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Vermillion, Bonnie Mae     02 Oct. 1948 - 18 Sep. 1976.

Vermillion, Clarence J.      20 May 1907 - 17 Mar. 1935.    Son of John Bradshaw 'Jake' Vermillion & Mary Frances Massie.


Vermillion, Clinton & Clifton      Born & Died 29 Apr. 1906.     Sons of John Bradshaw 'Jake' Vermillion & Mary Frances Massie.

 'USMC Korea.'

Vermillion, David J.      11 Oct. 1931 - 25 Aug. 1996.     Son of Marvin Milton Vermillion & Iva Myrtle Massie. Married Juanita Reed.

Vermillion, Dwayne L. 'Chick'     28 Aug 1922 - 29 Nov 1999.     Son of Marvin Milton Vermillion & Iva Myrtle Massie. Father of Carolyn & Mary Lou Vermillion (1st wife of Frank Edward 'Junior' Stearns).

Vermillion, Earl E.     27 Sep. 1899 - 02 Nov. 1989.    Son of John Bradshaw 'Jake' Vermillion & Mary Frances Massie.

Vermillion, Frances Marion     13 Jul 1872 - 7 Sep 1944.     Son of Henry Vermillion.

Vermillion, Helen E.     02 Oct 1902 - 14 Apr 1922.     Only daughter of John Bradshaw 'Jake' Vermillion & Mary Frances Massie. 


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 13 Nov. 1921 Pleasant Site Carter Co MO.
Vermillion, Iva Myrtle Massie     16 May 1899 - 09 Jun. 1994.    Daughter of David Lewis Massie & Anna Susan 'Annie' Hearst.
Vermillion, Marvin Milton     07 Sep. 1897 - 03 Dec. 1969.  Son of James Milton Vermillion & Malinda Jane Jones.  Parents of Clyde C. (m. Unknown, m. Marcie Unknown, m. Phyllis Vanover Van Winkle), Dale, Damon (m. Collette Unknown), Eugene, Ileen, Dwayne L. 'Chick', Ray D. (m. Goldie McAfee, m. Ruth Grunewald Bolin), David J. (m. Juanita Reed) and Linda Sue Vermillion (m. Roger Lindsey). 



DOUBLE: Married 05 Feb. 1895 Carter Co MO.
Vermillion, James Milton     1865 - 1940.     Son of John Compston Vermillion & Samantha Massie.  He married 1st Catherine Lambert 01 Nov. 1886 Carter Co MO; children Hester, George Thomas (m. Artie Adeline Norris) and Lulu Vermillion.
Vermillion, Malinda Jane Jones Hollis     1861 - 1941.     Daughter of Richard Jones & Eliza J. Stalcup. She married first Lewis Howell Hollis.
Children of Malinda & Lewis Hollis: Phillip Richard 'P. R.' (m. Mary Lily Allen), Mary V. (m. Richman 'Lipsy' Gregory), Thomas, Maude (m. James 'Marion' Voyles), Jesse, Peter Howell.  and Hester Ann Hollis (m. John Leonard Kinnard). Children of Malinda & James Vermillion: George Thomas (m. Artie Norris), Olive Mae (m. Elmer G. Callahan) and Lottie Vermillion (m. a Burns), Olive Mae 'Ollie' (m. Elmer G. Callahan), Marvin Milton (m. Iva Myrtle Massie), Mattie, Vera and Lottie Vermillion.


Note: Our source was uncertain on the names and marriages of the various children from the multiple marriages; if anyone has contradictory information please contact us.


DOUBLE:  Married 14 Sep 1890 Carter Co MO.

Vermillion, John Bradshaw 'Jake'      04 Jan. 1866 - 01 Mar. 1956.      Son of John Compston Vermillion & Samantha Massie.

Vermillion, Mary Frances Massie     13 Jul. 1872 - 07 Sep. 1944.     Daughter of Henderson Massie & Sarah Elizabeth Stevenson.
Parents of Verner V., (died in childhood), Clay M., Clyde C., Earl E., Helen E., Clifton
and Clinton (twins, died in infancy) & Clarence J. Vermillion.



Vermillion, John Compston     16 Oct. 1836 - 18 Jun. 1909.      Son of John Green Vermillion & Elizabeth Compston.  Married Samantha 'Mariah' McDaniel 02 Mar 1855 in Ohio.


Vermillion, Mary Jane Clark     Feb. 1848 - 1936.     Married John C. Vermillion 04 Feb. 1884 Carter Co MO.  Mother of Martha Ellen (m. Richman 'Lipsy' Gregory), Mary C., Edyth (m. James David Sartin), Enda, F. L. and Ola F. Vermillion (m. Joseph Corbey).



HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 20 Jun. 1970 Winona Shannon Co MO.
Vermillion, Ray D.     19 Oct. 1925 - 28 Jun. 1999.     Son of Marvin Milton Vermillion & Iva Myrtle Massie.  Married 1st Goldie May McAfee, children Roger, Benjamin Ray 'Benny' and Doug Howard Vermillion. 
Vermillion, Ruth Grunewald Bolin     18 Sep. 1934 - 13 Jan. 2006.     Daughter of Kurt Grunewald & Herta Unknown. Married 1st John J. 'Jay' Bolin Nov. 1956 in Germany; they divorced and remarried 20 Apr. 1963 in the US. She came to the USA 04 Mar. 1958. She operated the Heidelberg Inn Restaurant in Winona for many years.


No Photo for Ruth's grave.


Vermillion, Verner V.     17 Jul. 1892 - 01 Jan. 1898.    Son of John Bradshaw 'Jake' Vermillion & Mary Frances Massie.

Voyles, David William     27 Mar. 1863 - 28 Mar. 1937.    Son of Nicholas Voyles & Deborah Nichols. Married Mrs. Lottie Jackson Tripp 02 Feb. 1914 Carter Co MO. She is buried at New St Marcus Cemetery in St Louis MO.


Voyles, Douglas K.     23 Nov. 1934 - 07 Sep. 1960.    Son of Vane Vester Voyles & Macie Freda Atkins. Married Lara Jane Magrew. Father of Kimberly Voyles (m. Danny Shelton) and Gilbert 'Gil' Voyles.

Voyles, Jessica Elaine      13 May 1977 - 27 May 1977.      Infant daughter of Gordon Voyles & Lynn Dixon.

Voyles, Larry David     21 Jan. 1941 - 23 Apr. 2006.     Son of Vane Vester Voyles & Macie Freda Atkins. Married Ella 'Fay' Douglas 03 Nov. 1958 at Bartlett Shannon Co MO.



Voyles, Macie Freda Atkins     20 Oct. 1907 - 05 Aug. 1973.    Daughter of John Henley Atkins & Miranda Ellen LaRue.

Voyles, Vane Vester     12 Oct. 1912 - 06 Apr 2001.      Son of James Marion 'Jim' Voyles & Maude Hollis. Parents of Douglas K., Ronald Jerome, Larry, Stanley, Faye Elaine, Gordon and Kevin Voyles.


Voyles, Maude Hollis      08 Jul. 1888 - 25 Oct. 1919.     Daughter of Lewis Howell Hollis & Malinda J. Jones. Married James Marion 'Jim' Voyles in 1911.     Mother of Vane Vester Voyles. Jim Voyles is buried at Pine Lawn Cemetery at Winona. He remarried twice; 1st to Bertha Lindsey, 2nd
Rhoda Dora Bradshaw.

No Photo

Voyles, Nicholas Homer     15 Aug. 1856 - 15 Oct. 1919.      Son of Nicholas Voyles & Deborah Nichols. Married Elizabeth 'Bettie' Herrin abt. 1882 Shannon Co MO. (She remarried after his death to Dan Reed and is buried at Winona). Their children were Mary Jane (m. George Lovins), Thomas 'Preston' (m. Martella Jane Broadfoot), James Marion 'Jim' (m. Maude Hollis, m. Bertha Lindsey, m. Rhoda Dora Bradshaw), Adeline (m. Dowd Brewer), Stella (m. Otis Norris), Deborah G. V. 'Debby', David, Zilla May and Fanny Voyles.


Voyles, Ronald Dennis     25 Apr. 1956 - 22 Apr. 1974.     Son of Ronald Jerome Voyles & Freida Yvonne Dixon. Killed in an auto accident.

Voyles, Ronald Jerome     15 Sep. 1936 - 21 May 1956.      Son of Vane Vester Voyles & Macie Freda Atkins.  Married Frieda Yvonne Dixon. Father of Ronald Dennis Voyles. Killed in logging accident; struck by falling tree. His neck was broken and he died instantly. His brother Doug carried him from the woods.




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