Winona Shannon Co MO



GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0078, Longitude: -91.3181

Located just off Highway H inside Winona City Limits. From Highway 19 North turn East on Highway H across from the Casey’s General Store; just after you crest the hill, a well-maintained dirt road leads off to the right it is the second ‘street’ on the right – not counting driveways to a couple of houses....follow the road down and around to the right; a gate into the cemetery is on the right. It’s about ½ mile from where you turn off onto H.



Updated Feb. 22, 2013
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Randel, Minnie Frances     Feb.  9, 1869 - Apr. 26, 1901.     Wife of Willis A. Randel.  

Randolph, Annie S.     1879 - 1967. 

Reed, Ann Marie     1905 - 1985. 

Reed, Byron     Jun. 10, 1890 - Jan. 14, 1936.     'Pvt. Nebraska 8 AM. TN. S. Div.' 

Rendleman, Clara Odetta Cooley     Oct. 28, 1907 - May 23, 2002.     Daughter of William Joseph Cooley & Margaret Emaline Barnes. Married Henry Elmer Rendleman Mar. 2, 1929 at Eminence, MO; Married Noval Elijah Cantrell Nov. 25, 1996. 

Rendleman, Henry Elmer 'Red'      Apr. 18, 1904 - Jun. 28, 1990.     Son of Henry Rendleman & Blanche Wilcox.

Reynolds, Barbara E.     Oct. 10, 1943 - Dec. 26, 1995.  

Reynolds, George J.     Feb.  24, 1934 - Apr. 13, 1985.     'US Army.' 

Rightnowar, Lucas Daniel     Jul. 18, 1995 - Jun. 1, 1997.     Son of Steve Rightnowar & Theresa Simpson. Grandson of Donald Rightnowar & Judy Voyles  and Earl and Janice Simpson; great grandparents Luther and Marie Voyles, Thomas and Lena Simpson, Clara and Ethel Rightnowar, and Latt and Dorothy Waller. 

Rodriguez, Letty Ruth Brawley     Jun. 4, 1941 - Dec. 4, 1993.     Daughter of Lee Lyle Brawley and Iva Bland. Married 1st Ronald Wayne Nickerson 06 Oct 1958 at Walden CO.

Rollins, George Gordon     Mar. 20, 1902 - Apr. 3, 1998.     Son of Ransom Russell Rollins & Mattie Lee Morgan. Born Pulaski Co MO. 

Rollins, Gladys E. Millman     Dec. 11, 1907 - Mar. 19, 1995.     Daughter of Devoss Levine Millman & Laura Jane Bradbury.    The Rollins family founded and operated the Winona Savings Bank. They were benefactors to the school system as well as other community related projects.

Rollins, Harry Dewey ‘Doc’     Sep. 12, 1898 - Oct. 31, 1971.     Son of Ransom Russell Rollins & Mattie Lee Morgan. He was a medical doctor in the Winona community. In the early days of Winona's history he operated a saloon. He never married. 

Rollins, Mabel     Aug. 19, 1889 - Mar. 17, 1980.     Daughter of Ransom Russell Rollins & Mattie Lee Morgan. She never married.  

Rollins, Mattie Lee Morgan     1870 - 1960.  

Rollins, Ransom Russell     1865 - 1945.     MO Death Cert.#42631: Dec. 27, 1865 - Dec. 17, 1945. Born Pulaski Co MO, died at Winona. Son of James M. Rollins (Gate City VA) & Sally Martin (TN). Occupation: Banker. Informant George Rollins, Winona. Burial Dec. 19, 1945. Parents of George, Effie Fern (m. O. O. O'Dell) Harry & Mabel.


Roy, Mary Catherine     Feb.  22, 1931 - Jul. 15, 1935.     MO Death Cert.#24157: Mary Katherine Roy. Born & died at Doniphan Ripley Co MO, the daughter of Elmer Roy (Doniphan MO) & Golda Robinson (Doniphan MO). Cause of death: fell from truck and run over; accident. Informant M. L. Milner, Doniphan. Burial at Winona Jul. 16, 1935.  NOTE: Elmer Roy was the son of John Hicks Roy & Tennessee 'Tennie' Sheets. 
Roy, Baby     Born & died Jul. 5, 1937.       'Son of Mary Catherine Roy.' (Mary Catherine died 1935; baby died 1937 - don't know where the error is here unless dates are backward).


Russell, Permelia 'Amelia' 'Meelie' Brandon     Jun. 14, 1889 - May 5, 1968.     'Mother.'     Daughter of William Thomas Brandon. Wife of James Walter Russell (buried at Baptist Hill Cemetery). Parents of Charles, Floyd, Leland, Howard, Amos, Robert & Donald. Donnie used to play music with Urel Albert, Porter Wagoner, Muriel Norton, Dobbie Leslie and other locals.  NOTE: James Walter Russell is buried at Baptist Hill Cemetery Winona Shannon Co MO.


Russell, Ettie E.      Oct. 5, 1877 - Apr. 5, 1899. Wife of U. U. Russell. 

Russell, Vernon A.     May 8, 1909 - Jul. 18, 1983. 
  Son of James Walter Russell & Permelia 'Amelia' 'Meelie'  Brandon.

Rutledge, Jefferson Davis     Dec. 21, 1863 - Mar. 2, 1934.     MO Death Cert.#10195: Born Dec. 20, 1862. Married to Rebecca Mayberry. Born Perry Co MO, son of Charles E. Rutledge & Tempe Ann Johnson. Occupation Merchant. Died at Farmington St Francois Co MO. Burial Mar. 3, 1934.  NOTE: He was married four times. Lulu was his first wife. She was the mother of his children Etta M., Jessie & Bessie. He married 2nd Harriet E. 'Hattie' Lowry 12 Jul 1900 in Shannon Co MO. Their child was Cathlene Rutledge. He married 3rd Nellie L. Nesbit 04 Sep 1906 in Shannon Co MO. No known children of this union. His fourth wife was Rebecca McMullen, married about 1909.  

Rutledge, Lulu     Mar. 15, 1868 - Oct. 8, 1899. Born Kentucky.  




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