Bethany Chapel Cemetery

a/k/a Bethel Cemetery

Go East on 106 Highway from Eminence, Mo approximately 4 miles, (second Shawnee Creek) .
Turn right on 106-Co Rd 507 and go approximately 2 miles.  Submitted by Johny W. Sconce.


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Underwood, Alice Ferguson     Jan. 23, 1868 - Aug. 28, 1959.     Daughter of John Ferguson & Jane Brown.
Underwood, William M.      Mar. 5, 1866 - Mar. 3, 1935.     Son of James or Daniel A. Underwood (1843, IL) & Margaret Unknown (1846, KY).

DOUBLE: Married Nov. 21, 1940     (Other side of stone left blank)
Underwood, Ernest J.      Feb. 5, 1908 - Feb. 7, 1990.     'CPL U S Army World War II'
Underwood, Annabelle Counts     No Dates.      Daughter of Grant Jewel 'Gude' Counts & Bessie Della Dixon.

Underwood, Erva     Aug.27, 1911 - May 1, 1979.     Son of William M. Underwood & Alice Ferguson.  Married Flossie Emily Counts 21 Nov 1940 at Shannon Co MO.

Van Kirk, James C.      Jun. 18, 1859 - Apr. 18, 1933.     MO Death Cert.#15422: Husband of Ella Van Kirk. Parents unknown to his wife. Occupation was locomotive engineer. Born in Wisconsin. Burial Apr. 19th at Bethel.




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