Also known as Moss Cemetery, Boland Cemetery, Paint Rock Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery.

 Deslet Shannon  Co MO

CR 626 Reynolds/Shannon County Line



Take highway 106 to highway HH.  Take a left on HH and go approximately 3.1 miles to the Current River Conservation sign on the left at the top of a steep hill. Take this left at the sign onto Trail 15 for approximatley 2.4 miles. Arrive at Trail 16 on the right. Turn right and travel approximately 2 miles to a "T" in the road. This road is Paint Rock Road or at some point, County Road 626. (There are no road signs at this point to indicate) Take a left at this "T" and travel approximately 4/10th mile to a road on the right that goes uphill and forks. If the blue "Cemetery" sign is still there, it will be on the left fork. Follow this road approximately 1/10th mile to the fenced in cemetery.
A car should be able to travel this. If it has been raining alot, some of the creeks will be running, so take this into consideration before heading out. Most of it is NOT mowed. Wear long pants and bring bug spray. You might need something to knock down the weeds if you are looking to take pictures.

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Adair, BetsAnn Elizabeth 'Annie' Hedrick    Oct. 16, 1867 - Nov. 24, 1959.    Daughter of Wesley Hedrick and Margaret Hanger. Memorial

Adair, John Wesley    Dec. 9, 1897 - Aug. 1, 1936.    Son of Henry Adair of Arkansas and Betsy Ann Hedrick of Missouri. Husband of Leona. He was a tie maker. Died in an accident. Apparently he was riding on a log truck when the truck went off the road and the logs crushed him. Memorial has different date of birth.

Adier, John Henry, Jr.    Nov. 25, 1862 - May 16, 1940.    Son of John Henry Adier, Sr., of Arkansas and Caroline Dawson of Missouri. Husband of Anna. Died of interstitial nephritis and hypertension.  Memorial

1910 census Reynolds county
Head: Henry Adier M 47 Arkansas, Wife: Annie Adier F 36 Missouri; Son: John W Adier M 14 Missouri

1930 census Carter county
Head: Henry Adair M 67 Missouri; Wife Annie Adair F 57 Missouri

1940 census Carter county
Head: John H Adair M 77 Arkansas; Wife: Annie L Adair F 73 Missouri

Albert, Infant Son    Apr. 8, 1917 - Apr. 10, 1917.   

Baty,  Elmer Abe     Mar. 17, 1863 - Nov. 17, 1940.     MO Death Cert.#44050: Widower of Addie. Son of Alfred Baty (Iowa) & Sarah Clark (Iowa). Born at Jackson Co IA; died at Eminence. Elmer W. Baty of Van Buren was informant.

Note: Elmer Baty's wife was Syntha Adaline Saig or some variation thereof. Her death certificate states she was born in Nov., 1871, in Iowa, and died Jul. 8, 1921, at Bowlan in Shannon County.  She was the daughter of Zachariah Saig of Kentucky & Elizabeth Hawkins. Elmer was the informant on her death certificate and listed his address as Van Buren. The undertaker was from Ellington.

The 1900 census for Otter Creek, Jackson Co IA, has the following:

Marriage Year: 1888
Years Married: 12 
Household Members:



Elmer Baty


Cyntha Baty


Sarah Baty


Walter Baty


Elmer Baty


Reba Baty


Gladys Baty


In 1920 Cynthia and children are still living at Bowlan.

Household Members:



E L Baty


C A Baty


Elmer W Baty


Alfred Baty


Ara Baty


Virgie Baty


Lilia Barton

4 [5] 

Britt, Rolla    Mar. 4, 1857 - Feb. 18, 1923.    Husband of Julia Britt. Death certificate states he is a son of Rolla Britt and Julia Fissel, but his name is Rolla and his wife is Julia. It is my guess that is incorrect. Died of gastric carcinoma, acute bronchitis. 

Dawson, George Henry   Jan. 19, 1891 - Feb. 4, 1934.    Memorial

Dodson, Dwayne Lee    1953 - 2006.    Son of Raye Catherine Campbell Dodson.

Dodson, Raye Catherine Campbell    May 6, 1926 - Mar. 26, 2000.   

Eaton, Stanley Alfred    Dec. 23, 1928 - Oct. 14, 2008.    Memorial

Ford, Ray Franklin    Nov. 12, 1915 - Jan. 2, 1916.     Grave Photo

Ford, William Oral    Jan. 5, 1911 - Mar. 6, 1931.    Son of Isaac and Mary Ford. Died of mitrol stenosis, contributory epilepsy. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:  (Revised info 2/22/2018 by Kate Huffman)
Hedrick, Margaret Hanger    Mar. 15, 1845 - Nov. 1, 1911.    Daughter of Peter Adam Hanger and Elizabeth Carpenter. Died of broncho pneumonia.   Memorial
Hedrick, Wesley    Died 1891    Memorial

Hedrick, Neoma     Aug. 19, 1898 - Aug. 27, 1911.     Age 13y 8d.     Daughter of Zimriah Hedrick (MO) & Syntha Emeline Lane (Reynolds Co MO). Died at Bowlan Shannon Co MO. Burial Aug. 28, 1911. Informant on d.c. Edward Martin Bowen (Syntha Emeline's 2nd husband).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married ca. 1865.
Morris, Joshua    Born ca. 1810 - 1814, KY; died 1897 Shannon Co MO. Son of Moses Morris & Susanna Unknown. Grandson of Robert Morris of Philadelphia PA. Married 1838 Luvey Hyatt. Children Susan (1852, Mariah (1856) and Martin (1864).
Morris, Martha Lorene (Parcus?)     Daughter of Walking Rain, an Osage Indian Chief. Born ca. 1835 MO. Children Sarah 'Caroline' (1867), Mercy E. (1868), Hettie (1868), Sadie (03 Jun. 1869 - m. James Collier), Sabra (Jun. 1870), Alfred (1872), Julia A. (1876) Ruth (1878) & Sira Morris (Sep 1883, born Ozark MO). All his children born in MO.

A communication was received from Jim Morris regarding the inaccuracy of this listing. Follow this link for more information.

In doing a little further digging, I found some interesting links:

These links regard Walking Rain, Osage Indian Chief:

These links are concerning the Morris family:

Moss, Amelia Elizabeth 'Bessie' Marsden    Mar. 14, 1865 - Apr. 30, 1938.    Memorial 
Moss, Thomas Hennon    1859 - Apr. 27, 1943.    Memorial

Potts, Catherine E. Duer    1860 - 1941. 
Potts, James Jefferson    1858 - 1923. 

Ratliff, Bud    Jan. 28, 1861 - Jun. 5, 1919.    Son of William Ratliff.

Rhodes, John Patrick    1877 - Apr. 21, 1935.    Memorial

Short, Ada Moss    Dec. 28, 1882 - Jan. 11, 1930.    Memorial
Short, John M.    Oct. 15, 1874 - Nov. 11, 1916.    Memorial

Skaggs, Hiram Richard    Jun. 17, 1881 - Oct. 16, 1918.    Son of James Holbert Skaggs & Nancy Caroline Pulliam.
Skaggs, Lula Belle Roderman    Nov. 21, 1889 - Nov. 21, 1930.    Daughter of Frank Roderman. 

Skaggs, William Arland   Sep. 22, 1917 - Oct.t 18, 1918.    Son of Arvle J. (Jessie Arvil/Orville) Skaggs & Lela Beaver Skiles. 

Tinker, Anderson    Oct. 17, 1883 - Feb. 6, 1919.   Born in Ellington; died in Carter County. Son of F M Tinker & Sarah Hanger (or Hauger). Woodcutter. 

Tripp, John Elliot     Dec. 16, 1853 - Apr. 26, 1929.     (aka John Ellis Tripp)    Son of Wyle Tripp and Jane Hart. Died of acute myocarditis, contributory severe cold. Death certificate states birthday is 16 Nov 1856, then a supplementary DC changes that to 16 Nov 1852.    Photo     Descendancy Report
Tripp, Ruth Sullivan Williams    Apr. 15, 1867 - Nov. 18, 1940.   (2nd wife)  She was the daughter of Henry Sullivan and Rachel Smedly of Ohio. She was divorced from Charles Williams. She died of apoplexy. Informant was Thomas Wilson Tripp of Ruble, Missouri.  Photos

Tinker, Anderson   Oct. 17, 1883 - Feb. 6, 1919.    Son of F. M. Tinker & Sarah Hauger.

Tripp, John Ellis     Dec. 16, 1853 - Apr. 26, 1929.    Memorial
Tripp, Ruth Sullivan   Apr. 15, 1867 - Nov. 18, 1940.    Daughter of Henry Sullivan & Rachel Smedley. Married 1st John Ellis Tripp; 2nd Charles Williams (div.)

Tripp, Mary E. Britt     Aug. 4, 1894 - Jul. 10, 1934.    Died from injuries to being struck by an auto. Death certificate states birthday as 12 August 1894. Memorial

Tripp, Pearl Irean   Born & died Oct., 1923.    Daughter of Charles Clarence Tripp & Bessie M. Goforth.

Underwood, Elmer    Aug. 1, 1916 - Apr. 5, 1918.    Son of Everett H. Underwood & Esther E Bunch. Died from measles.

Underwood, Everett H.    Apr. 2, 1890 - Jul. 1, 1919.    Son of William Morgan Underwood and Alice Ferguson. Married Esther E. Bunch. Died from pulmonary tuberculosis.  Memorial

Wakefield, Edna    Died Mar. 20, 1919.    Daughter of Leonard Arthur Wakefield & Stella Moss.

Wakefield, Stella Moss    Died Mar. 20, 1919    Daughter of Thomas Hennon Moss & Amelia Elizabeth Marsden. Married Leonard Arthur Wakefield.

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