Winona Shannon Co MO

Located just off Highway H inside Winona City Limits. From Highway 19 North turn East on Highway H across from the Casey’s General Store; just after you crest the hill, a well-maintained dirt road leads off to the right it is the second ‘street’ on the right – not counting driveways to a couple of houses....follow the road down and around to the right; a gate into the cemetery is on the right. It’s about ½ mile from where you turn off onto H.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0078, Longitude: -91.3181


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Updated Feb. 19, 2018


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DOUBLE: Married Dec. 22, 1950 Pocahontas AR.
Acord, Burgess Franklin 'Bud'     May 16, 1924 - Nov. 4, 2002.     Son of Robert Acord & Dora Ellen McClard. Born at Bloomfield MO; died St Louis MO. 
Acord, Geraldine Della 'Dobbie' Leslie     Feb.  23, 1932 - Dec. 9, 2010.     Daughter of Julius 'Jude' Leslie & Sophia Ellen 'Sophie' Weaver. 

Albert, Urel Junior      May 28, 1928 - Apr. 29, 1992.     Son of Richard Zimriah 'Zim' Albert & Bessie Lona Hurst. Born at New Liberty, died at Mountain View.  Obituary
Albert, Vesta A. Weaver      Feb.  3, 1930 - Dec. 1, 1997.     Daughter of Oscar Edman 'Ott' Weaver & Mary Drucilla Matthews.  Obituary

DOUBLE: Married 06 Jun 1907, Shannon Co., MO (Enos A. Allen officiated).
Alcorn, James Harmon     Jul. 31, 1862 - Mar. 5, 1934.    MO Death Cert.#11587 lists parents as Harmon Alcorn (TN) & Unknown Smith (MO). Informant Vern Alcorn, Winona. Burial Mar. 6, 1934. He married 1st Margaret 'Maggie' Payne.
Alcorn, Sarah Jane Bland     May 8, 1874 - Dec. 29, 1946.     Daughter of James 'Wesley' Bland & Laura H. Dilts. Children of James & Sarah were Roy and Walter Alcorn. Married 1st Isaac 'Sherman' Norris 4 Nov 1894 at Eminence (the Rev. John C. Boyd officiated); son Otis Norris (m. 1) Stella Voyles, m. 2) Fannie Elizabeth Jordan, m. 3) Azalee Bland). Married 3rd Roy A. Adams; no children were born of this union. MO Death Cert.#43685 has Sarah Jane Adams, born at Rockford IL; died at Winona Shannon Co MO. Wife of Roy Adams. Burial Jan. 1, 1947.

Allen, Irvin C.     Oct. 16, 1867- Jan. 2, 1940.     Son of Samuel A. Allen & Sarah J. Barnes. Husband of Carrie M. Allen. MO Death Cert.#3986: Born in Iowa; died at Winona. Burial Jan. 4, 1940. Father of Thomas 'Tom' Allen (m. Mary Lee Elizabeth Van Winkle).

Allmon, William, Jr.  'Billey'      May 20, 1929 - Nov. 29, 1929.     Alternate source has date of death 15 Dec 1929. Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.

Allmon, Golda Pearl 'Goldie'     Mar. 12, 1908 - Apr. 15, 1923.     Daughter of Thomas Hayden 'Bill' Allmon & Millie Gott.

DOUBLE: Married May 9, 1953 Salem Fulton Co AR.
Allmon, Jackie Lee     Sep. 6, 1930 - Living.     Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins. 
Allmon, Martha Marie Greene     Feb.  22, 1929 - Dec. 3, 2002.

Allmon, Jerry Dean     Oct. 8, 1937 - Aug. 29, 2004.     Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.

Allmon, Kenneth Eddie ‘Kenny’     Aug. 9, 1945 - Feb.  28, 1965.     Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.

Allmon, Martha Harriet Sisco     Apr. 12, 1870 - Oct. 16, 1934.     Daughter of James Sisco (TN) & Queen Vashti Hathcock (Nashville Davidson Co TN). Born New Liberty Oregon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 38215 spells surname ‘Allman’. Informant Mary Saad, Winona. Burial Oct. 21, 1934.   
Allmon, Thomas Hayden     Oct. 19, 1854 - Oct. 19, 1932.     Son of James T. Allmon & Mary Ann Bockman.
MO Death Cert.# 34450: Merchant. Born Smith Co TN. Informant George Sharp, Winona MO. Burial Oct. 20, 1932. He was married to Millie Gott. His children with Millie were Eva Ellen (Mrs. Alfred Mattison); Nora (Mrs. Robert Capps); Delia Allmon and William Marion Allmon. Children with Martha Sisco were Rose (m. James Harold Bruce); Connie (m. ___ O'Dell); Cora L. Allmon; Golda Pearl Allmon; Mary (m. George Saad) and Robert L. Allmon. [Surname also seen as Allman. ]

Allmon, Nancy Jean Garrison Muehlendyck     Mar. 13, 1950 - Dec. 17, 2009.     Obituary

Allmon, Velma D. Weaver     Aug. 18, 1926 - Dec. 4, 1997.     Daughter of Oscar Edman 'Ott' Weaver & Mary Drucilla Matthews; Married Ray N. Allmon. Mother of Adele & Alice.

Allmon, William 'Will'     Apr. 24, 1889 - May 11, 1945.     Son of Thomas Hayden 'Bill' Allmon & Millie Gott. Married Lucinda Caroline Albert 15 Jun 1902; daughter Vesta Marie (m. Ray Laber). Married Mattie Mae Atkins ca. 1928.

Amour, Margaret Mae Gardner Bockman     May 9, 1916 - Dec. 26, 1990.     Daughter of Silas Campbell & Rosa Belle Rich Gardner; Married first Melvin ‘Mutt’ Bockman; married 2nd Mr. Amour.

Arbogast, Elsie Belle     Jun. 27, 1884 - Oct. 15, 1900.     'Daughter of R. W. & S. E. Arbogast.'

Arbogast, Riley Wilson     Jan. 10, 1853 - Aug. 18, 1930.     Son of Jesse Arbogast (IN) & Mary Allie (IN). MO Death Cert.#26419: Occupation: Stockman. Informant Mrs. J. H. Davis, Winona. Died of prostate cancer. Burial Aug. 20, 1930. 
Arbogast, Sarah Elizabeth Foster     Jun. 11, 1857 - Oct. 1, 1928.     Daughter of George Foster (TN). MO Death Cert.#35757: Gives year of birth 1858. Informant Mrs. V. L. Matherly did not know her mother's name. Burial Oct. 2, 1928.

Argo, Eugene      Apr. 14, 1850 - Nov. 4, 1929.     Born in Macon GA, son of Louis David Argo (Macon GA) & Mary Comer (Macon GA). MO Death Cert.#39373: Informant Mrs. R. Marshall, Winona. Burial Nov. 6, 1929. 
Argo, Grace Sarah Swingley     Jun. 1, 1848 - Apr. 17, 1951.      Daughter of John W. Swingley & Katherine Feiry. MO Death Cert.#12405:  Born Illinois, died Willow Springs Howell Co MO. Informant Etta Belle Underwood, Willow Springs. Burial Apr. 21, 1951.

Arnold, John Alexander     Sep. 23, 1873 - Jan. 24, 1947.     Son of Thomas Arnold (TN) & Frances Young. MO Death Cert.#5914: Born at Anutt Dent Co MO; died at Farmington St Francois Co MO at the State Hospital. Informant: Hospital records. Burial Jan. 26th.    
Arnold, Margaret D. Clark     1875 - 1961.




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