1941 Shannon County Death Certificates

Anderson, Rose Adaline

Cox, James M.

Hooberry, Daniel

Shanby, Estel P. Crabtree

Barnts, Mary A. Witham

Craig, Earline Lou

House, John

Shelton, George Washington

Baugh, John Robert

Creglaw, Jonathan

Hunter, Nancy Izabelle Haven

Sinclair, George W.

Baumgardner, Lulu L. Roberson

Custer, George W.

Johnson, James M.

Sintler, James

Bolton, Harold

Cutts, Azri

Justus, John Leroy

Smith, Clarence Bales

Bond, Eliza May Farris

Daniel, Henry Hammond

Kelley, Elizabeth C. Nichols

Smith, William Jasper

Brewer, Bobby G.

Davis, Anagoras

Kelley, Franklin

Steelman, William Albert

Brown, Joyce Gay

Deakins, George R.

McDowell, William F.

Stevens, Infant of Dan & Edna

Burks, Mike

Deatherage, Zella R. Tune    Memorial

Mead, Margaret LaGrand

Trammell, Jerry Eugene

Burris, Shalvy Don

Denning, Frank

Meade, Cornelius J.

Wallace, Mary Faulkner

Butts, Melvin Joe

Denning, William Jesse Calvin

Pierce, Kenneth Morris

Ward, Minnie F. Barton

Camden, Walter Ray

Eschrich, Audrey Maxine

Powell, Mark Alonzo

Watson, Norma Pearl

Case, Elmer

Eschrich, Ernest

Price, Billie Carl

Williams, John E.

Chitwood, William

Flemming, Allen P.

Price, Jesse

Williams, Mary E. McClellan

Christian, Arthur B.

French, Marjorie Cooley

Reed, William Russell

Winterbottom, George R.

Conway, Clella Jane

Galbraith, Lucy Ferguson

Reeves, Bobby Lee Roy

Young, Myrl Jones

Conway, Nettie Ellis

Gant, Betty Sue

Robertson, Patsy Jean

Young, Tempa E. Potts

Cooper, Nancy A. Stevens

Grizzle, John Franklin

Robinson, Dicey C. Stinnett


Copeland, William

Hannah, John Markley

Rush, Nyla Kay


Corder, Eliza Susan Overstreet

Haynes, Virgie Lee Brawley

Sadler, Alice A. Bilbry  



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