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Orrick, Eliza Rice      30 July 1851 - 20 July 1928.  Daughter of William Rice & Unknown Phroner. 
Born at Chester IL.  Died at Poplar Bluff Butler Co MO.
Orrick, George W.      17 Nov. 1848 - 24 Sep. 1919.  Died at Poplar Bluff Butler Co MO.
Orrick, Lottie Jackson      12 Mar. 1876 - 31 Aug. 1930.  Daughter of James Jackson & Unknown. 
Her death certificate states she died of gunshot wounds.
Orrick, William 'Billy'      18 Dec. 1869 - 30 Aug. 1930.  Son of George W. Orrick & Eliza Rice. 
His death certificate states he died of poison, suicidal intent.
Orrick, Nellie     Died 01 Oct. 1895.  'Age 1y, daughter of W. & L.'  Daughter of William 'Billy' Orrick 
& Lottie Jackson).
Osborne, Thomas Winston       01 April 1904 - 19 Oct. 1961. Son of Willard Winston Osborne 
& Fannie Morrow. Married Beulah Ina Weaver 17Aug. 1929 at
Centerville Reynolds Co MO. (div).
Children Catherine Ruth 'Kay' (m. J. J. Donley), Ivan Winston (m. Shirley Jean Norris), Jay Silas
Willard (m. Alta Jewel Davidson) and Jo Anne Ollie Osborne (m. Bob Love, m. Harry Billingsley).
NOTE: The name has various spellings within the same family: Osborne, Osborn, Osburn).
Osborn(e), Beth Ann      07 Dec. 1961 - 09 Dec. 1961.  Daughter of Jay Silas Willard Osborn(e) 
& Alta Jewel Davidson.
Osburn, William Daniel 'Danny'	04 Aug. 1969 - 23 Feb. 2002.  Son of Willard Wayne Osburn 
& Vermillia Alberta 'Millie' Counts. Father of Danielle, Kayla & Aundrea Osburn.




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