Here are a few more pictures of my family you can put on the site.  You could just put these on the photo page if you want.

The first one is cousins~~~squatting in the front is left Cecil Sechrest-Right is Bobby Sechrest.  The girls on the back row from left to right is Lula Mae Sechrest, Jearline Sechrest~~~~and the other girl is a mystery.  I don't know who she is.  Maybe someone will recognize her.

The next picture is in the early 50's taken by some lake.  Minnie and Henry Sechrest and their son David Shannon Sechrest.  By the way, David was named after Shannon county. :)

The next picture is George & Ida (Williams) Sechrest with their baby Gilbert Sechrest.  This picture was taken about 1929.

That is George and Ida (Williams) Sechrest standing by the 1949 Chevy.

The next one is Gilbert Sechrest & his new bride Madge (Chaney) Sechrest and their dog Skeebo.  This picture was taken in the mid 50's.

The next picture is of Minnie (Stacey) Sechrest and Henry Sechrest by the apartments in Birch Tree.  Taken probably in the early 70's.

The last picture is of the Sechrest family.  In the back row, the tall girl on the left is Lizzie Sechrest b. Feb. 8, 1889--d. Jan. 16, 1916
Next to Lizzie is Thomas Sechrest b. 1895 d. 1924
Next to Thomas is George Sechrest b. April 22, 1893--d. Jan. 10, 1982
Next to George is Ada (Stacey) Sechrest  B. 1889 d. 1983
Front row from left is  J. Frank Sechrest, B. 1867 D. 1918
Little girl in middle is Lucy Sechrest B. 1904 D. 1919
Next to Lucy is Mary (Wood) Sechrest  B. 1868 D. 1950 in Birch Tree
The little boy next to Mary is Henry Sechrest B. 1906 D. 1981
The boy on the end is Lewis Sechrest B. 1901 D. 1936

This family had many struggles.  So many children lost to mainly tuberculosis.  They had 3 other children who are not in this picture.
James Frank died at an early age in 1918 and the following year they lost Lucy. Lizzie the oldest girl died two years before Her dad.