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Located at Winona on Old Hwy. 60 in southwest part of town, between the intersections of south Hwy. 19 and north Hwy. 19.
(Just up the hill from the car wash, on the left, and directly across the highway from the senior citizens apartments and Trace Pond).

This is a very old cemetery. Many years ago a sink hole appeared and a lot of graves disappeared.
There are obvious locations of graves throughout the cemetery that are unmarked, sunken in or overgrown, and unidentifiable.
 It is certain that all the burials in this cemetery are not listed, but as many as are known are here.


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 LARUE, James Michael 'Uncle Jim'     Aug. 15, 1843 - Apr. 10, 1923.     MO Death Cert.#14901: Born in Ohio. Married to Susan. Son of Jacob LaRue (OH). Informant Ed Larue, Winona. Burial at Old Cemetery Apr. 11, 1923.      
LARUE, Susan Emmaline Carter     15 Jun. 1855 - 27 Apr. 1944.     Born Crawford Co MO; died at Winona. Daughter of John Carter. Parents of 8 children: James Samuel (m. Margaret 'Millie' Shrewsberry); Mary Catherine (m. Dean Gibson); Miranda 'Randy' (m. John Atkins); Cynthia (m. William Atkins); Minnie (m. George Shull); William Edward (m. Lois Stafford); Rosa (m. Jack Bunyard) & Ruth Belle (m. Tom Van Winkle).  


LARUE, Nora     25 April 1895 - 30 June 1897.     Daughter of Samuel LaRue & Margaret 'Millie' Shrewsberry. Granddaughter of James Michael LaRue & Susan Carter. 



LAYTON, Annie O. Livingston      1873 – 1949.     MO Death Cert.#4563: 1 May 1874 – 7 Mar. 1949. Daughter of John Livingston and Jane Culver, born TN.  Widow of Wilbur ‘Langston’ (Layton)     Informant Mrs. Eugene McGhee, Springfield. Burial 10 Mar. 1949.
LAYTON, Wilbur T.      11 Nov. 1871 - 14 June 1939. MO Death Cert.#21856: Husband of Nan. Died Jun. 14, 1938 at Springfield Greene Co MO. Son of Richard Layton & Mary E. Reid. Burial Jun. 16th.  



LAYTON, Mary E. Reid     4 Dec. 1847 - 31 March 1915.     MO Death Cert.#11226:     30 Mar. 1849 (KY) – 21 Mar. 1915 (Winona). Age 66 yrs., 9 days. Married. Only information about parents is mother born in Kentucky. Informant was H. C. (Henry) Adair of Winona. Burial 22 Mar. 1915.

LAYTON, Richard F.      14 April 1844 - 5 March 1928.      MO Death Cert.#11911:     14 Jun. 1844 (Hopkinsville, KY) – 5 Mar. 1928. Married. Wife’s name Adeline Edwards. Son of Jacob Layton (Trigg Co KY). Informant W. T. Layton, Winona. Burial 6 Mar. 1928. NOTE: He married Sarah Adeline Edwards 21 Aug 1917 at Shannon Co MO. She was born May 19, 1856 at Carter Co MO; died Nov. 6, 1939 at Winona. Burial at Mount Zion Cemetery Nov. 7th. She was the daughter of Thomas A. Edwards & Mary Ann Teague.


 LAYTON, Maude     Died 24 Sep. 1898.     ‘Age 19y 11m 4d.’     (broken & rusted fence) 


LEMME, Unknown       No dates or other information.   


LEWIS, Infant     Born & died 14 Oct. 1910.     (Broken stone)     MO Death Cert.#32916: Born at Winona Shannon Co MO, stillborn daughter of Edgar L. Lewis (Fayette Co IA) and Ida F. Cowan (Carter Co MO). Informant Edgar L. Lewis; burial 14 Oct. 1910.


LEWIS, Luther       Jan. 14, 1891 - Jul. 29, 1920.


LEWIS, Retta     15 Feb. 1851 - 14 Jan. 1900.     ‘48y 10m 29d.


LINDSEY, John Breckenridge Lee     Jan. 8, 1840 - May 17, 1911.    Born at  Smythe Co VA, died at Winona, Shannon Co MO.  Son of John B. W. Lindsey and Margaret Rouse. Married Rebeckah Emaline Willis. Father of Fitzhugh Lee Lindsey, Albert 'Euel' Lindsey, Jubal 'Earl' Lindsey and Esther Catherine Lindsey Norton. Served in Civil War. Prisoner of war, held Rock Island Prison Illinois.


LOCKMAN, Ida Belle     25 Sep.1887 - 7 Oct. 1901.     Daughter of Hugh Cyrus Lockman & Kaziah Devoe. Born Dodge City Ford Co KS, died Winona Shannon Co MO.

LOCKMAN, Infant     Jan. 8, 1894 - Feb. 11, 1894.     'Son of H. S.. & K. Lockman.'

LOCKMAN, John T.     Oct. 19, 1865 - Nov. 6, 1951.   

LOWERY, (looks like) Aloah Aleeta     22 May 1932 – 8 Jan. 1933.     Daughter of Claude Lowery (Winona) and Effie Siever (SD). Born Portland Multnomah Co OR; died Winona Shannon Co MO. Burial 9 Jan. 1933.

LOWERY, Ella Bunyard     4 Oct. 1883 - 3 Aug. 1943.    

LOWERY, Infant     Born & died 27 Mar. 1924.     MO Death Cert.#16793: Infant daughter of Lewis B. Lowery (Shannon Co MO) and Ida Farris (Pulaski Co MO). Premature birth (7 mos). Informant Lewis B. Lowery, Winona. Burial 28 Mar. 1924. 


LOWERY, Ida Farris     21 Mar. 1888 - 28 Mar. 1924.     MO Death Cert.#16794: Wife of Lewis B. Lowery. Born Vernon Co MO; died Winona. Cause of death measles, lobar pneumonia and miscarriage.     Daughter of Charles Farris and Lydia Chilton. Informant L. B. Lowery, Winona. Burial 28 Mar. 1924.  


LOWERY, Evaline Johnson     27 Sep.1841 - 9 Jun. 1918.     MO Death Cert.# 22157: Born IA; died at Eminence MO. Widow. Daughter of William Johnson and Mary Wilson (or Nilson). Informant R. B. Lowery, Winona. Burial 10 Jun. 1918.


DOUBLE: LOYD, Emily Matilda Beard     27 Nov. 1873 - 12 Feb. 1946.     Born Xenia IL, daughter of Andrew Beard (IL) and Sarah Ann Coats (IL). Informant J. T. Loyd; burial 16 Feb. 1946.

LOYD, John T. 'J.T.'     9 Oct. 1865 - 6 Nov. 1951.     Alternate: 9 Sep. 1865 – Born Osage Co MO, died Fort Supply OK. Son of Morris Franklin Loyd (Franklin Co MO) and Mary Ann Miles (Osage Co MO). Middle name may be Talmadge. Parents of Blanch Elrena Loyd; Ruth Maurine Loyd (Mrs. William Marshall Harrison); Pauline Loyd; J. Talmage Loyd (married Velma Irene Rader); and Dixie Jewel Loyd. 


MALONE, James A.     38 March 1889 - 22 April 1909.     ‘Age 19y 1m 4d.’     Believed to be the son of John P. Malone & Ella Bryson (below). 



 MALONE, John P.     1859 – 1952.    

MALONE, Ella Bryson     3 Sep. 1858 – 10 Dec. 1937.     MO Death Cert.#46900: Ellor Malone. Born NC; died Winona. Wife of John P. Malone. Daughter of Unknown Bryson. Informant John P. Malone, Winona; burial 11 Dec. 1937. 








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