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Located at Winona on Old Hwy. 60 in southwest part of town, between the intersections of south Hwy. 19 and north Hwy. 19.
(Just up the hill from the car wash, on the left, and directly across the highway from the senior citizens apartments and Trace Pond).

This is a very old cemetery. Many years ago a sink hole appeared and a lot of graves disappeared.
There are obvious locations of graves throughout the cemetery that are unmarked, sunken in or overgrown, and unidentifiable.
 It is certain that all the burials in this cemetery are not listed, but as many as are known are here.


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HALE, Bessie     28 Mar. 1908 - 5 July 1911.     ‘Daughter of R. F. & M. D.’     MO Death Cert.#30364:     Year of birth 1909. Born & died at Winona MO. Daughter of Robert F. Hale (TN) and Mildred Dora Sublett (AR). Informant R. F. Hale, Winona. Burial 6 Jul 1911. Parents of Robert L. 'Bob' Hale (m. Maude Elizabeth Hollis) and Bessie Hale. 


HALE, Robert Franklin     Jun. 24, 1873 - Jun. 29, 1932.     MO Death Cert.#19257:  Born in Tennessee; died at Springfield Greene Co MO. Occupation Machine Operator, Sawmill #9. Son of William Hale (TN) & Manda Wood (Unknown). Married to Mildred Hale. Burial Jul. 1, 1932. Informant Mildred Hale, Winona.

HANNA, Sarah A. Coats     1 Aug. 1854 - 30 Dec. 1913.     MO Death Cert.#41620:     Born Marion IL, daughter of Benjamin Coats (Carolinas) and Matilda Lewis (TN). Married, husband not named. Cause of death influenza. Informant J. T. Lloyd, Winona. Burial 31 Dec. 1913.


HARDER, Louisa 'Ann' Johnson     10 May 1816 - 15 April 1890.     Born Sumner Co TN; died Winona MO.     ‘Aged 73y 11m 6d.’     Wife of Thomas A. Harder, Sr. Mother of Mary Jane Harder (m. Samuel Alexander Greer Brawley), Elizabeth J. Harder (m. Merrick D. Price) and Judge Thomas A. Harder, Jr. (m. Louisa A. Rucker). (NOTE: Tom Harder, Sr. is buried at Pleasant Site Fremont Carter Co MO). 


HARDER, Nathaniel M. 'Nathan'    25 May 1872 - 29 Aug 1896.    Son of Thomas A. Harder, Jr. & Louisa Ann Rucker.    Obituary


HARPER, Ann    Died 1920.


HARPER, Curtis    28 Mar 1919 - 08 Nov 1920.    'Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Harper.'    (Caleb Harper & Addie M. Dixon).    NOTE: Apparently his brother Clarence died the same day and is buried at Mount Zion Cemetery - MO Death Cert.#35856:  Clarence Preston Harper, Feb. 25, 1918 - Nov. 8, 1920. Son of Caleb Harper & Addie M. Dixon.


HARRIS, Annie    Only date, born Dec. 22, 1901.     'Age 29 yrs, 8 mo. Wife of J. P. Harris.'   


HART, Myrtle     Jul. 12, 1904 - Jun. 28, 1927.     MO Death Cert.#453:  Age 24y 6m 15d. Wife of Charlie Hart. Died Jan. 27, 1930 at Carter Co MO. Daughter of Merritt Dyle (Winona) & Dicie Shelton (MO).  Informant Charlie Hart, Midco. Burial Jan. 29, 1930.    


HASLER, G. R.    16 Feb 1875 - 17 Sep 1891.    'Son of G. R. & R. E.'

HASLER, Infant    Only date, born 06 Dec 1888.    'Son of G. R. & R. E.'

HASLER, Jiney L.     Only date, born 28 April 1881.     ‘Died aged 7y 10m 15d.     Daughter of G. R. & R. E.’ 

HAYNES, Eliza A. Hill     1860 - Bet. 1885 - 1890.     Daughter of James Jackson Hill & Margaret Alcy Lamb. Married William Columbus 'Bill' Haynes 14 Sep 1882 Shannon Co MO. He was born 1859 and died 1902. He is buried at Falling Springs Cemetery New Liberty Oregon Co MO. They were the parents of James Edward 'Willis' Haynes (m. Virgie Lee Brawley). Her husband, Bill, later married. Martha Ann Allmon on 06 Jul 1890 at Oregon Co MO. His children with Martha were Flora Doane 'Donie' Haynes (m. Love 'Wilford' Reed); Esther Haynes (m. George Homer Dailey); Martha 'Ruth' Haynes (m. Grover Franklin 'Frank' Simpson; m. Peter Andrew 'Andy' Simpson; m. Thomas Jefferson White); Golda Viola 'Ola' Haynes (m. Frederick Warren Burrell) and Rufus C. 'Bud' Haynes (m. Edith Hamilton). Ruth and Esther were twins.    

HILL, Della     25 Sep. 1899 - 19 Jan 1901.   

HILL, William Luther     3 Jan. 1904 - 9 Jan 1904.     ‘Son of J. D. & Effie.'   

HOFFMAN, Baby    No dates.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Oct. 10, 1853 in Illinois.
HOLLIDAY, Millie Elizabeth Anderson     Mar. 10, 1835 - Dec. 19, 1888.     Daughter of John Paul Anderson. Died at Winona.
HOLLIDAY, David King     May 12, 1832 - May 7, 1899.     'Age 66 yr, 11 mo, 22 d.'     Born in Gallatin Co IL, died at Winona.  Children:  Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Holliday (Mar. 12, 1855 - May 2, 1920, m. Elliott Rucker); Rachel Jane Holliday (Apr. 2, 1857, Saline IL - Sep. 27, 1950, Shannon Co MO; married Andrew Dailey Apr. 24, 1888); John Milton Holliday (b. Dec. 7, 1859, m. Rose Unknown); Andrew Jackson Holliday (b. Mar. 17, 1862, m. Lettie Unknown); Elva Agusta Holliday (b. Aug. 15, 1864, m. Levi McCaskell); Robert Holliday (b. May 29, 1868, Galatia IL - Oct. 10, 1869, MO; Harriet Ann Holliday (May 29, 1868, Gallatin Co IL - May 31, 1961, Elma WA; m. John Benjamin Busby Nov. 8, 1888 at Winona, Daughter Betty Countryman); Joel Columbus Holliday (Dec. 17, 1872 - Nov. 6, 1950 Spokane WA, m. Cecelia Jane Buffington (Jun. 1873 - Feb. 1907, Winona) abt. 1891 at Winona); Marion E. Holliday (Jan. 9, 1875 - Oct., 1898)    'Marion Holliday died at the home of his father near Winona last Saturday, after a very brief illness. He was the victim of a felonious assault last summer and it was thought his death was the result of a blow received on the head at that time. Coroner McMurtrey held a post-mortem examination last Monday, and found that the young man died from an attack of fever. Holliday was well liked and his death is deeply regretted. He was a brother of Mrs. Levi McCaskill, of this city.' [Obituaries & Death Notices' by Shannon County Historical & Genealogical Society at Winona].   


HOOVER, Alpheus     25 Feb. 1857 - 13 Dec. 1937.     MO Death Cert.#46899: Husband of Dora Lee Hoover. Born IL; died Birch Tree MO. Parents not named. Occupation farmer. Informant Lydia Hoover, Birch Tree. Burial 15 or 16 Dec. 1937. (Both dates written down, one on top of the other, can’t tell which is accurate). (NOTE: His wife, Dora Lee McKinley Hoover (died 24 Nov. 1947) is buried at Birch Tree)   


HOOVER, George C.    1915 – 1916.     Son of Orville R. Hoover & Ollie F. Feland.


HOOVER, George Washington 6 Nov. 1853 – 22 Feb. 1923.     MO Death Cert.#7599: Son of Unknown Hoover (TN) & Unknown Clark (TN). Husband of Isabelle Wadlington Hoover. Name of employer (or occupation?) – Miller. Informant Orville R. Hoover, Winona. Burial 25 Feb 1923.
HOOVER, Isabell Wadlington 18 Jan. 1853 – 28 Aug. 1934. MO Death Cert.#31634: Born Kentucky, daughter of William Wadlington (KY) and Unknown (looks like) Jones (KY).     Died at Winona. Informant Orville Hoover. Burial 29 Aug. 1934.    


HOOVER, Juanita    Born & died 1911.     Daughter of of Orville R. Hoover & Ollie F. Feland.    Note: Found MO Death Cert.#40134: (The handwriting on this certificate is very poor and difficult to read). Cheston Hoover, born 25 Oct. 1911 – died 8 Nov. 1911; female, 8 days old, born at Winona. Daughter of Orvel Hoover and Mrs. Felend. Cause of death premature birth. Informant Orvel Hoover, Winona MO. Burial 9 Nov. 1911.  


HOOVER, June Mildred      29 Apr. 1917 – 26 Jul. 1917.      Daughter of Orville R. Hoover & Ollie F. Feland. Informant Orville R. Hoover, Winona. Burial 27 Jul. 1917. 


HOOVER, Myrtle E.     6 Dec. 1907 - 23 Feb. 1923.     ‘Daughter of James & Maud.’     MO Death Cert.#7602:     6 Oct. 1907 – 23 Feb. 1923. Single. Daughter of James Hoover (IL) and Maude Malone (Salem MO). Informant John Malone, Midco, MO; burial 25 Feb. 1923. 

NOTE:  This photo identified as Myrtle Hoover & Nellie Pierce. Don't know the origin of the name Pierce, but this is the two Hoover girls listed here and below.

, Nellie ‘Wilma’     3 Jan. 1919 - 17 Jun. 1921.     Daughter of Orville R. Hoover & Ollie F. Feland. MO Death Cert.#16500: Born at Winona.  Informant Orvel Hoover, Winona; burial 18 Jun. 1921. 

HOWARD, J.     Died 1897.









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