Shannon County Missouri Cemeteries

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The following is a listing of the cemeteries known to exist in Shannon and neighboring counties. A listing of cemeteries was obtained from the US Dept. of the Interior's USGS online tool GNIS . Click HERE to see the listing. Information is also obtained from contributing individuals, death certificates, obituaries and genealogy databases.

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Akers Cemetery      Akers Ferry near the Current River

Alley Spring Cemetery

Baker Cemetery

Baptist Hill Cemetery     a/k/a Old Baptist Cemetery, Winona

Barnes Chapel Cemetery     Located on the original farm of William Jones Barnes.
South of Birch Tree near Oregon County

Barnes Cemetery     a/k/a Martin Barnes Cemetery - Located on the original farm of Martin Alexander Barnes.

Barnett Cemetery     Summersville

Barnett Cemetery     Indian Creek, Shannon County

Barnhart Cemetery     see Indian Creek Burial Ground

Bay Cemetery     Logger's Lake, Timber

Beal Cemetery     See Collins Cemetery

Bee Bluff Cemetery    a/k/a Bunch Family Graveyard #2

Bell Cemetery     See Oakside Cemetery

Berea Mennonite Cemetery     Birch Tree

Bethany Chapel Cemetery     a/k/a Bethel Cemetery, Shawnee

Bethel Cemetery     Shawnee - See Bethany Chapel Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery    Birch Tree

Big Creek Cemetery     Summersville

Birch Tree Cemetery 

Black Hill Cemetery     See Burnett Cemetery

Black Pond Cemetery     Alley

Blairs Creek Cemetery     a/k/a Knuckles Cemetery (not to be confused with Knuckles in Reynolds County)

Blake Cemetery     See Delmar Cemetery

Bland Family Cemetery     Rocky - Current River

Bowers Cemetery

Bowlan - Paint Rock Graveyard     aka Bowen Cemetery

Brown - DePriest Cemetery     Montier

Brown Family Burial Ground   

Budd Wood     a/k/a John Franklin 'Bud' Wood Cemetery

Bunch Cemetery #1     David Bunch, Sr. Cemetery

Bunch Cemetery #2     Private plot on land once belonging to Andrew 'Drury' Bunch; near Eminence. 

Bunch Cemetery #3     Rat Community, P Hwy

Burnett Cemetery     Rat Community
Campbell Cemetery    Deslet

Carpenter Cemetery      a/k/a Union Hill Cemetery

Carr's Creek Cemetery     a/k/a Massie - Neeley Cemetery     Exchange

Carver Cemetery      a/k/a Short Cemetery

Chapel Hill Cemetery

Chilton Cemetery     Eminence

Chrisco Cemetery     Round Spring

Clark Cemetery     Midridge

Clark-Whitworth Cemetery     Low Wassie

Collins Cemetery    

Conway Cemetery     Rat - a/k/a Swiney Cemetery

Cooper Cemetery     Winona

Corinth Cemetery     Birch Tree

County Farm Cemetery      Shannon Co MO (Might also be same as Munsell Cemetery)
Cox Cemetery     Looking for any information on the cemetery. Believed to be on Current River, just below Pulltite Spring.

Culpepper Cemetery     Alley - a/k/a Morton Cemetery
Delaware Cemetery     a/k/a New Harmony Cemetery; Delaware

Delmar Cemetery     a/k/a Blake Cemetery; a/k/a Medley Cemetery; a/k/a Thompson Cemetery- near Logger's Lake, Sinkin' Creek - 6 miles from Bunker.

DePriest Cemetery     a/k/a Brown-DePriest Cemetery

Deslet - Buckeye - Rocky Creek    

NOTE: Community of Deslet and post office was located on the Larry and Sherri Smith Farm (aka the Homeport Inn) at the intersection of Highway HH and MDC road 25.  The Phillips Cemetery is located on this farm. The Rumberg Cemetery is located along highway 106.  Albert Phillips (the one and only post master for Deslet) is buried in the Rumberg Cemetery.  He owned the farm of the Homeport Inn, yet no Phillips' are buried in the cemetery on this farm. -Randy Long, Banker Cave,

Dillard Cemetery     Midridge

Dowler Cemetery     See Old Baptist Cemetery @ Birch Tree

Duett Cemetery     Summersville

Duncan Cemetery     a/k/a Dunkard Cemetery, a/k/a Marconette Cemetery – Montier

Dyer Family Cemetery     Jam Up Cave

Fancher Family Cemetery      Deslet Bowlan Twp Shannon Co  MO

Flat Rock Cemetery     Eminence

Flatwoods Cemetery     Eminence

Frost Family Cemetery Winona, between Old Hwy 60 and New Hwy 60 on Frost family property. One grave; Infant Hunter Frost. Unmarked. 

Gladden Valley Cemetery     a/k/a Rector Cemetery

Grassy Hollow Cemetery     a/k/a Staples Cemetery

Grassy Creek Cemetery     See Lower Grassy Cemetery 

Hall Cemetery

Harlow Cemetery      Eminence or Summersville?  DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THIS CEMETERY IS?

Harris Cemetery      See Pickett Cemetery

Haverstick Cemetery     See Short Cemetery

Heaton Cemetery     The Sinks

Helm Family Cemetery      Summersville, Shannon Co MO

Horner Cemetery     Rocky
Indian Creek Burial Ground     a/k/a Barnhart Cemetery; Indian Creek, Barnhart Farm, Shannon County
Jacob Boston Williams Family Cemetery      See Williams Cemetery, Winona

James Snider Family Cemetery     Low Wassie

John Franklin 'Bud' Wood Cemetery      a/k/a Uncle Bud Cemetery - Current River. Looking for any information about this cemetery.

Jonathan L. Lindsey Cemetery      See Lindsey Cemetery

Jones Cemetery 

Knuckles Cemetery     a/k/a Blair's Creek Cemetery 

Lake Creek Cemetery     Bartlett

Lindsey Cemetery     a/k/a Jonathan L. Lindsey Cemetery; Winona

Locke Cemetery      See Pickett Cemetery

Lone Pine - Piatt Cemetery     Round Spring

Lower Grassy Cemetery      a/k/a Grassy Creek Cemetery

Luther Williams Cemetery     See Williams Cemetery, Round Spring 

Mahan Burial Ground      Near West Eminence

Marconette Cemetery      See Dunkard Cemetery

Mays Family Cemetery     Winona

Massie - Neeley Cemetery     Exchange    a/k/a Carr's Creek Cemetery at Exchange

McBride Cemetery      See Oakside Cemetery

Meade Cemetery      See Heaton Cemetery

Medley Cemetery      See Delmar Cemetery

Medlock Graveyard     On Ira Chrisco farm near Rector

Montier Cemetery     Montier

Mooney Cemetery  Morton Cemetery      a/k/a Culpepper Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery     Winona   

Munsell Chapel Cemetery (might also be the old County Farm Cemetery as some old death certificates indicate this)
Neeley Cemetery
New Eminence Cemetery

New Harmony      See Delaware Cemetery

New Salem Cemetery     Montier   

Noah Cemetery     Eminence
Oak Forest Cemetery     Birch Tree

Oak Grove Cemetery     Birch Tree

Oak Side Cemetery      a/k/a Bell Cemetery; a/k/a Smith Cemetery; a/k/a McBride Cemetery - Summersville

Old Baptist Cemetery      Birch Tree - a/k/a Dowler Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery     Winona - See Baptist Hill Cemetery

Old Eminence Cemetery

Old Gladden Valley Baptist Churchyard     aka Medlock Cemetery

Orchard/McHenry Family Plot    Only two known burials here.
Paint Rock Cemetery       See Bowlan Cemetery


Phillips Cemetery     Eminence

Pickett Cemetery     a/k/a Locke Cemetery; a/k/a Price Cemetery; a/k/a Harris Cemetery - Summersville

Pilgrim Rest Cemetery     Teresita  (Findagrave link)

Pilgrims Rest Cemetery     Shannondale, northern Shannon County

Pine Lawn Cemetery     Winona

Pleasant Grove Cemetery     Teresita (external link to

Plunk Cemetery     Winona  (looking for information about this cemetery, and it's location)

Pogue Cemetery     Eminence

Pogue Cemetery        See Albert Chitwood Cemetery, Ellington, Reynolds County

Powell Cemetery     Eminence

Price Cemetery      See Pickett Cemetery
Rader Cemetery     Delaware

Randolph Cemetery

Rector Cemetery     Cedar Grove, northern Shannon County

Reed Cemetery     Rocky

Richardson Cemetery     Eminence

Ross Cemetery     Near Peck Ranch, Shannon Co MO     

Rumburg Cemetery       Exchange
Sadler Family Burial Ground     Sadler Field, between Winona and Eminence.

Shannondale     See Pilgrim's Rest

Shipton Family Cemetery     Winona Shannon County

Short Cemetery     Gladden, near Dent County

Smith Cemetery      See Oakside Cemetery, Summersville

Snider Cemetery      Low Wassie Shannon Co MO

Spring Hollow Cemetery     Current River

Spurgeon Cemetery     Eminence

Staples Cemetery     See Grassy Hollow Cemetery

Street Cemetery    Summersville

Summers Cemetery    

Round Spring Summers Cemetery     Gladden, see Medlock, aka Old Gladden Valley Baptist Churchyard

Summersville City Cemetery     Summersville

Swiney Cemetery      aka Conway Cemetery

Teresita Cemetery      See Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Thomas Family Graveyard      Thomas farm, Shannon County

Thompson Cemetery     a/k/a Delmar-Medley-Blake Cemetery

Tripp Cemetery     Eminence

Turkey Oak Cemetery     Jam Up Cave

Turner-Shannondale Cemetery     Shannondale, northern Shannon County  

Union Hill Cemetery     a/k/a Carpenter Cemetery, Round Spring  

Valley Center Cemetery     Hartshorn

Vance Cemetery     See Short Cemetery.  

Warm Corners Cemetery     Birch Tree

Watson Family Cemetery

Weese Cemetery     Round Spring 

Welch Cemetery    Summersville, Shannon County

Williams Cemetery     On Jacob Boston Williams Homestead (near Winona)

Williams Cemetery     Sycamore - Low Wassie (near Winona)

Williams (Luther) - Conway Cemetery     Round Spring

Wood Cemetery     John Franklin Wood Cemetery, Eminence Shannon Co MO

Wood Cemetery     Located behind the Flatwoods Cemetery on the Emott Wood property. 

Woolf Cemetery     Midridge  

Younger Cemetery      Alley Spring





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