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The Current Wave
'Current Wavelets'
Dec. 17, 1884

Last Thursday an enraged Tomcat bit and severely lacerated the heel of one of James McKinney's children. Then General Sterling Price McKinney procured a shot-gun, treed his catship with dogs, and blew him to kingdom come.

Not long since Andrew Phelps, of Mahan's Creek, concluded to return to Illinois, and accordingly took a 'straight skoot' for that state of doubtful politics and horizontal reduction, going down Shawnee and became cooler, an ominous soughing of the wind in the surrounding pines was heard, and, remembering, with a shiver, the rigor of Illinois winters, he lost heart, hitched his team to the rear end of the wagon and came backwards to Mahan's Creek. There is no place like Shannon.

The Birch Picnic
Oct. 1, 1884

As announced in this paper, the picnic at Oak Grove, Birch Tree Township, this county, came to pass. We understand that the affair passed off pleasantly. There were about 380 persons in attendance and good order prevailed. Revs. Bradley, Biffle, Munsell and Martin made speeches in regard to Sabbath Schools. There was an abundance to eat. Candidates were ruled out. This is from a VISITOR.

The Current Wave
Oct. 8, 1884

The Altar
(Will You Love Me When I'm Old)
On yesterday at the residence of the bride's parents, Eminence, Mo., James McCaskill to Miss Orpha Gertrude Weakley, James Orchard, Probate Judge, officiating. With our characteristic sympathy, we hope for many results of yearly, not Weakley (missing---) from this alliance.

Nov. 18, 1886

On the 11th inst. Thos. E. Lupton, of near Houston, Texas county, was married to Mary E. McCrone, of Middleton, Delaware. Fifteen years ago this couple plighted their troths in the pretty little town of Middleton; the young man bought the wedding ring and only waited for his sweetheart to name the day. The young lady's mother was in invalid and with a maternal affection wonderful in its greatness, Mary informed Thomas that she would not marry him while her mother lived - that her place of duty was at her mother's bedside. Thomas then came West and located himself on a farm near Houston, Texas county, where he has remained all these weary years, working hard, using economy and earning a competency. The other day he received a letter from his fiance in Delaware stating that her m other had departed this life and that she was ready to fulfill the vow she made fifteen years before. Thomas hastened to St. Louis where Mary met him, and they were married by Rev. John D. Vincil, 620 Chestnut street. The groom is 30 and the bride 28.

Dec. 9, 1886

-- Plenty of snow.
Hunters plenty and game scarce.
-- Jas. W. Russell, son of J. N. Russell, is very low with typhoid-pneumonia. He has been prostrated for 22 days. That worthy and skillful doctor, W. A. Allen, has been in close attendance on the young man night and day for about two weeks. The doctor's calls are many and he is nearly worn out riding through the cold. May he live long to relieve the suffering is the prayer of an admirer.  Dec. 6.   I.C.U.

The Current Wave
'Current Wavelets'
Aug. 25, 1887

Ransom A. Bradley, Jr. had a narrow escape from serious injury last Saturday night. He was riding on horseback from Neeley & Murphy's works on Birch Prairie to his home, when in the darkness he discovered a cow standing in the road. He yelled at the animal, thinking to frighten it out of the way, when it turned and made a thrust at his horse, missing the animal and forcing one of her horns into the rider's right leg. Mr. Bradley then made his escape. Next day the cow, which was evidently affected with hydrophobia, having been bitten some sixteen days before by a rabid dog, died from the effects of her malady. The wound received by Mr. Bradley is not a serious one, he being able to ride into town last Tuesday.

The Current Wave
'Current Wavelets'
Winona, Oct. 16, 1890

A man by the name of R. E. Lee was robbed somewhere on the streets last Monday night while in a state of intoxication. He was seen in the company of one 'Link' Friday, formerly of Salem, Mo., and who has served two terms in the Missouri Penitentiary for grand larceny. Friday was arrested by Sheriff Freeman last Tuesday, but as nothing could be found on his person he was released. It is generally believed, however, that he committed the theft.

The Current Wave
'Current Wavelets'
Winona, Oct. 16, 1890

A man by the name of Houser was arrested and placed in the calaboose last Sunday for attempted violence on parties whom he accused of robbing him of $14, while he was in a drunken condition the night previous. The law must be executed and the offenders brought to justice, but there are sneak thieves about this town who, when they find a man has money, will resort to any scheme in order to get it away from him. While it is true that a man is absolutely inexcusable for getting drunk, it is also true that his being drunk does not give another the right to rob him.

The Current Wave
Winona, Sep. 17, 1891

I will sell for $900, cash in hand, my tract of land consisting of 160 acres, 80 of which is under fence, and 70 in cultivation, situated about one mile and a half South of Lowwassie. The farm has a good log dwelling, two rooms, a young and thriving orchard of about three acres, a barn, two good cisterns, a pond of stock water, which lasts the year round, situated thereon. Apply by letter or in person to:   W. R. Thomason, Lowwassie, Shannon County, Mo.

The Current Wave
'Current Wavelets'
Winona, Oct. 29, 1891

Alonzo Powell's family returned from Colorado on Friday last, and Lon will soon follow. Thus we see that people who leave this part of the world to hunt a better home, always come back disappointed. We are glad to welcome Lon  home again.

A chicken thief stole into the poultry yard near the Ozark Co.'s store last night and attempted to rob the hen roost. The night watchman shot at him and the robber beat a hasty retreat. Petty thieves had better look sharp.

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