Winona Shannon Co MO

Located just off Highway H inside Winona City Limits. From Highway 19 North turn East on Highway H across from the Casey’s General Store; just after you crest the hill, a well-maintained dirt road leads off to the right it is the second ‘street’ on the right – not counting driveways to a couple of houses....follow the road down and around to the right; a gate into the cemetery is on the right. It’s about ½ mile from where you turn off onto H.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0078, Longitude: -91.3181


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DOUBLE: Married June 28, 1939.
Dailey, Alyne Bockman     Nov. 21, 1921 - Dec. 28, 2015.      Daughter of Auther O. Bockman & Alma Bonnie Chronister. 

Dailey, Raymond Andrew     Nov. 26, 1915 - Jun. 13, 2004.
     Son of George Homer Dailey & Esther Haynes.

DOUBLE: Married 10 June 1961
Dailey, Susie F. Underwood     Feb.  17, 1944 - Jul. 5, 1983.
     Daughter of Erva Underwood & Flossie Emily Counts.  

Dailey, Jerry Dean     Jan. 20, 1943 - Living.
     Son of Raymond Andrew Dailey & Alyne Bockman.

DOUBLE: Married Aug. 11, 1981.
Dale, Howard Allen     May 25, 1914 - Jul. 27, 1996.
     Veteran US Army.      He was married previously to Phyllis (Unknown) Dale, a schoolteacher at Winona.  Howard's brother Bill is buried at Bardley Cemetery at Bardley, Ripley Co MO; there is a double tombstone with Howard's name on it.
Dale, Eva Cooper     Oct. 21, 1921 - Feb.  28, 2001.
     Daughter of William Elias 'Loss' Cooper & Dovie Williams.

Dale, Nancy Jarrett     Aug., 1854 - Aug. 24, 1917.      (Believed to be buried here).      Daughter of Thomas Jarrett (IL) & Elizabeth Bradshaw (IL). MO Death Cert.#30708: Born Wright Co MO, died Winona. Occupation: Wash woman. Widow. Informant G. W. Jarrett, Winona. Burial Aug. 26, 1917.

Dalton, James E.     Jan. 17, 1926 - May 6, 1974.      'Pvt US Army.'      (Is this the son of James Dalton and Dorothy Tripp?) 

Davidson, Susan Marie Driesbaugh     Apr. 9, 1953 - Oct. 14, 2009.    

DOUBLE: Married May 21, 1939.
Davis, Joseph Wendell ‘Jinks’     Dec. 17, 1907 - May 13, 1990.      Son of William Preston Davis & Tennie Jo Malone.
Davis, Mildred E. Cutts     Oct. 5, 1918 - Feb.  15, 1988.      Daughter of William Esta Cutts & Nora Martin.

DOUBLE: Married Aug. 4, 1883 in Missouri.
Deakins, George R.     1860 - Jan., 1941.      Son of Jim Deakins & Amanda Elliot. MO Death Cert.#4536: died in Shannon Co MO.
Deakins, Mary Catherine Dearing     1864 - May, 1944.   
MO Death Cert.#22685: died in Shannon Co MO.

Deakins, Richard E.     May 25, 1885 - May 3, 1905.

Deakins, Thomas G. 'Tom'     Feb.  22, 1898 - Apr. 8, 1950.      Married Maisy Williams. Parents of Clinton Deakins.
NOTE: Maisie was the daughter of Clinton Homer Williams and Phoebe Black.

Deitz, Betty Louise Willard    1938 - Apr. 4, 1997.       Daughter of Howard Nelson Willard. Twin of Bobby Lee Willard. Born at Charleston Kanawha Co WV; died at Houston Texas Co MO.  Obituary

Demster, William 'Henry'     Aug. 26, 1854 - Apr. 4, 1936.      MO Death Cert.#18196: Born Brown Co IN, son of Thomas Demster (OH) & Unknown Norris or Morris (OH). Informant Susan R. Demster, Winona. Burial Apr. 5, 1936.  
Demster, Susan Rachel Hallmark     Oct. 19, 1858 - Jun. 25, 1938.      MO Death Cert.#26638: Widow. Daughter of Lewis Hallmark (KY) & Rachel Hale (KY). Informant Maggie Parker, Winona. Burial Jun. 26, 1938. 

DOUBLE: Married April 24, 1944.
Denning, Willie Jess Calvin, Jr. ‘Bill’     Aug. 16, 1917 - Jun. 30, 1994.      Son of Willie Jesse Calvin 'Call' Denning, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Beloat - (both parents buried at Reed Cemetery on Rocky).  
Denning, Margie Lea Haynes     Feb.  21, 1925 - Sep. 25, 1996.      Daughter of Jasper Joshua Haynes & Naomi Jenetta White.  Obituary

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