Shannon County Census

1890 Special Enumeration

Union Veterans Census


Parts of this census were very bad. I made an attempt to identify as many letters as possible in the names, but in some cases there was just nothing to be seen. Other entries were perfectly clear.  Submitted by Linda Green. 
NOTE: The actual images of this census report can be viewed here.


Inf - infantry

Cav - cavalry

Art for artillery

lt. - light

Sol, Sold - soldier

Vol - volunteer

R - reserve

C - colored

Mtd - mounted

MO - Missouri

Wisc and Wis - Wisconsin

Ala - Alabama

WV - West Virginia

Miss - Mississippi

Va - Virginia

Mich - Michigan

IL - Illinois

IN - Indiana

Tenn, Ten - Tennessee

Pa, Penn - Pennsylvania

KY - Kentucky

Kan - Kansas

Corpse - Corps

Ark - Arkansas

Neb - Nebraska

NY - New York


_______, Davis M.        97 Mo Inf
_recker, Edwin _.         US Corpse
Adams, Joseph W.       50 IN Inf
Allstr______, James L.  9 Ten Cav
Anderson, Elizabeth   widow of John Anderson, 60 IL Inf
Anderson, Elizabeth   widow of John M. Anderson, 60 IL-entry crossed out

Anderson, Providence   6 WV Inf
Anderson, Vincent          48 IL Inf
Anderson, William W.     152 IL Inf
Austin, Moses                 MO Cav
Ayeten (Ageten), Reuben  1 Mich Eng
Bailer, Nancey   widow of George W. Bailer, 33 KY Inf
Ballick, Edward C.     No Unit Given
Banister, Andrew H.     2 Ark Cav
Banks, Francis J.  widow of ( ) Banks, US Sol
Barns, Frelering E.      5 Kan Cav
Beller, Eli                      11 KY Inf
Bounds, Rufus M.         33 MO Inf
Bragg, Robert               18 IL Inf
Brewington, Thomas   1 Tenn Inf
Bridger, Andrew           11 Iowa Inf
Brown, Christopher   50 IN Inf, 5 KY Cav
Brown, John J.     86 NY Inf, 1 NY Cav
Buffington, William     188 Penn Inf
Bunch, David              Sol US
Burrell, Amera   widow of George W. Burrell, 40 IL Inf
Butt, John D.                38 MO Vol
Carpenter, Green B.    2 Ark Cav

Carr, ____ 10 Ohio Cav
Carr, Dames M.            32 MO Inf
Chafin, Franklin M.  7_MO, East MO Militia
Charles, Lambert H.     131 IL
Coats, William B.           3 MO Cav
Cole, Edwin A.               83 Penn Inf
Comley, Vernon R.       131 IN Cav
Cook, James H.              7 Tenn Inf
Crabtree, James M.     11 MO Cav
Crabtree, Sarah J.    widow of James Crabtree, 2 Neb Cav
Craig, Willilam H.         48 MO Inf
Creger, Sarah E.   widow of Thomas Cregor, Sol   (Creagor)
Crepps, Elizabeth     No Unit given
Cullen, Widow   Widow of Ernst Cullen, 23

Dallus, Eleager          48 IL Inf
Davis, William B.           48 MO Vol
Dawes, Henry C.           1 Ohio Art
Dewoody, George W.    64 IL Inf
Donahue, John              15 IL Inf
Doronard, Stephen        No Unit Given
Duer, William                  MO Vols.
Duniven, William L.       32 MO Inf
Edgar, William R.           63 MO
Edwards, Daniel T.   US Navy 3 Division
Edwards, John G.          183 Ohio Inf
Embeck, John A.          Soldier, Sailor
Endy, James                 15 IL Cav

Estes, Sarah H.    widow of William Estes, 14 IL Inf
Faircourt, Jake          175 Ohio Inf
Farrar, Joshua K.             MO Inf
Ferdinand, Thomas W.    17 Ohio
Finney, E.                         1 VA Cav
Fisher, Milel                      14 IL Cav
Flood, John F.                  Sol US
Foshe, Sarah                    8 Ten Inf
Frakes, John K                 IL Inf
Fripp, Evan H.                   31 Mo Inf
Fulks, James                     21 KY

Garrett, Almasine      KY Home Guard
Gates, Elizabeth M.   widow of William Gates, No Unit Given
Gibbs, Leoing    widow of __Gibbs, Sol
Glasener, Jessie P.      5 IL Cav
Goodwin, Edward         26 IN Inf
Grantham, Allen J.       31 IL Inf
Gray, Allen G. T.           13 IL Cav

Griffith, Phebe A.   widow of Samuel (Lemuel) P. Griffith, No Unit Given
Gussin, Andrew J.       13 Wisc Inf
H_gorn, Joseph                    1 MO Vol
Haliday, David K.                  128 IL Inf
Harrison, William M.             47 MO Inf
Hart, Joseph                          197 Ohio Inf
Hasler, Charles R.                 No Unit Given
Hatch, Sylvester E.               2 IL Cav
Heiney, Henry                        14 Iowa Inf
Henskey (Huskey), John T. (L.) No Unit Given
Hess, William R.                    60 IL Inf
Hoops, Henry                        KY Inf
House, John                          123 IL Inf
Huffman, Louisa A.  former widow of John Barton, MO
Huffman, John                      No Unit Given
Huntley, James                     US Marshal
Hurst, John                            26 MO
Hutchinson, James K.          Sol US
Illegible                                   26 Mich
Illegible                                   52 KY
Illegible                                   63 IL
Illegible                                   63 IL
Illegible                                   75 Ohio
Illegible                                   78 Ohio
Illegible                                   MO
Illegible                                   MO
Illegible, Widow                     78 Ohio
Jarrett, Elizabeth  widow of Jarrett, Thomas, No Unit Given
Jobon, David M.        111 IL Inf
Johnson, Collumbus            46 MO Inf
Jones, John W.                     3 NY Cav
Jones, John                           48 IL Inf, 59 US Col Inf, 98 IL Inf, 61 IL Inf
Justice, Louise    wife of William Justice, No Unit Given
Keith, Thomas J.                   81 IL Inf
Kell, John                               32 MO Inf
Kelso, J.C.                             73 Ohio Inf
Keserb___, A. Mozart   widow of Charles Keserb___, 41 Ohio Inf
Killin, Joseph                        120 IL Inf
Killough., William M.            149 IN Inf
King, William                         8 KY Inf
Kenworthy, Thomas H.        8 MO Cav
Kirkpatrick, Jas. K.               Soldier
Kirkpatric, Joseph                No Unit Given
Ladd, Andrew L.                   9 KY Cav
Lambert, Purcive B.              21 KY
Lancaster, Samuel S.           110 IL Inf
Lanham, Berry H.                  31 MO Inf
Larue, James Michael          2 MO Art
Layman, Sara C.   widow of Joseph F. Layman, MO
League, William L (F.)           13 Ohio Inf
Lombard, Julian _.                Ten Cav
Link, Peter                             111 NY Inf
M_ery, Dr. (H?)arper A.        No Unit Given
Malone, Catherine   former widow of John B. James, No Unit Given
Mattox, Alexander G.           25 IL Inf
McBride, George                  14 IN Inf
McKeethan, David                205 PA Inf
McKinney, David                   47 IL Inf
McMillen, James J.               US Sol
McNeal, William C.                32 IL Inf
Monroe, William A.               2 IN Cav
Moore, Christopher C.         13 KY Cav
Moore, Edward W.  alias Edward W. Ke____e, 22 Pa Vol-R
Moran, Frank                         Sol US
Morman, Emaline  widow of Will Golder
Morman, Simeon S.              8 MO Cav
Morris, John W.                    47 MO
Naillus, John B.                     MO Vol
Needer, Leadner O.              US C. Inf
Needham, Ferdinand C.       3 MO Cav
Nelson, John B.                    10 Tenn Inf
Odle, James                           122 IL Inf
Odom, Lydia A. widow of William R. Odom, No Unit Given
O'Kelly, James                      Sol US
Orr, William J.                       32 MO Inf
Patterson, Hester J.  widow of Joseph Patterson, 6 MO Cav
Pendland, Lorenzo D.  alias Lornzo D. McLean, 1 Miss Mtd. Rifles
Pettit, Joseph G.                   Sold
Pike, William G.    1 Ala Cav, 42 IL Inf
Powell, William H.                 11 MO Cav
Prater, David M.                    5 Tenn Cav
Qualls, Alexander                 6 IL Cav
Raymond, Albert L.              7 Ohio Inf
Raymond, George                75 Ohio
Raymond, Theodore D.        7 IL Inf
Reese, Samuel A.                  2 Tenn Inf
Reeves, ____                         29 MO
Richardson, Milferd E. Hall  Ga_ Battalion
Richards, John L. C.             124 IL Inf
Rich, Bartley H.   Sol US Co B 12th MO Vol Cavalry
Ringer, Stephen E.               15 MO Cav
Rodebush, George W.,         86 IL Inf
Rogers, Joseph A.                85 IN Inf
Ros__, Fulton                        5 VA Cav
Rose, Louis                           87 IL Inf
Rowlett, Thomas J.              Sol
Runnels, Francis J.  widow of William H. Runnels, 6 MO Cav
Ryne, William                        30 IL Inf
Sayne, Zachariah J.   Independent Rangers, Taxas & Pulaski
Shane, R.    widow of ( ) Shane, No Unit Given
Shelton, Elizabeth  widow of Thomas Shelton, Inf
Shelton, Francis M.   widow of ( ) Shelton, 3 MO Cav
Sherrill, Silas W.                   13 IL Cav
Shrewsberry, Joseph R.      13 MO Cav, 5 MO Cav
Simmons, Willie B.               32 MO Inf
Sinclair, Charity      widow of James Sinclair, 3 MO Cav
Skillin, Joseph                       US Sol
Spurgin, James H.                33 Iowa Inf
Stevens, Francis M.              41 IL Inf
Stinnet, Henry H.                  9 Tenn Cav
Stubblefield, Beverly M.       125 IN Cav
Sulivan, William R.                5 MO Cav
Sumter, Ruben V.                 Light Art
Sweeney, William                  Sol US
Taylor, John W.   alias William Davis, 10 IL Cav
Thompson, Sarah   widow of Lane (Louie) Thompson, Sol

Thompson, John                  5 MO Cav
Thurman, John
                     6 MO Cav
Thompson, John                  5 MO Cav
Thurman, John                     6 MO Cav
Todd, Patrick H.                    16 KY
Vanhoosier, James K.          48 MO Inf
Wallace, John R.                   8 MO Cav
Watkins, William                   Sol US
Watts, Robert W.                   16 Wis Inf
Weaver, Thomas J.               No Unit Given
Welch, Benjamin                   US Sol
Wells, John C.                       63 MO Malitia
Worsham, Joseph L.            Sol US
Wright, Thomas                    31 MO Inf
Yates, Jacob                          78 Ohio
Yearwood, William R.  No Other Info Given
Youngblood, William R.       145 IL Inf
Younger, James C.               46 MO Inf
Young, Levi                           Soldier







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