1948 Shannon County Death Certificates

Akers, Maddie Otis Hardy, Arthur S. Norton, John William
Allison, Joseph James Harper, Ludica Galbraith Prewett, Mary Isabell Copeland
Ballance, Amos E. Hatton, Minnie A. Robinson Reese, Elizabeth S. Anderson
Bell, Beverly Ann Heironimes, J. H. Renegar, Ada Gray Smotherman
Brown, Betty Martin Hilton, William Thomas Renn, Susan Alma
Burrus, Mary Alice Staton Holden, Louisa McIntire Smith, Sarah Ann Alley
Butler, Thomas William Holden, Oliver Clay Swiney, Mary Leona Deatherage
Chrisco, Lloyd Leslie Holloway, James Henry Thompson, Sarah Iona Ault
Clemons, Norman Larry 'Skeeter' Huff, Etta Chiffon Cheatman Trevolt, Eliza Alma Ida Nicholson
Cox, Andrew Jackson 'Andy' McCune, Melvina E. Braxdale Warren, Raymond Lee
Davis, Ara Columbus Henry McKee, Donna May Chilton Williams, George W.
Detwiler, Laura Ann Brudebaker McKinney, David M. Williams, Louisa Jane Rose
Eagan, Aulander W. Myers, Sammy Seaman Williams, Vinton Alexis
Foshe, Sarah Effieann Smith Nichols, Margaret Isabell Newton Wright, Amanda J. Griffith
Frazier, James A.    



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