1926 Death Certificates Index

  Adams, Josie Blain Dean, Mary J. DePriest LaRue, Edward See, Wilbur
Infant of Orin & Katie (Davis) See
  Asberry, Mary Lucille Denison, Martha E. Stevens Luscomb, Earl Wayne Self, James
  Baker, George
Infant of Thurman? & Cora (Padgett) Baker
Dixon, Eldon Elmo
Infant of David & Elsie (Norris) Dixon

Lynch, Golda Ann

Sheets, Mattie Winchester

Banks, Ella May

Dodge, Virginia Lee Ward Maize, William Tie Smith, Don Sebastian
  Banks, Sarah 'Francis' Summers Dowler, Ellen Ooene
Infant of Harold O. & Jennie (Smotherman) Dowler (Twin of Helen)
Marie, F. J. Franklin Smith, Minnie Lee
Child of William & Minnie (Thompson) Smith
  Banks, Ida May
Infant of Andrew J. & Albinney (McMullins) Banks
Dowler, Helen Emogene
Infant of Harold O. & Jennie (Smotherman) Dowler (Twin of Ellen)
McCalister, Sarah E. Pierce Smotherman, Joseph Archie
Child of Elmos & Priscilla (Chaney) Smotherman
  Barnett, Richard Edwards, Mary 'Mollie' Brim
McCall, Osa May
Infant of Dave & Fannie (Counts) McCall
Smotherman, Priscilla E. Chaney
  Barnhart, Everett Ellis, Andrew McEntire, Parazida Stringer Spaulding, Carl Luther
Child of Charles & Alma (Adkins) Spaulding
  Barnhart, Julia Bressler Estill, Silas McIntosh, Benjamin Franklin Strain, Mary Ellen
Infant of Robert & Ruth (Jennings) Strain
  Blake, Theodore Eudy, Lucinda E. Cantrell Benton, Robert Middleton Street, Alonzo C.
  Bressler, John Ferguson, James C. Morton, Delmer Ray Summers, C. 'Catherine' Henry      Memorial
  Broadfoot, Cordelia Copeland Fitzgerald, Lillian
Infant of Arthur & Pearl (Brown) Fitzgerald
Murphy, William R. Summers, Harvey Howard
(Error on certificate has his name as Summersville)
  Brown, Clatie Louise Fry, Cecil Lewis, Jr.
Infant of Cecil & Martha (Lewis) Fry.
Nanney, James Miles Swallow, Jesse Gray
  Brown, Thomas Gay, Adabelle Smith Nash, Clifford L.        Memorial Teague, Josephine Bockman
  Buffington, Charles Toney Graves, Sarah M. Phelps Nichols, Bernice Barnes Veach, Macy M. Smotherman
  Buffington, Sarah E. Dean Gregory, Martha Ellen Bell Nickols, Cecil Glen
Infant of Charles & Berdie (Strain) Nickols
Warmick, Alta Mae
Infant of Clarence & Mary (Kidd) Warmick
  Buffington, William Hamer, John Richard Norton, Edward J. Warmick, Ella May
Infant of Clarence & Mary (Kidd) Warmick
  Bunyard, Florida McDonald Harmon, Clayton F. Jackson Perry, Martha Belcher Warren, Anna Bell
Infant of Scott & Anna (Brooks) Warren
  Busby, Mary J. Weaver Helton, Mary E. Parker Phelps, Wayne LeRoy
Child of Frank & Florence (Weaver) Phelps
Weese, Ephraim
  Carlstead, William W.
Holman, Vicie Lucille
Infant of Arbie & Gertie (Head) Holman
Pulliam, Bertha E. House Weese, Nancy E. Webb
  Carr, Iness May
Child of Oliver Bert & Delila (Rumburg) Carr
Jarrett, Katie E. Williams Pulliam, William Albert Williams, Bertha Callahan
  Casey, Charles Calvin
Child of Charles Orville & Ollie May (Cooper) Casey
Kelly, Wayne Haskell
Infant of Allen L. & Sallie (Loveday) Kelly
Renegar, Martha C. Mitchell Wilson, Margrette Edwards
  Causey, Leroy
Infant of Irene 'Izora' Causey
Klepzig, Edward Rightnowar, Elsie Inez Wright, Carl Franklin
Infant of Hubert & Eunice (Ross) Wright
  Clouse, Theodore
Infant of Doss & Lula (Russell) Clouse
Keeling, James Madison Ross, Albert Roy Youngblood, Louisa Caroline Swan
  Copeland, Alonzo Dow    


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