GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9903, Longitude: -91.2944 


From Highway 19 north, parallel to New Hwy. 60, turn east on Old 60 and go about 2 miles. Cemetery is on the right.

Betty Russell, Sexton 573-325-4485




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Adair, Harley J.    1926 – 1951.  MO Death Cert.#29579: Harley J. Adier.  21 Dec. 1925 – 9 Sep. 1951.  Son of John M. Adair & Leona Koogler. Husband of Irene Adier.  Father of John, Larry (m. Charlene Counts) and Harley Doyle Adier (m. Melba Vermillion, m. Velma Baldwin, m. Judy McHurin). Informant VA Hospital in Poplar Bluff where he died from injuries sustained in a fist fight at Big John’s Tavern in Winona. He was a recent veteran of WWII. Burial 10 Sep. 1951. NOTE: The name has variations in the spelling, all in the same family.

Albert, Bessie Lona Hurst     Feb. 4, 1889 – Mar.16, 1973.      Daughter of George Washington Hurst & M. Easter Emmeline 'Emma' Mayberry. Born at Brawleyville (later New Liberty, Oregon Co MO); died at Poplar Bluff, Butler Co MO. Alternate death, from GH: Died May, 1978.
Albert, Richard Zimriah 'Zim'      Jul. 26, 1882 – Jan. 14, 1957.      Son of William Riley 'Wid' Albert, Jr. & Elizabeth 'Eliza' Barnes.  Born at Sinking Creek, Reynolds Co MO; died Winona Shannon Co MO. Burial Jan. 17, 1957. MO Death Cert.#3378.  Parents of Marvin McCoy (m. Hattie M. Huett), Ernest Jennings Albert (m. Louise Galloway), Earl Lester (m. Jessie Frances Shehorn), Jewel Verda 'Vertie' (m. Joe Ray), Opal (died in infancy), Palma Jettie 'Kate' Albert (m. Clarence Sugg), Seth William Albert (m. Kathleen Lieferman), Velma Beatrice 'Vello' (m. Leo Haynes, m. Chester Earl 'Murph' Burns, m. Ray Hicks) and Urel Junior Albert (m. Vesta Weaver).    NOTE: His draft card has date of birth Jul. 25th.


DOUBLE: Albert, Hattie M.     Jul. 25, 1915 – Unknown.

Albert, Marvin McCoy    Jul. 5, 1905 -  Mar. 5, 1973.      Son of Richard Zimriah ‘Zim’ Albert & Bessie Lona Hurst.


DOUBLE: Alcorn, Minnie Pearl Dixon     Aug. 11, 1897 - Apr. 7, 2001.      Daughter of John H. Dixon & Etta Kimes.

Alcorn, Verner     Feb. 17, 1895 - Apr. 15, 1959.      Son of James Harmon Alcorn & Maggie Payne. ‘MO Pvt Co D 110 Engr WWII PH’.


Allen, Daisy M. Roberts     Sep. 4, 1900 - Jan. 4, 1997.      Daughter of John Richard Roberts & Rosa Belle Bradley Remby.
Allen, Earl D.     Aug. 25, 1903 - Mar. 21, 1977.      Son of Jesse Allen & Lucinda Caroline Pomeroy. Born and died in Shannon Co MO.


DOUBLE: Married May 1, 1964

Allen, Frankie Eugene    Jul. 27, 1945 - Oct. 16, 1997.   Son of Carl Allen & Mary Jane Hastings.  Obituary

Allen, Geneva Ilene Fisher     Aug. 30, 1945 – Living.      Daughter of Paul Fisher & Ellen Voyles.


DOUBLE:  Married 14 Feb 1952.

Allen, Frona Leslie    Jan. 21, 1931 – May 13, 2014.      Daughter of William T. 'Bill' Leslie & Florence Anthony. 

Allen, John Lowell     Feb. 10, 1930 Feb. 23, 1973.   ‘Missouri SM SGT US Air Force Korea – Vietnam.’  Son of Thomas E. 'Tom' Allen (Shannon Co MO) & Mary Lee Elizabeth Van Winkle (Shannon Co MO).  Parents of John & James Allen.


DOUBLE:  Married 28 Oct 1902 at Van Buren Carter Co MO.
Allmon, Hester Charlotte Bradshaw     Dec. 31, 1885 (or 1886) - Jun. 28, 1971.      Born Howell Co MO, died at Springfield Greene Co MO, daughter of Gilbert Isaac Bradshaw & Mary Ann Vinson.
Allmon, James Silas ‘Jim’     Mar. 24, 1885 - Jan. 3, 1973.      Son of Joseph Shelby 'Joe' Allmon & Mahala E. Hurst.



Allmon, Mary Ann VanWinkle    Oct. 19, 1898 - Sep. 2, 1997.    Daughter of Jasper R. VanWinkle & Nancy Colleen ( ) VanWinkle.

Allmon, Thomas Felix ‘Tom’     Jun. 4, 1893 - Dec. 31, 1973.      Son of Joseph Shelby 'Joe' Allmon & Mahala E. Hurst.  ‘Washington Sgt US Army WWI.’Anderson, Thomas Gilbert ‘Tom’    Nov. 2, 1877 - Aug. 17, 1951.       MO Death Cert.#29235:  Gives date of birth as 2 Nov. 1878. Born in Missouri. Divorced. Occupation: Engineer with Rail Road. Died at Weaver’s Boarding House in Winona. Son of John Anderson & Elizabeth Evans.  Husband of ‘Mammie’ Anderson. Informant Essie Sheraden, Winona. Burial 18 Aug. 1951.  NOTE: His parents are buried at Baptist Hill Cemetery at Winona a/k/a Old Baptist. Essie Sheraden was Essie Birlew, daughter of Tom’s sister Sarah.)


DOUBLE:  Married Sep. 20, 1915.
Armstrong, Elmer    Sep. 25, 1895 - Dec. 27, 1985.      Son of Hoarse and Bertha Armstrong. Born at Barron WI. 
Armstrong, Nina Mae Foust    Feb. 27, 1899 - Jul. 6, 1984.

Armstrong, Gladys Jean     Oct. 11, 1936 - Nov. 21, 2011.    

Armstrong, Liza      Oct. 20, 1882 - Aug. 4, 1953.

Armstrong, Many L.    Mar. 23, 1910 – Oct. 5, 1912.       Daughter of Samuel William Armstrong & Mary Etta Stubblefield.

Armstrong, Mary Etta Stubblefield    Mar. 3, 1886 – Feb. 1, 1913.      Wife of Samuel William Armstrong (Shannon Co MO).  Born at Crawford Co MO. Daughter of W. M. Stubblefield. Died at Winona. Informant Sam Armstrong. Burial Feb. 3, 1913.  MO Death Cert.#7762.

Armstrong, Mary L.    Jan. 14, 1912 - Jan. 9, 1913.      Daughter of Samuel W. Armstrong & Mary Etta Stubblefield. MO Death Cert.#3801 has no name on it but the name Mary Elisabeth Armstrong is on the listing.  Date of birth on d.c. is Mar. 26, 1912. Informant Samuel W. Armstrong, Winona. Burial Jun. 11, 1913.

DOUBLE:  Married Aug. 6, 1955.
Atkins, Bobby Ray 'Bob'     Jan. 8, 1934 – Living.      Son of Harley Atkins & Thelma DeWeese. Married 2nd Carol Simpson Roberts.
Atkins, Donna Sue Phelps     Dec. 24, 1937 – Feb. 19, 1995.      Daughter of Goldman Phelps & Gladys Grandstaff.

Atkins, Carman Gail    Apr. 20, 1984 - Aug. 18, 2001.      Daughter of Ronnie Atkins and Lori Noma Harner. Grandchild of Bobby Ray Atkins & the late Donna Phelps.



Atkins, Chester Franklin 'Chet'    1903 – 1959.      Son of William H. Atkins and Cynthia Jane Larue. 

Atkins, Ethel L. Strain    1903 – 1982.      She was also married to Cecil Anderson Jones.


Atkins, Claude Bedford ‘Buck’     Oct. 24, 1915 - Jan. 13, 1995.      ‘SGT US Army WWII’.       Son of William A. Atkins and Cynthia Jane LaRue.  Married previously to Velma Mae Sanders (daughter of Isaac Sanders & Mary Dawson; buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Birch Tree); she was the mother of Norman K.  Atkins (m. Evelyn McAfee); Mary Lou Atkins (m. a Cooley); Brenda Atkins. (She married 2nd Fred Cooper and had son Edward Leon Cooper.) 
Atkins, Gladys Irene Goforth      Nov. 20, 1916 - Sep. 13, 2001.      Daughter of Bill Goforth and Cynthia Flourinda Herron. Married 1st Raymond Skaggs. Children of Gladys & Raymond Skaggs: Sharren Kay (died in infancy); Barbara (m. Paul Hicks, m. George Stearns); Patsy (m. Don Sigler) & Wanda (m. Edmond Wakefield). Children of Buck & Gladys: Beverly Atkins Skaggs (m. Gary Hollis).


DOUBLE: Married 30 May 1897 Shannon Co MO.
Atkins, Cynthia Jane LaRue    Jul. 20, 1876 - Jan. 20, 1960.      Daughter of James Michael 'Uncle Jim' LaRue & Susan Emmaline Carter. Twin sister to Miranda 'Randy' LaRue, who married John Henley Atkins.
Atkins, William H.     Mar. 9, 1874 - May 10, 1932.      Son of Anderson Taylor Atkins & Adeline (Malissa/Narcissa) Bandy. MO Death Cert.#18396:  Gives date of birth as Mar. 9, 1897, born Howell Co MO, both parents born in NC, names not known to informant Preston Voyles. Date of birth on tombstone is Mar. 9, 1874, which is more likely, since his wife was born in 1876. Burial May. 11, 1932.  (Some sources have William as William A. & William B. ‘Bill’ Atkins). NOTE: Death certificates lists William A., which is incorrect.


Atkins, Grace Azlean     Aug. 27, 1916 - Oct. 18, 1918.      Daughter of Benjamin B. Atkins & Frances Whitworth. Granddaughter of Anderson Taylor Atkins & Adeline Bandy.


DOUBLE: Married Mar. 31, 1918.
Atkins, Harley Otis      Dec. 19, 1897 - Aug. 11, 1992.      Son of John Henley Atkins & Miranda Ellen LaRue. Harley operated the old drive-in theatre at Winona for many years. 
Atkins, Thelma Gertrude DeWeese      Feb. 4, 1900 - May 8, 1993.      Daughter of Henry DeWeese and Alice Dorenda  Hudson. 


Atkins, Joe E.  No dates.   'Father'.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 10 Jan 1897.
Atkins, John Henley     Jun. 24, 1875 - Jul. 13, 1962.      Son of Anderson Taylor Atkins & Adeline Bandy.
Atkins, Miranda Ellen ‘Randy’ LaRue    Jul. 20, 1879 – Feb. 22, 1964.  Daughter of James Larue & Susan Emaline Carter. Parents of Ethel 'Inez' (m. Cecil Fagg), Harley Otis (m. Thelma DeWeese), Bertha Mae (m. Firdie 'Clyde' Snelson, m. William Albert 'Bill' Sherrick), Chloe (m. George W. Gore, m. Unknown Doman), Joseph Herman 'Joe' (m. Fern Strain, m. Mary Vytrolith 'Trola' Nash), Macie Freida (m. Vane Vester Voyles) and one child who died in infancy. 


Atkins, Joseph Alonzo.     Dec. 5, 1865 - Jan. 20, 1921.     Son of Anderson 'Taylor' Atkins (SC) and Adeline Bandy (SC). Born in Tennessee; died at Winona. MO Death Cert.#2978-b: Husband of Lu. Burial Jan. 24, 1921.  NOTE: Name of Malissa Bandy is also shown in some sources as Sarah Narcissa Bandy. Per Norma Stevenson: Joseph Alonzo Adkins (Atkins). His mother's name was Adeline Bandy. The first name I found for her was "Narcissa" but was never confirmed. On Joseph A.'s DC it listed her as Adeline Bandy. Not sure of 1st name, either "Narcissa" or "Malissa", but she went by Adeline in the census I've found her in. Her mother's name was "Sarah". A. T. and Adeline are both buried at the Wilderness Cemetery.


DOUBLE: Married Oct. 3, 1955.
Atkins, Norman K.     Dec. 3, 1937 - Nov. 16, 1983.     Son of Claude ‘Buck’ Atkins & Velma Mae Sanders.
Atkins, Evelyn Deloris McAfee    Jul. 22, 1939 – Living.     Daughter of James Lincoln 'Link' McAfee & Myrtle Bowen.  


DOUBLE: Married December 20, 1930.
Atkins, Ora Evelyn Huddleston      Mar. 25, 1916 – Mar. 17, 2008.      Daughter of Harry A. Huddleston (buried at Munsell) & Anna E. Martin (buried at Pine Lawn).
Atkins, Marshall ‘Mock’      Dec. 6, 1906 - Aug. 15, 1982.     Son of William A. Atkins and Cynthia Jane LaRue. Parents of Gearleen (m. Sherman Dailey, m. Ray Schuenemier, m. Don Callahan, m. Joseph B. Bruce) & Gary (m. Brenda Ferguson).


Atkins, Shannon Lee     Feb. 23, 1923 Jul. 26, 1924.  Son of Harley Otis Atkins & Thelma DeWeese.

Atkins, W. M.     Dates illegible.


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