a/k/a Dunkard Cemetery

a/k/a Marconette Cemetery


Montier, Shannon Co MO


This is actually the cemetery of the Pine Grove Old German Baptist church district. 
Simon Martin was the minister of the congregation from its organization in 1891. 
The Vindicator is the official periodical of this denomination which changed its name
from Old German Baptist to Old German Baptist Brethren Church within the past few years. 
Obituaries submitted.


Dunkard is actually a derogatory name often applied to the various Brethren groups. 
Dunker is the proper term, by which we were known prior to

adapting a formal name in 1836. ~
Gale E. S. Honeyman, Mar. 18, 2011


Location: North of Montier, MO., on Hwy M, 3 miles on the left. Cemetery cannot be seen from the road.
This is an old cemetery, located on private property and about 100 yards west of Hwy. M, in pine grove.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0208, Longitude: -91.5581


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COWIN, Alpha    Jan. 2, 1901 - Feb. 2, 1901.     Son of David C. Cowin & Charity Baker.


COWIN, Arthur    Only date, died Mar. 4, 1898.     No marker.     'Age 7 yr. Son of W. J. & M. E. Cowin.'


COWIN, Charity Baker    Oct. 6, 1862 - Apr. 18, 1904.     Daughter of George Baker & Cynthia E. Douglas. Married David C. Cowin 05 Mar 1882 in Reynolds Co MO.


COWIN, Lourena    Jan. 27, 1898 - Feb. 15, 1901.     'Daughter of W. J. & M. E. Cowin. '


GOODWIN, James Edward    Jul. 6, 1917 - Sep. 7, 1917.      No marker. MO Death certificate #33964: Born in Missouri; died in Shannon Co MO; Son of Henry Marconette & Sarah Louise Goodwin. Died of malnutrition. Burial Sep. 8, 1917 at Dunkard Cemetery. Henry Goodwin, Birch Tree MO, informant.


GOODWIN, Sarah Louise Marconette    Mar. 28, 1877 - Feb. 1, 1920.     MO Death certificate #11029: Born in Ohio; died Shannon Co MO; Daughter of John Marconette and Grace Nichols, (both born in Ohio). Died of pneumonia following influenza. Burial Feb. 3, 1920 at Marconette Cemetery. Henry Goodwin, Birch Tree MO, informant.


[NOTE: MO Death Cert.#22347: Edward Goodwin, age 79 yrs., 2 mos. 11 days, born Hamilton Co OH, parents unknown to informant Ed Goodwin, Jr., died  Jul. 21, 1924 at Montier Shannon Co MO; burial Jul. 22, 1924 at Montier Cemetery. Died of chronic bronchitis.

Also: MO Death Cert.#3629: Martha Goodwin, wife of Edward Goodwin, born Mar. 7, 1849 in Missouri, died Jan. 26, 1927 at Montier Shannon Co MO. She was the daughter of Jesse McCann; mother’s name not known to informant Ed Goodwin, Birch Tree MO. Burial Jan. 27, 1927 at Montier Cemetery.]


HOSTETLER, Mabel L.    Jun. 9, 1901 - Jul. 3, 1902.     Died Shannon Co MO. 


MANN, Infant    Only date, died Jun. 8, 1896.     'Age 22 days. Daughter of C. T. & M. A. Mann.' 


MARCONETTE, Ellen    Nov. 15, 1865 - Apr. 25, 1898.     'Wife of Andrew 'Andy' Marconett.' Mother of Neosia Marconett, Cora Marconett, Ira Marconett & Ora Marconette. (Andy Marconett was the son of Aaron Marconett & Ida F. Malone).


MARCONETTE, Fanny Goodwin    Apr. 29, 1877 - Jun. 26, 1898.     'Daughter of E. D. & M. A. Goodwin.' (Edward D. Goodwin (abt. 1844 - Jul. 21, 1924, born Hamilton Co OH) & Martha McCann (Mar. 7, 1849 - Jan. 26, 1947, daughter of Jesse McCann). Fannie's parents are buried at Montier Shannon Co MO.


MARCONETTE, Ira    Sep. 3, 1894 – Jun. 6, 1896.     'Son of Andy & Ellen Marconett.' 


MARTIN, Catherine Ann Whitsel    Feb. 14, 1853 – Mar. 9, 1895.     'Wife of S. Martin.'     First wife of Simon Martin (below). Mother of Annie Martin, Louisa E. Martin, Hannah Martin, Abraham Martin (m. Daisy Weaver), Isaiah H. Martin (m. Harriet Weaver) & Newton I. Martin (m. Estella E. Weaver). The Martin brothers married Weaver sisters, daughters of Lewis Griffith Weaver & Mary E. Willis.


MARTIN, Matilda E. Hamma    Oct. 30, 1874 – May 30, 1940.     MO Death Cert.#19716: Daughter of Joseph Hamma (Germany) & Sarah Worley. Widow of Simon Martin. Burial May 31, 1940 at Dunkard.  She was the 2nd wife of Simon Martin.
MARTIN, Simon    Sep. 12, 1849 - Mar. 12, 1927     Son of Emanuel Martin.  Parents of Sarah Frances, Elizabeth M., Lena E., Abbie Louvena, Solomon S., Joseph Emanuel (m. Myrtle May Thomas), Mary P. (Mrs. Edgar C. Beavers) & Dessie L. Martin.


NOTE: Grandson of John Martin Jr. and Appolonia/Abigail Booher of Fayette Co PA.  Emanuel MARTIN was born 1 Sept 1804 in Saltlick Twp Fayette Co PA, s/o John Martin Jr. and Appolonia/Abigail Booher/Bucher.  He was baptized 9 Oct 1804, at Gute Hoffnung Kirche (Good Hope Lutheran and Reformed Church) in Saltlick Twp, sponsored by his mother. 

NOTE: Emanuel Martin married 2nd Elizabeth Booher on Oct. 4, 1839 in Montgomery Co OH; she was born Oct. 10, 1820 & died Sep. 6, 1872. She was the daughter of John Booher/Boogher (his mother's youngest brother) and Elizabeth Miller. Emanuel and Elizabeth's 6th child (Emanuel's 11th) was Simon Martin, born Sep. 12, 1849 in Montgomery Co OH, died Mar. 12, 1927 at Farmington MO. If you happen to know any descendants of Simon, I would enjoy corresponding with them. ~ Bruce McCrea mccreab@sbcglobal.net.


MCCREARY, Maud Mary Sanborn    Mar. 25, 1890 - Sep. 10, 1925.     No marker.     Daughter of Francis Emery Cleveland Sanborn & Adella May (Spicer) Sanborn, Wife of Guy McCreary, Mother of Donald, Helen, Charles, Alice, Sharlot, Hazel & Glenn. Maud was born in Covington, Linn County, Iowa & died in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. 


METZGER, Elizabeth    1836 – 1913.     (No death certificate found). NOTE: Only Metger found for Shannon County was Ella (born Dec., 1873 in Indiana) married James Wilson Hostetter Sep. 6, 1896 at Shannon Co MO; they had a daughter, Dessie, born Nov., 1897.


PATRICK, Barbara Isabel Cripe     Jul. 26, 1861 - Jul. 19, 1893.     Barbara I. (Cripe) Patrick, died of consumption (tuberculosis) at Pine Grove Church, Shannon Co. Missouri on July 19, 1893. Age 31 years, 11 months and 23 days. She was born in Haward Co. Indiana July 26, 1861 was a faithful member of the Old German Baptist Church nearly 14 years. She leaves a husband, four sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of a dear companion and kind mother. One daughter preceded her to the spirit world. She was anointed December 27, 1892, in Lower Twin District, Preble Co. Ohio. Funeral services by the brethren, from 1st Thess, iv, 1 3-18 inclusive. Note: Age 31 yr, 11 mo., 23d - Wife of Wm. B. Patrick.


SHIVELEY, Emanuel    Mar. 25, 1893 - Jul. 3, 1893.     'Son of V. & H. Shiveley.'     (No death certificates found in Shannon County for Shiveley. There are others listed for other counties)  




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