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In Memory of

Sons of John Preston Norton
& Mary A. Elizabeth Kinnard

Robert L. 'Bob', George Anderson 'Coot',
James David, John William 'Bill' and
Charles Sleete Norton.

In Memory of

Daughters of John Preston Norton
& Mary A. Elizabeth Kinnard

Eliza Jane, Rosa Bell 'Dolly'
& Sarah Emily Norton

In Memory of

George Washington Sechrest

1893 - 1982

Son of James F. Sechrest
 Mary Wood

Married Ida Williams in 1927

"George was a hard worker all his life. 
I have heard stories told
of how he would walk to work,
wading through creeks,
and in the winter time
that didn't stop him...
he came home with ice frozen
to his clothes. 
He was a good fiddle player too.
Many people from Shannon County
and surrounding counties
may remember George having the ability to
remove warts! 
Many people came to him to have their
warts removed. 
The doctor in Summersville,
Dr. Lavere Hampton
even brought his son to George
to have him remove warts on his son. 

You could say I am biased
when it comes to George Sechrest.
To me he was the greatest man
who ever walked this good earth,
because you see, he was my Pawpaw
and his memory will forever live in my heart."

~ a Granddaughter


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