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Winona Shannon Co MO


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Located at Winona on Old Hwy. 60 in southwest part of town, between the intersections of south Hwy. 19 and north Hwy. 19.
(Just up the hill from the car wash, on the left, and directly across the highway from the senior citizens apartments and Trace Pond).

This is a very old cemetery. Many years ago a sink hole appeared and a lot of graves disappeared.
There are obvious locations of graves throughout the cemetery that are unmarked, sunken in or overgrown, and unidentifiable.
 It is certain that all the burials in this cemetery are not listed, but as many as are known are here.


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JAMESON, Mary     Died 1905.


JAMISON, Dr. Alexander J.     15 Jan. 1849 - 26 Jan. 1928.     He was a doctor in Winona for many years; also County Coroner for some time.


JAMISON, Laura     1866 - 1946.   


JOHNSON, Mary A. Nilson     18 May 1814 - 3 May 1905.     Born in New York. Wife of Whiting Johnson. Mother of Sarah Jane Chilton (Mrs. William S. Chilton); Evaline A. Lowry (Mrs. Tobias B. Lowry); Mary Ann Johnson and Susan Johnson.    


JONES, James A.      21 Dec. 1888 - Jul 1889.     ‘Age 7 months 12 days.’     Son of T. B. Jones & A. M. Unknown.   


 KEEN, William Elmer      Feb. 25, 1887 - Nov. 19, 1887.     'Twin Brother of John Elbert.'   


KERR, John Henry     6 Dec. 1876 - 30 Sep. 1914.     MO Death Cert.#31139:  Born Dec., 1871 (IL); died 30 Sep. 1917, age 43y, 9m, 29d.     Son of Andrew Kerr and Margaret Beavers (IL) (actually spelled Marget Bevers on cert.). Informant Mrs. J. Kerr, Winona; burial 30 Sep. 1914.   


KINWORTHY,    A. T.  H.     3 Dec. 1844 - 24 Aug. 1897.     ‘52y 8m 21d.'


KOFAHL,    Blanchie F.     Born & Died 25 Feb. 1904.


KOFAHL, Erman     3 Sep. 1902 - 16 Feb. 1903.     ‘Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Kofahl.'









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