Summersville, Shannon Co MO


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Information source Phyllis Rhodes at FAG


Created Feb. 9, 2012



Helm, Tilman Gardner    Feb. 13, 1829 - Dec. 7, 1914    Son of Frederick Helm & Martha Jane Lee Helm. Born in

Wolf River, Fentress Co TN; died at West Eminence.  He was the grandson of George Helm and Marie. Tilman was

the father of 5 children: David S.; Mary Elvira, Melissa Ellen, Martha Victoria  and Adam G. Helm.  Tillman had been a teacher, preacher, and surveyor during his lifetime. He had made a fiddle, which he played for many years. .  Info provided to Rhodes family by Art B., a Helm family researcher. 

Find A Grave Memorial# 75776288    MO Death Cert.#7071



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