Pine Lawn Cemetery

Winona Shannon Co MO


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0078, Longitude: -91.3181

Located just off Highway H inside Winona City Limits. From Highway 19 North turn East on Highway H across from the Casey’s General Store; just after you crest the hill, a well-maintained dirt road leads off to the right it is the second ‘street’ on the right – not counting driveways to a couple of houses....follow the road down and around to the right; a gate into the cemetery is on the right. It’s about ½ mile from where you turn off onto H.


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Updated Feb. 22, 2013

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Jameson, A. Louise Melton     Sep. 21, 1922 - Sep. 7, 1987.     Daughter of John Franklin Melton & Rosie Klepzig. 

Jamieson, Alexander J.      No dates.     Born in Canada, parents born in Scotland.

Jenson, Harry Adolph     Feb.  23, 1872 - Feb.  14, 1949.     MO Death Cert.#4553: Born Feb.  23, 1874. Born in Denmark. Occupation: Machinist at lumber mill. Burial Feb.  15, 1949.  
Jensen, Lydia Frances Thomas      Feb.  24, 1873 - Apr. 19, 1953.     MO Death Cert.#13868: Born at Pike Co IL, daughter of Jacob Z. Thomas & Sarah E. Welty. Burial Apr. 22, 1953.

Johnson, Bess Edith Rutledge     Oct. 2, 1894 - Jun. 2, 1934.      'Wife of W. E. Johnson.'     MO Death Cert.#21352: Born Nov. 2, 1894 at Winona, daughter of J. - Rutledge (Perry Co MO) & Lucille Gentry (KY). Burial Jun. 4, 1934.  


Johnson, Hallie Ann Smith Wilson     Oct. 19, 1978 - Jun. 13, 2009.     Daughter of James R. Smith Jr. & Patricia A. (Molloy) Hermiston.  Obituary

Johnson, Mary 'Etta'     1878 - 1959.     Wife of George Washington Johnson. Mother of Nancy Frances Tipton (m. John Tipton). 


Jones, Betty Maxine     Dec. 1, 1932 - Jan. 8, 1998.


Jones, Carla Dale     Born & died 1960.     Daughter of Dale Alfred Jones & Frances McBride. 


Jones, Dale Alfred     Dec. 17, 1939 - Dec. 22, 1981.    Son of George Loren Jones & Edna Pearl Smith.  
Jones, Frances McBride     1941 - 1981.     Daughter of Harold McBride & Mary Frances Broadfoot.    

Jones, Dovie     Dec. 21, 1918 - Dec. 14, 2000.     'Mom.' 


Jones, George Loren     Nov. 27, 1905 - 1995.     Son of John George Jones & Mary Catherine Kelley. Born at Midco Carter Co MO.  
Jones, Edna Pearl Smith     May 30, 1905 - Sep., 1981.

Jones, Hale Mark     Born & died 1964.  Jones, John D.      Jul. 8, 1934 - Sep. 12, 1996.     Son of George Loren Jones & Edna Pearl Smith. Married Virginia Stark 25 Aug 1979 at Birch Tree MO.  'Sgt US Army Vietnam.'

Jones, Minae     1888 - 1963.

Jordan, Amos Tidwell     Sep. 6, 1907 - Jan. 16, 1974.     Son of John Franklin Jordan & Amanda Jane Melton. Married Gladys Yates 16 Mar 1926 at Van Buren Carter Co MO. 'SK3 US Navy World War II.'


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