a/k/a Old Uncle Bud Cemetery
East of Eminence on Current River - Shannon Co MO
There are not many graves there. 

This is a cemetery that is on private property. 
John Franklin 'Bud' Wood who was the son of Freeman
Wood (Freeman  is buried in Luther William Cemetery) married Mary Elizabeth 'Beth' Wood who was the daughter
of Joseph Vardie Wood (Joseph is buried in Luther Williams Cemetery).  
Bud and Beth had their own cemetery on their Current River farm. 
It is up behind the house and barn on a high hill overlooking the river. 
After the ONSR took over the land they either tore down or burned the houses. 
 Go off the ridge road that goes to Luther Williams Cemetery and turn right and go to the Bud Wood farm.
Map of the area with Wood home marked. 
Rev. Apr. 22, 2009


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jan. 22, 1902 Shannon Co MO.
WOOD, John Franklin 'Bud'    1879 - Bet. 1945 - 1949.
WOOD, Mary Elizabeth Wood    Jul. 20, 1885 - Feb. 2, 1949.    'Age 63 y 7 m 1 d.'    Daughter of Joseph Vardie 'Joe' Wood & Martha Mead. MO Death Cert.#44042: Widowed. Residence/place of death: Rural Twp 36 (all her life). Address Eminence. Burial Feb. 24, 1949 at Wood Cemetery 'near Round Spring MO'. Informant Paul Wood.  Parents of Montie Virgil, Iva Delta, Emott Arvil and Omett 'Paul' Wood.

WOOD, Jewel Nan    Aug. 21, 1940 - Aug. 22, 1940.    Daughter of Montie Virgil Wood & Lola Edith Randolph. MO Death Cert.#29838. Burial at Wood Cemetery. No date given. Died of premature birth, lived 7 1/2 hours. Montie Wood, informant.

WOOD, Oscar D.    Jan. 12, 1897 - Oct. 4, 1952.    Son of Freeman U. Wood & Mary Ann Goforth. Husband of Elizabeth Wood.  MO Death Cert.#33939. Burial Oct. 6, 1952 at Budd Wood Cemetery, Eminence. Informant Elizabeth Wood, Eminence.




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