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July 1997 - September 1997

DATE: 22 September 1997
NAME: Donald Price

Please provide any information regarding James Thomas Price, lived in Shannon County during period from 1851 - 1861. They did own property in vicinty and his father's name was John Price. (Some of James Thomas Price's children were: John, Ishmael, William of 13 children) James Thomas Price's son - James Sterling Price - was born sometime between 1892-1894 in Shannon County.

DATE: 14 September 1997
NAME: Diane Raine

Looking for information on the surnames of WOOLSEY, LYNCH, SWINEY, and SMITH. My grandfather, William Henry WOOLSEY was born in Shannon County on 9/22/1899, he passed away on 6/30/1982, and is buried in Miner Cemetery, Dent County. I'm hoping his parents were born in Shannon County as well, Jahue WOOLSEY, and Delilah Viola LYNCH. My grandfather William, married Anna Lee SWINEY, daughter of James & Julia SMITH SWINEY, on 1/9/1920. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. I only learned of James & Julia SMITH SWINEY today, 9/9/97, and I still haven't gotten over the excitement! I'm on the East Coast, so if there's a web page or book you can recommend, please do so. A very kind and dear person shared the information on James & Julia (my great grandparents), and informed me of the book "Ozark Heritage, Dent County Missouri Area, Cemeteries and Families Volume III." If Shannon County has something along those lines, or if you know another type of reference, PLEASE let me know. Please use this AOL address, and CC: the following address, My business hours tend to be very lengthy, and I would love to read replies as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

DATE: 02 September 1997
NAME: Genevieve Kile

Looking for James NESBIT who applied for a divorce from second wife Eliza in Reynolds County in 1902. What a time trying to find this gggrandfather of mine. He was in Shannon in 1850 w/my husbands ggggrandparents Willoughby and Sarah SUGGS. In 1860 he and a brother were with my gggrandparents Stephen and Sena WARREN. He is not found again in census anywere until 1910. To complicate matters His first wife was Elizabeth HAWKINS who died in Shannon in 1893. Then this div. record found in 1902. In 1903 he married Angeline MORRIS in Shannon. And in 1910 He is married to Margaret and has a dau. Lila Geen born 1897. Also Bethel (male) born 1906 and May E. born 1910. He and Angeline divorced in Oct 1915 and he died in 1916. Joseph WELCH adopted Bethel and May E. then Joseph died and his niece May E. Goff CUNNINGHAM adopted May E. and changed her name to May E. GOFF. Would love to find descendants of May E. or Lila Geen family history states Bethel died young. To make matters more complicated James NESBIT brother Samuel NESBIT married first Elizabeth DAVIS and second Eliza CHILTON. So we have four Elizabeth/Eliza NESBITS. Does anyone have the Reynolds co 1900 census and would look for James Nesbit in Reynolds 1900 for me. Thank you very much.

DATE: 02 September 1997
NAME: Debbie

William Monroe SHORT mrd Jane CHILTON SHORT sometime in the late 1800's. I'm told they were mrd in Shannon Co. (They were my Great- Grandparents) They had the following children: Manuel Thomas SHORT, Wade SHORT, Vada SHORT, Vina SHORT, Verna SHORT, Jessie SHORT, twin girls: Celia Mae Ethel SHORT and Sinia Elizabeth SHORT (my grandmother) - born 09/01/1901. Sinia Elizabeth SHORT mrd Samuel Edgar FOX on 5/15/1920, in Midco, Mo. Her twin sister married Samuel's brother, James FOX, that same day! Also, my GG Grandparents were Moses SHORT dob 7-4-1833; dod 11-20-1881. Married Mary Ann (Maiden name unk) dob 3-4-1843; dob 3-4-1892. I believe they were married sometime in the middle to late 1800's. I'm not sure which county in Missouri they were married. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 02 September 1997
NAME: Dennis Campbell

I have been reserching the CAMPBELL surname for about seven years and have been "stuck" on the same relative for that same length of time. Here is what I have: George B. CAMPBELL, born 1847 in Indiana (possible Terre Haute, Vigo County); died 1923 Mtn. View, Howell County, MO (no death certificate!) According to census records, father born in NC and mother born in IL; married to Elizabeth BISHOP, born 13 Jan. 1850-1854 in MO (I have found conflicting years.) Their children were Robert W. CAMPBELL, born 1871 in MO?; Ada or Ethel CAMPBELL, born 6 Aug, 1883, Camden County, MO, died 6 Sept. 1958, Willow Springs, Howell County, MO; John B. CAMPBELL, born 31 Oct. 1890, Mtn. View, Howell County, MO, died 8 Jan. 1977. Any help will be most appreciated.

DATE: 02 September 1997
NAME: Genevieve Kile

Looking for descendants of Willoughby and Sarah SUGGS, who were in the Ripley Co 1840 census with 1 male, 10-15, 2 females 15-20 and 1 female 5-10 1 female 0-5. In Shannon Co 1850 with Mary, Katherine, Samuel, Emeline, Matthew, and James Nesbit and Thomas Allen. Through Shannon Co. research and family records we know that one daughter Caroline SUGGS married James KILE between 1840 and 1850 first dau born 1844. Jane SUGGS, mrd Thomas Coot CHILTON JR. before 1850 they had 5 children and both died during Civil War days. Andrew Jackson SUGGS married first Mary Ann SMITH, second Louisa Crider DEATHERAGE. Andy had two children Alexander and Caroline possibly Mary. Willoughby SUGGS was a trapper and died prior to 1860. Sarah SUGGS was one half Cherokee Indian and died between 1860 and 1870. Andy SUGGS died between 1870 and 1880. What happened to his children? Looking for descendants of the SUGGS family. Have not found any children other than Caroline, Jane and Andrew J. who was with brother-in-law James KILE when he was killed at the Battle of Wilsons' Creek Aug. 10, 1861. The ALLENS are connected to the SUGGS as Elizabeth ALLEN named son Willoughby. These are the only two Willoughbys found in Shannon Co from 1850-1880. Any leads appreciated.

DATE: 02 September 1997
NAME: Genevieve Kile

Looking for the William Logan HAWKINS family. Wm. Logan married Susannah CHILTON, youngest daughter of Thomas Boggs CHILTON and second wife Betsy McCAIN. Her brother Andrew J mrd Emeline NESBIT sister of James NESBIT who married Wm. Logan and Susannahs daughter Elizabeth. Wm Logans parents were William Carrol and Jane Wilson HAWKINS. His siblings were Josiah who m. 1st Pernecia LEE/ADAIR 2nd Matilda LEE/ADAIR Margaret who mrd Jessie LAXTON, James killed in civil war, Owen S. mrd Rebecca HALL. John . Bethany who m. Henry LEE/ADAIR Mary Ann, Isaac, Sarah Jane and Ruth.and Elizabeth who m. first James STRICKLAND second James NICHOLS. There was also a Cleveland HAWKINS but may have been Owen. Wm Logan and Susannah also called Susan were in Ripley Co 1850 but in Shannon 1860 and 1870 with the following children Mary, Louis, Joshway, William , James and Joseph (twins) and Thomas. Oldest dau Elizabeth already married to James Nesbit. The Shannon Co 1870 Census listing this family has been transcribed in error from the original microfilm It shows a Martha CHILTON with children and a Elizabeth NESBIT (age 38) with son George.(this Elizabeth divorced from Samuel NESBIT brother to James) Actually these two women belong with the family of James CHILTON. Is anyone researching this family? Does anyone have knowledge of their whereabouts after 1870. Wm. Logans brother John moved to Neida Idaho in the 1890s and died there but their Mother Jane Wilson Hawkins died in Shannon Co in 1884. NOTE: Henry ADAIR's real name was LEE but an ADAIR raised him and he always went by the name Adair.

DATE: 24 August 1997
NAME: Peggy Wilson

Looking for information on the descendants of John SUMMER/S and wife Marial. Marial SUMMERS b. 1787 South Carolina, d. after 1860 said to be buried in Welsh Graveyard, Shannon Co., Mo. Thomas SUMMER b. 24 Feb 1823 in Tn d. 1875 in Missouri; married Nancy RENFROW in about 1848.

DATE: 17 August 1997
NAME: Leland F Wilkins

My great grandmother was Martha PULLIAM COLYOTT who married John George COLYOTT. I have John's birthdate as 1865. My records have no other dates other than their first child, Ollie was born July 27, 1897-March 22,1958. Other COLYOTT children were: Edgar, Jewell, and Opal. Our family is going to erect a tombstone for John and Martha, and would like to be able to put her birth and their death dates on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a site for death dates, marriage dates, MO, available to the general public? John and Martha are buried at Radford, MO. They lived in Reynolds Co. it is believed, but may have been Shannon Co. Leland F. Wilkins, 13159 CR 7240, Newburg, Mo 65550 Ph:573-341-2122

DATE: 17 August 1997
NAME: Lillian Frick

I am searching for information about my grandfather, James Edward COLTER. He died near Birch Tree in Shannon County, MO about 1912. He left Franklin Co. MO and died in Birch Tree. Thanks for any help!

DATE: 10 August 1997
NAME: Judith Cole

I am looking for information on Mary Elizabth WAINWRIGHT born 7-27-1884, Cedar Grove, Shannon County, Mo. She married George Washington COLE date unknown. Her brothers & sisters was Forrest, Elmer, Nannie, Addie, Betty.. That is all the information that I have except that George Washington COLE's great great grandfather was Capt Stephen COLE. I hope to find out where they was married, if they came from Kentucky. It seems funny to me that my father-in-law never knew where his father George Washington COLE was born or where he had lived. I have been unable to find any records on them except they are buried in Tahleqush, OK I believe his parents names was Dave & Martha HENSLEY COLE. Mary E. WAINWRIGHT'S parents was Robert and Martha A. HALL WAINWRIGHT. She was suppose to have had an Indian Roll #.

DATE: 10 August 1997
NAME: Marsha Ford

I am looking for the parents of Robert BARKER m. Hannah? He was probably born in Shannon Co. before the organization of Ripley Co. Any info on Hannah would be appreciated also.

DATE: 10 August 1997
NAME: Roy Harrison

I am looking for info on WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON's Parents I beleive they are listed in the book of the first familys of Shannon Co. under the 1850 cencus there is a Harrison family listed. JOHN HARRISON 39,KY. * ELIZABETH 32 IL. * GEORGE W. 12 MO. * SARA ANN 9 MICHAEL 6 * WILLIAM 5 * CHARITY 2 DAVID 5/12 WILLIAM WELLS 20 AR. * PROBABLY ELIZABETH'S BRO. We don't know for sure Wm's dad's name. We do know that his mothers name was ELIZABETH WELLS, brothers named MIKE. GEORGE. WE don't know a CHARITY or DAVID, a lot of things fit. ELIZABETH is related to the WELLS that were well known around that area, related to the family that has the trail ride ranch. just a start of questions that I have unanswered thanks. PS WE DON"T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE BURRIED!

DATE: 10 August 1997
NAME: Ann M Rogers

I am searching for John W. CASTLEMAN. Is there anyone that could tell me if there were ever any CASTLEMAN (s) in Shannon County? John W. CASTLEMAN was the father of my 97 year old friend. She is still alive and would like to know something about her father. John W. CASTLEMAN married Clara Ellen FUNDERBURGH in Douglas County, MO in 1899. He was over 21. She said she was 18, but probably was younger. John W. CASTLEMAN was an itinerant laborer/carpenter. They lived with her family who were basket makers. Her parents were elderly. John W. Castleman left the family prior to the birth of his daughter in June 1900. His wife elected to stay with her parents. She never told her daughter anything about her father, except that he was "older" than she was and an itinerant laborer/carpenter. The wife, Clara Ellen Funderburgh Castleman, decided to remarry about 7 or 8 years after John W. CASTLEMAN left and at that she time she obtained a divorce. It is not known whether he knew of the divorce. Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 03 August 1997
NAME: Benny Moore

I am seeking any info relating to Timothy T. Moore that lived in Shannon county in 1850 according to the census index. Residence #199 . Would appreciate knowing the details of the family,ie names, ages, etc. Would also like to hear from anyone doing Moore research in this area of Missouri.

DATE: 03 August 1997
NAME: Margie F Campbell

Ellis CAMPBELL, b 1804 VA, m Eliabeth YOUNG (b abt 1819 TN) Children: Matthew b 1833 AL; James Mehlander b 1835 AL; Andrew b 1836 AL; Dorcas b 1839-40 MO (Ripley Co); Wiley, Mary Ann; Malinda, Dicey (Editha); Siney; Susie Belle; Fontaine (b 1849); Elizabeth & others... This line in Shannon Co MO as of 1850 census.. Some of the surnames of spouses are: TAYLOR, BIRCH (BURCH), BARTCH, MAYBERRY, SUTTON, WELBORNE.

DATE: 03 August 1997
NAME: Margie F Campbell

Looking for a Cemetery... Cove Cemetery. This Cemetery was founded by Ellis CAMPBELL abt 1868 in Shannon County MO (actually on the border bet Shannon and what became Iron County). The Cove Church & Cemetery was also used as a school for awhile. This church was also known as Saints Delight Baptist church & cemetery for a short while... but Cove is what it became known as & is still called in family books & at reunions. Many of the Ellis Campbell line are burried there. Also, there is a Campbell family gravesite located on the Current River (Marble Creek actually).. in view of Cordova Mtn... in 1970 the place was known as the Kuhn Farm & may still be known as such... Interested in any Campbell/Young/ Mayberry/Welborns in Shannon County as it was in 1850..

DATE: 03 August 1997
NAME: Vickey Baumli

DAVIDS, Lottie Jane b. Aug 1878 m. Henry Newton PRICE 1895. Her father was Joseph DAVIDS, mother Catherine STEVENS. Henry's parents were George Washington PRICE, mother Martha Rebecca DEATHRAGE. Would like info on siblings of Lottie and her children. I don't have much info but will share what I have.

DATE: 13 July 1997
NAME: Alyce Smith

Would like to obtain information on William SCOVILL who d. Birch Tree, Shannon Co. MO, 6 Jul 1899. He was married to a woman named Maggie (Margaret?) William was a minister, prob. Methodist. He was b. in NY 1832. Lived in Pioneer, OH and prob went to MO around 1880. Would there be a death cert., an obit. If so, where would I obtain one. Thanks for any help you can give. Alyce Smith - P.O. Box 113, Galesburg, MI 49053-0113

DATE: 13 July 1997
NAME: Jane and George Crandell

We are looking for any information regarding William Henry Harrison CRANDELL of Birch Tree in Shannon County. We DO know he was born in Elizabethtown, KY on Nov 23, 1832 and died October 23, 1903 in Birch Tree MO. We would appreciate ANY information you could send our way! Thanks in advance!

DATE: 06 July 1997
NAME: WJW Scales

I am trying to find info in the HILL familly that lived near Ink in the late 1800's. James Adron HILL b9/23/1828 loc??? d3/23/1900 MO married to Adeline ??? b1/7/1839 loc??? d4/19/1922 MO. Following are their children, all born in MO - Samuel Joseph HILL b1/12/1858; Andrew Jackson HILL b8/3/1859; Lydia Ann HILL b11/17/1861; John William HILL b1/15/1864; Mary Jane HILL b11/15/1865; Thomas Alfred HILL b3/1/1868; Doretta Alzira HILL b3/1/1870; James Adron HILL b9/4/1876; Cyrus Jeppha HILL b4/9/1879. James Adron HILL (1876) married Flora Cansada POSTON who was born in MO 3/11/1882..James and Flora has 7 children born in MO the last one was Dwain HILL born 2/3/1916. They moved to OK about 1922. Seeking info on the HILLs and POSTON family..Flora's dad was William POSTON. Any help appreciated.

DATE: 06 July 1997
NAME: Cris West

Looking for info on Nevada (Vada) GOBLE and Wesley WEST of Winona, MO. They moved there ca 1900 and raised a family of 7 children: Virgil Arthur, Ira, Nellie (married a GRIFFIN), Edna, Frank, Earl and Lulu (married Henry GARRETT). We are descendants of Nevada's daughter by an earlier marriage, Bessie Corgray TAYLOR and Wesley's nephew, Charles William WEST of Bartholomew County, Indiana.

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