born shortly after the family's migration to Missouri from Cypress Inn, Wayne Co TN. He died when a log fell on his head during a barn raising at the Dick Williams property near Winona. He was 18 years old.



BARNETT, Nancy Gilliland     1828 - Unknown.     Daughter of William Gilliland of TN. She was born in TN.
BARNETT, William     1820 - 1876.   Son of Unknown Barnett & Mary A. Unknown.


DOUBLE:     Mother & Daughter
BARRETT, Elizabeth E. Crotser     13 Apr 1839 - 27 Aug 1930.     MO Death Cert.#28842: Widow of Lawrence Barrett. Born at Carrville KY, died at Winona. Parents names not known to informant WSN Redwine of Winona. Burial 29 Aug 1930.

BARRETT, Lena A.     11 Jun 1866 - 15 May 1934.      MO Death Cert.#19187: Daughter of L. F. Barrett & Elizabeth Crotser. Born in KY; died at Winona. Informant WSN Redwine; burial 17 May 1934. 


BARRETT, Lawrence F.      Oct. 19, 1839 - Oct. 21, 1922.      MO Death Cert.#30438: Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett, born at Crittendon Co KY, son of Harry Barrett (KY) and Martha Barrett. Occupation store keeper, grocery merchant. Died at Winona Shannon Co MO 21 Oct 1922. Informant WSN Redwine, Winona. Burial 23 Oct 1922. 


BELOAT, Rebecca J. Kelly     Nov. 19, 1854 - May 17, 1885.     Daughter of C. S. & Mary A. Kelly.


DOUBLE:  Inscription: 'Children of Henry P. & R. A. Bertram.'
BERTRAM, Infant     Born & Died 9 Feb 1897.     
BERTRAM, Stella J.     4 Sept 1894 - 19 Oct 1896.     ‘Age 2 yr 1 mo 15 days’.


BERTRAM, Sarah Barnett      21 May 1862 – 13 Dec. 1911     MO Death Cert.#3735: Daughter of William Barnett (TN) & (looks like) Gilenid Barnett (TN). Born Shannon Co     MO, died at Winona. Married. Informant Noah Barnett, Winona. Burial 14 Dec. 1911. 


BIRLEW, Anna Mae 'Annie'     Jul. 12, 1893 - Jun. 5, 1910.   MO Death Cert.#18871:  Daughter of Stephen Birlew (TN) & N. J. Taylor (TN). Suicide by drowning. Informant Stephen Birlew, Birch Tree. Burial Jun. 7, 1910.

BIRLEW, Pearl M.      Jul., 1909  – Oct., 1912.   Daughter of William Levi Birlew & Emma 'Lee' Mayberry.  Born and died at Winona Shannon Co MO.; buried Oct. 07, 1912  MO Death Cert.#41691:  Born Aug. 3, 1909 – died Oct. 6, 1912. Daughter of William Birlew & Millie Smith. Cause of death follicular tonsillitis due to typhoid fever.  Burial Oct. 7, 1912. (NOTE:  Even though the cemetery book says so, Pearl was NOT buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery. She was buried in the Old Baptist Hill Cemetery, in the Birlew family plot). (Gloria Hursey, 10/1/08).

BIRLEW, Stephen      Jan. 1, 1841 - Feb. 14, 1923.     'Steve, Steven'     Son of John Birlew, Sr. & Milbrey Robinson. 


BIRLEW, Nancy Jane Taylor    Dec. 28, 1853 - Jul. 4, 1936.     Parents of John Wilson Birlew, George Lewis Birlew, Milbra Catherine 'Cassie' Bullock, William Levi Birlew, Lucinda M. Dunn, Nancy Jane Dunn, Jackson Birlew, Stephen Leander 'Lee' Birlew, Mary Elizabeth Patterson, Anna May Birlew and Robert 'Monroe' Birlew.

BIRLEW, Stephen Leander 'Lee'     Feb. 24, 1888 - Oct. 26, 1932.     Son of Stephen 'Steve' Birlew & Nancy Jane Taylor.  ‘Mo. Pvt. 1 CL 352 Inf. 88 Div.' Married Edith Garrett.

BOCKMAN, Howard 'Powell'     15 Feb 1909 - 26 Dec 1924.     MO Death Cert.#36859: born at Winona, son of John William Bockman and Lula Arminta Powell. Single. Died at Winona. Informant Ralph L. Frazier, Winona. Burial 27 Dec 1924.



BOCKMAN, John William 'J. W.'     14 Nov 1879 - 6 Oct 1961.     Born at New Liberty MO, died at Winona.  

BOCKMAN, Lula Arminta Powell     17 Mar 1881 - 31 Dec 1944.     MO Death Cert.#39166: Died at St Louis MO.      Parents of Edwin 'Guy' (m. Pearl Coker); Walter Melvin 'Mutt' (m. Margaret Mae Gardner); John William; Howard Powell; William Wesley 'Wes' (m. Beulah Wright) and Dwight L. Bockman.



BOLTON, William Joseph 'W. J.' & Family     No dates.     MO Death Cert.#7525: Husband of Mary Louisa Muse, born 1 Apr 1852 at Smith Co TN; died 19 Feb 1928 at Winona. Son of Charles Bolton (Smith Co TN) & Unknown. Cause of death chronic nephritis, enlarged prostate. Informant (looks like) Murley Bolton, Springfield MO; burial 20 Feb. 1928.

NOTE: No other death certificates for Boltons buried here were found. Found three others buried elsewhere, might be of same family. MO Death Cert. Database. Also possible graves were lost in sinkhole


.BORDEN, Dony     29 May 1895 - 22 Jan. 1897.     Son of Jesse Carel Borden & Mary Susie Clemons.


BORDEN, George Henry     1893 – 1924.     MO Death Cert.#16795:  Born 17 Sep 1890 - 4 May 1924. Son of Jesse Carel Borden (TN) and Mary Susie Clemens (Phelps Co MO). Married to Millie Borden. Worked for Frisco Rail Road. Born at Davisville, MO, died at Winona of lobar pneumonia, tonsillitis. Informant Joe L. Harrod, Winona. Burial 5 May 1924. (There are 2 sunken unmarked graves to the right of this grave.) 



BORDEN, Jesse Carel     25 Feb 1866 – 11 Oct 1931.     MO Death Cert.#36575: Born TN; died Low Wassie, Shannon Co MO. Parents names not known to informant Emmett Borden, Low Wassie. Burial 13 Oct 1931. 
BORDEN, Mary Susie Clemens     1865 – 1937.     MO Death Cert.#13798:  21 Feb 1866 – 6 Apr 1937. Born at Davisville Crawford Co MO, daughter of George Clemons and Martha Stringer. Widow of J. C. Borden. Died at Low Wassie. Informant Emmit Borden, Low Wassie (son). Burial 8 Apr 1937.


BORDEN, Joeana      21 Jun. 1835 - 5 Nov. 1901. 


BRAKE, Willie R.     Died Jul. 23, 1897.      'Age 2y 1m 8d.'     'Son of J. R. & N. M. Brake.'
NOTE: Shannon County Cemeteries book has 'Son of J. R. & N. Y. Brake.'


BRANDON, William Thomas     21 Nov 1854 - 1 Jun 1923.     MO Death Cert.#20544: Widower (wife was Penelope Brandon). Born 21 Oct 1854 (TN); died at Winona. Son of Thomas Brandon (TN). Informant J. W. Russell, Winona. Burial 3 Jun 1923. 


BROWN, H. T.     Nov. 12, 1887 - Apr. 8, _____.     Broken marker; can't read year of death.     'Son of G. W. & M. J. Brown’.     Son of George Wesley Brown and Martha Jane Sisco. (Brother of Ida Belle Brown who married Richard Doris Goforth). NOTE: Ida’s obituary gives her mother’s name as ‘Martha Ann Elizabeth Sisco’. It also states she had four brothers and seven sisters. Her mother Martha was also married to Thomas Hayden 'Bill' Allmon and had several children, so it was probably the children from both marriages that combined made 12 siblings. 


BUCKNER, Moses 'Mose'     13 Dec. 1906 - 28 Jul. 1922.     Son of John Buckner & Minnie Smith. Born & died Long Hollow (Eleven Point River) Shannon Co MO. DOUBLE: Married about 1876.



BUFFINGTON, Charles Wesley     13 Jul. 1852 - 6 Jan. 1916.     Son of Joseph C. Buffington & Elizabeth 'Betsy' Unknown.
BUFFINGTON, Sarah 'Sallie' Mahan     3 Apr. 1853 - 3 Feb. 1921.     Daughter of William Mahan. MO Death Cert.#5845. Widow of C. W. Buffington. Burial 4 Feb 1921.
NOTE: Shannon County Cemeteries has C. Westley Buffington & Sarah S. Buffington.


, Melven J.     Born 7 Sep. 1890.     ‘Son of C. W. & Sallie Buffington’.


BULLOCK, Edith Hazel      Jan. 28, 1899 - Feb. 16, 1899.     'Age 19d.'    'Daughter of William and Jennie.'


BULLOCK, Ira Glen     Died Jul. 8, 1901.     'Age 5m 6d.'    'Son of William & Jennie Bullock.'


BUNYARD, Jack     2 Oct. 1892 - 28 Dec. 1966.     ‘Mo. Cpl. Sup. Co 342 FA 89 Div WWI’.     Son of James K. Bunyard & Florida McDonald. Brother of Troy Bunyard.  BUNYARD, Rose LaRue     4 Aug. 1889 - 8 Jan. 1930.     Daughter of James LaRue & Susan Carter. Born Shannon Co MO. Sister of Cynthia LaRue Atkins & Miranda 'Randy' LaRue Atkins. Children of Jack & Rose: June (m. Charles Plunk); Loren Bunyard; Glen Bunyard, & Carmen (m. a Boyd). Found in Winona Public Library, an item from the local paper: 'Jack Bunyard moved his family to El Dorado, KS where he had found work. A few weeks later, Rose, expecting at the time, took pneumonia, gave birth, and died on the 4th, the baby died on the 9th. Jack took the bodies back to Winona for burial, then had to rush back to KS to his job and other children.' He moved the family back to Winona and later married Madge (Atkins) Burns, widow, mother of Earl 'Murph' Burns and Opal Burns.  She was a niece to Rose, daughter of Bill Atkins and Cynthia LaRue. She is buried at Mount Zion Cemetery. 

BURNETT, Albert     1896 -  01 Jul 1917.    (Unmarked or lost grave)  

BURRELL, Hattie M.      22 Dec. 1881 - 27 Jul. 1889.     Daughter of George Washington Burrell (IL) & Almira Boyles (IN).

BURRELL, John 'Francis'     1875 – 1931.     Son of George Washington Burrell (IL) & Almira Boyles (IN). MO Death Cert.#13836: Born 6 Oct 1875 near
Cairo IL; died 18 Apr 1931 at Springfield Greene Co MO of tuberculosis of lymphatic glands & of the skin. Occupation: Postmaster. Informant E. R. Burrell, Springfield MO. Burial 19 Apr 1931 at Mountain View MO. (Tombstone is here at Baptist).
BURRELL, Mary Archie Layton     1877 – 1935.     Wife of John Francis Burrell.     MO Death Cert.#1080: Archie M. Burrell, of
Mountain View MO, widow of John F. Burrell. Age 57 yrs, 5 mos, 3 days, died 21 Jan 1935 at Goldsberry (Mountain View) Howell Co MO. Daughter of R. F. Layton (KY) & Mary Reed (KY). Informant Irene Garoutte, Mountain View MO; burial 23 Jan 1935 at Winona.

BURRELL, Opal Lucille     1908 – 1923.     Daughter of John Francis Burrell & Mary Archie Layton.

BURRELL, Rosa A.     19 Nov. 1879 - 26 Jun. 1892.     Daughter of George Washington Burrell (IL) & Almira Boyles (IN).  

BURRELL, Wallace     19 Nov 1878 - 26 Jun 1892.

BURRELL, Wallace     5 Sep. 1873 - 22 Sep. 1898.     Son of George Washington Burrell (IL) & Almira Boyles (IN).  

CARRICER, Belle     29 April 1886 - 11 Dec 1907.
CARRICER, C. Lena      21 Jan 1904 - 9 Jun. 1908.     ‘Daughter of Jesse & Belle.’
CARRICER, Ray     6 Dec. 1907 - 11 March 1908.     ‘Son of Jesse & Belle’
NOTE: Shannon County Cemeteries has Carriger, Belle, Clema A. (Dau. of Jesse & Belle Carriger) and Ray, (son of Jesse & Belle Carriger). Findagrave. has Belle, Lena C. & Ray. Source:
Kasey Alvarez Duckworth

CHRISTY, Sharrlett      31 Jan. 1861 - 25 March 1894.     ‘Wife of E. S. Christy.’

CHRONISTER, Lathe N.   Jul., 1832 - 1877.    Born in Illinois; died at Winona. Third wife of William Duncan Chronister.

COBB, Bessie A.     16 Jun. 1889 - 30 April 1890.     ‘Daughter of T. H. & H. Cobb.’
NOTE: Shannon County Cemeteries has 'Daughter of T. & S. Cobb.'

COBBLE, Belle     8 Aug. 1872 - 28 Feb. 1900.     ‘Wife of Ross.’
Found MO Death Cert.#20916 for Ross Cobb: Widowed. Born Mar. 18, 1864 at Houston MO; died Jun. 25, 1934 at Cartersville Jasper Co MO. Son of Jack Cobble (TN). Informant Ray Cobble, Webb City MO. Burial Jun. 27th at Mount Hope Cemetery.

COBBLE, Ora Ray     Died 10 Feb. 1901.     ‘Age 5 months 8 days.     Son of A. B. & Lou.’

COLLINS, Mable     25 Aug. 1893 - 25 Sep. 1893.     ‘Daughter of JAB & M.’

CONNELLY, E. J.     Died 1902.

CONNELLY, James Mack     Sep. 16, 1853 - Jul. 12, 1934.     There are two death certificates for him. #27926: Husband of Belle Connelly.  Age 80y 9m 26d.  Born at Louise Co IA. Son of E. Connelly (Mercer Co KY) & Anna McMichael (Lancaster PA). Informant Mrs. R. L. Yardley. Burial Jul. 13, 1934. MO Death Cert.#27934 has all the same information except born at Iowa. He died at Bartlett Shannon Co MO.

COOPER, Audrey Maxine     3 Jan 1922 – 25 Mar 1933.     MO Death Cert.#12030. Daughter of Vica Cooper. Informant Vinton Cooper, Williamsville MO. Buried beside Isaac Sanders & Vica Cooper Sanders, and Thomas & Sarah Cooper. (Graves are right beside the road, left hand corner, by a big tree stump, in the sinkhole.

COOPER, Infant     17 Aug 1906 -     28 Aug. 1906.     ‘11 days old. Son of Mary B. & Los.’     Son of of William Elias ‘Loss’ Cooper & first wife Mary B. Galenor.

COOPER, Mary Belle Galenor      22 Sep. 1882 - 20 Aug. 1906.     ‘Age 23y 9m 28d. Wife of Los Cooper.’     Wife of William Elias ‘Loss’ Cooper. Daughter of John Golenor (Pulaski Co MO ) and Nancy Jennings. (Twin sister of Margaret I. Golenor, wife of Silas E. Bradley.)     Died from complications of childbirth.
Variant spellings: Golenor, Galenor, Goleanor.

COOPER, Sarah Ann Yearwood     24 Dec. 1867 - 13 Oct. 1955.     MO Death Cert.#35672: Daughter of William R. Yearwood and Rhoda Short. Wife of Thomas C. Cooper. Born & died in Shannon Co MO. Informant J. V. Cooper,
Broseley, MO. Burial 14 Oct 1955.

COOPER, Thomas C.     26 Oct 1859 - 02 Feb 1931.     MO Death Cert.#8460: Born in Arkansas, son of James Cooper of TN and Unknown. Informant James V. Cooper, Williamsville
MO. Burial 3 Feb. 1931 at ‘New Cemetery’, Winona. (NOTE: This is usually referred to as the Old Cemetery or Old Baptist Cemetery, and the New Cemetery usually means Pine Lawn).

COOPER, Viola     Died 1887.

CRAWFORD, Clarissa Barnett     1856 - Jul. 5, 1895.     Daughter of William Barnett & Nancy Gilliland. Married Unknown Crawford. Drowned in the flood at Winona, along with her infant daughter (listed below).

CRAWFORD, Infant     Died Jul. 5, 1895.     Daughter of Clarissa Barnett Crawford & Unknown Crawford. 


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