Woolf Cemetery

Midridge, Shannon County, MO


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Jordan, Joseph     Only Date Died 1883.

Satterfield, James M.     Abt. 1834 - Jan. 14, 1847.   Son of Edward F. Satterfield & Mary Ellen Bartle.

Street, John Arvil      No dates    Son of Charles & Josie Street, '6 mo. old'.

Street, Raymond      No dates    Son of Charles & Josie Street, '2 1/2 yrs. old'.

Woolf, Abigail      Sep. 15, 1885 - Apr. 9, 1921.      Wife of Robert Woolf.

Woolfe, Andrew Jackson      No Dates.


Woolfe, John Clayton      No Dates.


Woolfe, William Calvin      No dates.


Children of Robert & Abigail Woolf - Surname Woolf is spelled Woolfe for children, not an error.

NOTE:  MO Death Cert.#41265 for Dennis Lee Woolfe (Oct. 30, 1952 - Nov. 23, 1952; born & died at Blairs Creek); son of Robert S. Woolfe, husband of Minnie E. Chitwood. Buried at West Fork Cemetery.

MO Death Cert.#26392 for Robert Woolf, son of George Woolf & Margaret Radford, born Jun. 3, 1885 at Shannon Co MO, died Jul. 6, 1940 at Meremac Twp near Bald Pint Bridge, St Louis Co MO. Wife Millie J. Woolf. Buried Reynolds Co MO.


Found database online had Robert Woolf, son of George Woolf & Margaret Radford, married Abigail Harper. Siblings Bethanie Woolf and John Riley Woolf.





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