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October 1997 - December 1997

NOTE:  These queries are old, therefore many of the email addresses are bad.  I've left this information posted here so that any information given might be a benefit to those who read it.  If these queries belong to you and your email has changed, please contact me so that I can update it.

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Arthur McKellips

Searching for name of Josshua MORRIS's Osage Indian wife who gave birth June 3, 1869 to my Grandmother Sadie MORRIS.  Joshua operated Indian trading posts and is listed in numerous Missouri Census in Ripley, Shannon, Carter ,Iron and Washington Counties.   Sadie married James Thomas COLLINS 12 June 1893 and resided in Grandin, Missouri.  COLLINS family had boys James, Harry, Donald and Richard, sisters Gertrude and Florence.  Seeking names and family connections.  Arthur McKellips  117 NE 32 nd Ave. Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-6782 503 648-1320

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Marilyn Howard

Looking for the family of Charles Oscar TOWNLEY in Winona,Shannon Co. Missouri. Son,Charles Austin TOWNLEY born 24 April 1904 in Winona. Wife of Charles Oscar TOWNLEY,Eleanor Almeda PEASE(or as born Almeda Hellen PEASE). They may have been married in Shannon Co. about 1902-03. Where would I find those records? Thank You

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Dodi Maggart

George William THOMPSON, born  April 1893 in New Mexico.  Two sisters also born in New Mexico Eva, Nov. 1884, and Chico, Mar 1886. Five older siblings were born in Shannon County, Mo.  Their father was a rancher in New Mexico and was killed there around the turn of the century.  Eva, Chico, George, and their mother, shown as "A.G. THOMPSON" show up on the 1900 census with another ranching family in New Mexico.  We don't know A.G.s husband's first name yet, he was born in TN, she was born in Mo. Sept. 1853.  George and brother Ira show up on the 1910 census in Shannon County with a sister's family  Sarah (THOMPSON) and John BEESON and their infant son Howard E. 

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Robert McAlear

Want info William Wade WATSON (c1829-c1880). Settled Shannon Co early 1850s.

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Alyce Smith

Need the names of churches in or near Birch Tree about 1850-1900.  I am seeking information on William H. SCOVILL who was married to a lady named Maggie.  William died 1899.  He may have been a minister in one of the churches.

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Sharron Minson

I am trying to locate anything containing information on the HARVISON'S  I have that Matthew's daughter was born in Shannon Co. in 1864.  Any information on HARVISON'S  would be appriciated.  Thanks 

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Jenifer George

My cousin has a very detailed PUMMILL/PUMMELL page that about 15 of us have worked on for years.  It has a lot of the Shannon co PUMMILLS and RADERS in it.  It is: http// It might be of help to others researching our Shannon Co family.  I also have a very detailed collection of family photos for both of the above, and a lot of research on my Shannon Co DEATHERAGE ancestors.  Would be glad to help anyone interested.  Thanks.

DATE: 27 December 1997
NAME: Cynde Kinyon

I have done some checking and traced my MANES family roots to Shannon County briefly in the early 1900's.  I am looking for the Thomas Lorenzo MANES family and any relatives that might have been living in the area at the same time.  I understand that sometimes families moved together.  I am new at this and any information would be great!!!

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Craig McDonald

My McDONALD ancestors lived in Shannon county during the 1850 census. Some of them, from looking at the ages of the children, looked like they lived there around 1846. The McDONALD's hailed from Jackson County, Tennessee. Most of these McDONALD's moved down South to Fannin County, Texas, which is in Northeast Texas. Some of the heads of the households in Shannon county, were William McDONALD, Henry McDONALD, Peter McDONALD and Nicholas McDONALD. I am especially interested in Peter McDONALD & Nicholas McDONALD (there are 2 of them in the 1850 census), for I know nothing about him. But I feel they are related to my family, because my great grandfather had a brother named Nicholas McDONALD and another brother named Peter McDONALD. I know this Peter McDONALD moved down to Fannin County, TX and died there in 1860. I don't know what happened to the two Nicholas McDONALD's. The SADLER family also hails from Jackson county, Tennessee and they migrated to Shannon County along with the McDONALD's. The SADLER's also migrated down to Fannin County, Texas.

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Sarah Rust

I'm searching my husbands family. Here is the little I know... Emil Richard RUST born May 9 1903 in Shannon Co MO. His parents were Richard E(mil?) RUST and Susie ROSS both from MO. I also know that Emil had two sisters, Opal and Pearl. Any help Would be appreciated! thank you.

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Robert McAlear

Need info William Wade WATSON born 1829; died before 1880. Married Margaret "Peggy" R. TRIPP 23 March 1847 Madison Co MO. William is said to have been on Trail of Tears 1843 or 1844. Children were: Wiley, John, Thomas, George Washington, Nancy Jane, others(?).

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Becky Ramsey

My RAMSEY Ancestors migrated into Missouri, from Kentucky, between 1903 and 1905. I know that they resided in Clay County and Shannon County. Please take a look at the following names and contact me if you would like to exchange information. I'm looking for information on following people: James Alexander RAMSEY + Edith Mabel MCALPIN(E) *my great-grandparents Charlie E. RAMSEY (1884-1971) + Eva ? George W. RAMSEY (1887-1957) + Beulah ? Mary Barbara RAMSEY (1890-1963) + Edgar SNIDER Asa RAMSEY (1893-1922)+ Effie GEORGE Leslie Harry RAMSEY (1896-1981) + Gertrude ? Elizabeth Mabel RAMSEY (1902-1992) + Henry Martin BLACKBURN Vestle May RAMSEY (1905-1975) + Richard LUTZ Raymond Earl RAMSEY (1907-1993) + Mabel BRUCE *my grandparents John Marvel RAMSEY (b.1910 in Angeline, MO) + Alice G. RADER Leroy RAMSEY (1916-1993) + Lorene MACON

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Ron Grassi

Simeon B. LEWIS and Sarah I. RAGAN/REAGAN had children born in Shannon County from 1886-1907: Elbert O., Clarebce A., Jackson A., Jenny B., James T., George I., Simeon B., Charles J., William H., and Dolly M. Thanks for the help.

DATE: 03 December 1997
NAME: Art McKellips

I am seeking information on Josuha C. MORRIS, Grandson of Robert MORRIS of Philadelphia who signed the Declaration of Independence., and Josuha's 2nd wife, an Osage Indian woman. Seeking her name or any information about them. Josuha MORRIS married Luvey HYATT on 18 Feb. 1818 in Ripley County. She died and left him a widower. He remarried an Osage Indian woman, believed around 1865. Looking for any record showing her name or the marriage date. Sadie MORRIS born of this union 3 June 1869. Sadie married James Thomas COLLINS and they lived in Grandin, MO until 1900. May have also been in Carter and Shannon Counties (found a Joshua Morris on Shannon Co 1870 census. Also, I've been trying to find out if Missouri required licensing of Indian Trading Posts? I was told that Josuha operated one, probably in Ripley County near the border as that's where he married his first wife in 1838.

DATE: 17 November 1997
NAME: Jo Unruh

Am researching my great grandparents. WILLIAM M. RITCHEY b. East. ST. Louis, ST. Clair Co. Ill. Do not know what year. m. DELPHINA DAY They were in Shannon Co. AT her death around 1900. He did remarry but I do not know her name. There is a connection somehow to the name IPOCK. My mother GLADYS BOND has several Christmas cards & birthday cards signed 'from your cousin BEN IPOCK'. Would really apprciate any help I could get on this family. I have hit a standstill and don't know where to go next. William worked in logging. I have pictures of him sitting on huge logs.

DATE: 05 November 1997
NAME: Pat Sohns

George COLE settled in what is now Dent County in 1828. He and 2 daughters and a son were listed in the Crawford County Census for 1830. I am seeking information on David COLE and Elizabeth SENATE who were the parents of George COLE. A family genealogy shows that David COLE died 5/21/1822, and Elizabeth SENATE was born between 1770 and 1780 and died in 1833. David and Elizabeth arrived village of St. Louis 1798 coming from Kentucky, I believe. Besides George, they had sons Robert, Jacob, Jonathon Mark, David, and Stephen. Their daughters were Sarah, Mary Ann Elizabeth and two others whose names I don't know.

DATE: 05 November 1997
NAME: Lena Wilson

I am seeking information about my grandfather's family. My grandfather was JOHN WESLEY BUFFINGTON, born Sept. 13, 1885, in Shannon County, MO. He was married to LEONA MAY WEST, who was born in West Plains, MO. His parents were PETER BUFFINGTON and MARGARET J. LINDSEY, and he had at least 3 sisters, HATTIE, EDNA & MARTHA. He died sometime in 1926 near Pittsburg, KS. Any information would be appreciated.

DATE: 15 October 1997
NAME: Becky Messier

I am looking for a John STEVENSON b. 1814 in Ky. and died around 1881 he lived around Eminence. I am told he is buried in Shannon County. Thank you

DATE: 15 October 1997
NAME: Linda Hardman

My great grandparents lived for many years in Blair Creek, Shannon County. I know they were still living in 1928, but don't know anything after that. Their names were Henry Sampson BARTON (he went by Sampson) and Jemima (TURNER) BARTON. Any help would be most appreciated.

DATE: 15 October 1997
NAME: Janice Elrod

Warren Herbert MORGAN married a Anna Juanita HOOPS in Birchtree, Mo. He had a sister named Bell MORGAN, possible married name HEAD she died in St. James, MO. He had a brother named Ted MORGAN and he married a woman named May. He had another brother named Will MORGAN, Will had a son named Dan MORGAN. Warren's dad supposedly changed their name to MORGAN, but I don't know from what

DATE: 15 October 1997
NAME: Janice Elrod

Henry HOOPS, married a Fibi, no maiden name. I have no info. on HOOPS, but she did die and is buried in Shannon Co. Their kids were Laura HOOPS, Roseella HOOPS, Anna Juanita HOOPS and Lily HOOPS. Lilly HOOPS married a PETERSON.

DATE: 15 October 1997
NAME: Vickey Baumli

CRIDER, Louisa m. Newton DEATHERAGE in 1854 in Shannon Co. Their dau. Martha m. George Washington PRICE. Would like the names of Louisa's parents. Thank you.

DATE: 02 October 1997
NAME: Dennis Tune

I am seeking information on Bonapart (Bone) Summer(s). He is listed in the 1880 Shannon County census with his wife, Mary, and three children, Purneca, Susan and William. Bonapart and Mary would have been married around 1875 in Shannon County. Is the Mary noted in the census Mary Melvina Woolsey? Was Mary's father John D. Woolsey? Any information about this family will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: 02 October 1997
NAME: Ann Reed

My great grandmother Margaret KLEPZIG's father Charles owned Alley Spring. He was the first postmaster there also. Charles and Rachel (COULTER) KLEPZIG had many children. I have a lot of info but am always interested in more. I am looking for info on the HASTY line (Margaret married Robert HASTY, son of James and Cornelia (ROBINSON) HASTY), the COULTER line from Rachel in Illinois and early KLEPZIG. Who has info on Charles KLEPZIG brother William? Will share anything I have. Am just getting it on the computer to make it easy. Appreciate any help.

DATE: 02 October 1997
NAME: Kathy Hodge West

I am searching for information on DANIEL BOONE HODGE and his wife MELINDA DUNCAN. Daniel Boone Hodge was actually born with the name Daniel Boone TYREE but took the name of his step-father, WILLIAM or BILLY HODGE. I would appreciate any information you might have on this family.

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