HOSTETLER.—In the Pine Grove congregation, Birch Tree, Mo., Mabel Inez, daughter of Bro. Wilson and sister Ella Hostetler, was born June 9, 1901, and died July 3, 1902, aged 1 year and 24 days.  Disease, cholera infantum.

She leaves a sorrowing father and mother and one sister and a host of relatives to mourn her early departure.

Funeral by Bro. Simon Martin, from St. Luke viii, 51 “Weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth.”                                                                                                

J. W. Hostetler.

The Vindicator, September 1902, p 287


MARCONETT.—Died in the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., sister Ellen, wife of Bro. Andy Marconett.  She was born Nov. 15, 1865, and departed this life Apr. 25, 1898, her age being 32 y., 5 mo. and 10 ds.  She leaves a kind husband and 3 children, one preceding her to the spirit land, and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss, yet we believe that our loss is her gain.  She had been lingering with that dreaded disease, consumption.  We visited her many times while she was gradually sinking and passing away, and could learn from her appearance that she was bearing her afflictions with Christian patience, yet during her sickness she became aware that she must pass away, and requested to be anointed, which was done according to the Apostle James’ instruction.  After her death the family selected 2 Cor. v. 1, 2, for the funeral text to a large congregation of relatives and friends.

Kind reader, may we all take head for sooner or later the rider on the pale horse will bring message for us.                                                                             

Simon Martin.

The Vindicator, August, 1898, p 254


MARCONETT.—Died in the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., sister Fannie Marconett.  She was born Apr. 29, 1877, and died June 26, 1898, aged 21 yrs., 1 m. and 27 ds.  She leaves a kind husband and two children, many relatives, neighbors and friends to mourn their loss.  Sister Fannie’s death was very sudden.  A child was born the night before her death which occurred in the morning.  We see we have no assurance of our life.  The Psalmist says, “It is soon cut off and we fly away.”  May God help us all to live God-fearing in life, so when time will close with us we can say, Come welcome death, I will gladly go with three.  The funeral services were in the brethren’s tabernacle to a large audience of sympathizing friends, from Rom. xiv, 7.                                                                        

Simon Martin.

The Vindicator, August, 1898, p 256


MARCONETT.—Nelson E. Marconett, infant son of Bro. Aaron and sister Fannie Marconett, sister Fannie now deceased, was born June 26th, and died Aug. 10th, aged 1m. and 14ds. Funeral from Matt. xviii, 23 [Pine Grove church, Mo.]       

Simon Martin.

The Vindicator, October, 1898, p 319


MARCONETT.—Died in the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., Ira Marconett, son of Andy and Ella Marconett.  Little Ira was born on the 3rd day of Sept. 1894, and died June 6, 1896; his age is 1 y., 9 m. and 3 ds.  Funeral services attended to by the writer from 1 Pet. i 24, to a large congregation.                                   

Simon Martin.

The Vindicator, July, 1896, p 223


MARTIN.—Simon Martin, son of Emanuel and Elizabeth Martin, was born in Montg. Co., O., Sept. 12, 1849, and died March 12, 1927, at the State Hospital, at Farmington, Mo.  He was afflicted with arteriosclerosis.  His mind being very poor for a year or more he was taken to the hospital for treatment where he took a paralytic stroke which was the immediate cause of his death.  His age was 77 years and 6 months.  He was married to Catherine Ann Whitsel in 1871.  To this union were born 9 children—3 boys and 6 girls—3 of whom preceded him in death.  His wife died in 1895.  He again married to Matilda E. Hamma in 1900.  To this union were born 8 children—2 boys and 6 girl—2 of whom preceded him in heath.  He leaves to mourn his death his wife and 12 children and a host of relatives and friends.  He joined the Old German Baptist Church at the age of 17 years and remained a member until death.  Funeral services at the home by Leroy Cowen, a Mennonite. Interment in the Dunkard cemetery.                                     

The Family.

The Vindicator, September 1927, p 287


MARTIN.—In the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., Catharine A. Martin, born Feb. 14th, 1852, died Mch. 9th, 1895, aged 42 years and 25 days.  She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn their loss which we trust, is her eternal gain.  When she saw she must leave this world, she was anointed, and eight hours afterwards, her Spirit took its flight to Him who gave it.  Funeral service by the writer from 2 Tim. v, 6-8, to a large congregation.                                                                                       

Andy Marconett.

The Vindicator, April 1895, p 127


METZGER.—Sister Elizabeth Metzger was born Dec. 17, 1833 and died Oct. 7, 1913 at her home near Mt. View, Mo. Aged 77 yrs. 9 mo. and 20 das.  She was a daughter of Bro. Joseph and Mary Cripe; was married to Jacob Cripe.  The husband and 5 children preceded her in death quite a number of years ago.  In 1870 she again married to Isaac Metzger.  One son and 3 daughters were born to this union.  On the 16th of March 1883 she was again left a widow.  Her disease being cancer of the stomach she suffered a great deal, but was never heard to complain.  In her home she was kind and gentle always patient and thoughtful for her family and others, never failing to sacrifice in discharging her duty to church, her home and neighborhood.  She leaves 2 sons, 3 daughters, 33 grandchildren and many others to mourn their loss which we hope is her eternal gain.  On the 5th of Oct. she called for the elders and was anointed in the name of the Lord.  Funeral preached by Bro. M. Montgomery. 

Subject, “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.”                                                                                                                 

Ella Hostetler.

The Vindicator, January 14, 1914, p 31


PATRICK.—Barbara I. Patrick, died of consumption in the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., July 19th, 1893.  Age 31 years, 11 months and 23 days.  She was born in Howard Co., Ind., July 26th, 1861, was a faithful member of the old German Baptist church nearly 14 years.  She leaves a husband, four sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of a dear companion, and a kind mother.  She was anointed December 27, 1892 in the Lower Twin District, Preble Co., O.  Funeral services by the Brethren, from 1st Thess, iv, 13-18 inclusive.                                                                              

Jacob H. Frantz.

The Vindicator, September, 1893, p 287


SHIVELY.—died in the Pine Grove church, Shannon Co., Mo., Emanuel Shively, infant son of Bro. Valentine and sister Harriet Shively, was born March 22nd, 1893 died July 3rd.  Age 3 mo. And 11 days.  Funeral services by the brethren.  Matt. xix, 14.

Jacob H. Frantz.

The Vindicator, September, 1893, p 287


Obituaries submitted by Gale E. S. Honeyman of the Brethren Heritage Center, Brookville, Ohio.


Matilda Martin’s mother was Sarah (Wehrly) Hamma.