Location: West from Winona, MO., City limits on US Hwy 60 2.1 miles, turn left (south) on Shannon Co., road 609, 2.5 miles,

turn left at Williams Cemetery sign, go .04 mile, cemetery is on the left.


Winona, Shannon County, MO


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9618, Longitude: -91.3778


The Williams Cemetery near Winona, Shannon County, was started as a family cemetery on the homestead of Jacob Boston Williams, the patriarch of the family in Missouri. He was the father of Alice, Fannie, Sarah S., Vinton, Jackson, Frank, Cynthia, Dick, Pinkney, James P. C. and Willie Etta Williams.

Most of the people who were buried there were his family or in-laws of his children.  It is likely there are other graves at this cemetery not listed.

'Somewhere along the way, folks have referred to the cemetery as the 'Dick Williams' cemetery.'
According to a direct descendant of this family, that is in error.

Updated Jun. 13, 2010




Barnes, Julia Gosnell     Sep. 27, 1830 - Mar. 13, 1910.    MO Death Cert.#8203: Daughter of John Gosnell (IN). Mother's name indecipherable. Born in Indiana. Informant L. H. Barnes, Winona. Burial date unclear.   

Broadfoot, Elbert Ernest     Aug. 7, 1897 - Apr., 1975.     Son of John Wesley Broadfoot & Cordelia Copeland.
Broadfoot, Myrtle Jewel Matthews     1902 - 1964.     Daughter of Madison Riley Matthews & Nancy Elizabeth Williams.

Broadfoot, Veris W.     Oct. 22, 1929 - Mar. 7, 1998.     (FHM)     Son of Elbert Ernest Broadfoot & Myrtle Jewel Matthews.

Broadfoot, Zelma      1931 - 1955.     Daughter of Elbert Ernest Broadfoot & Myrtle Jewel Matthews.

Bunyard, Beulah      Jan. 26, 1899 - Oct., 1901.     Daughter of James K. Bunyard & Florida McDonald.

Bunyard, Daniel     Mar. 11, 1872 - Apr., 1894.     Son of James K. Bunyard & Florida McDonald.

Chrisco, Chester A.      Born & Died Jul. 29, 1896.     Son of Israel Monroe Chrisco & Fannie Bryson Williams.

Chrisco, Fannie Brazinal Bryson      Jun. 25, 1866 - Jul. 29, 1955.      MO Death Cert.#24959 is in error as it states she was the daughter of Israel Monroe Chrisco & Eliza Jane Henson. According to Israel's death cert. she was his wife. Eliza Henson was probably her mother but don't know the name of her father. She was born Randolph Co AR; died Slater Saline Co MO. Widow. Cause of death Carcinoma of face, left side; Mrs. H. R. Wheeler, Slater MO, informant.
Chrisco, Israel M.      Jun. 28, 1858 - May 31, 1947.      MO Death Cert.#26460 lists only the name 'Grace' for his mother, nothing for his father. Wife is listed as Fannie B. Chrisco. Born in Iron Co MO, died Birch Tree Shannon Co MO of 'full infirmities of age' (88 yrs. 11 mos. 3 days). Informant Mrs. I. M. Chrisco, Birch Tree.

Chrisco, Infant     Only Date b. Jun. 20, 1904.

Chrisco, Lawrence     Only Date b. Dec. 29, 1902.

Chrisco, Myra     Only Date b. Dec. 19, 1890.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 26 Jul 1914 at Shannon Co MO.
Combs, James L.      Dec. 21, 1880 - May 6, 1850.     'Father.'     Son of George Gideon Combs & Missouri Elizabeth Hill.
Combs, Lillie M. Johnston      Apr. 9, 1893 - Nov. 2, 1944.     'Mother.'     Daughter of Hiram G. Johnston & Fannie E. Woolery. MO Death Cert.#33069. Died Kansas City Jackson Co MO.

Comely, Amy Edna      Nov. 11, 1911 - Mar. 4, 2003.    Daughter of Arlie Comely & Esther Mae Burnett.

Comely, Arla 'Arlie'      Dec. 25, 1881 - Feb. 20, 1960.  
Comely, Esther Mae Burnett      Sep. 10, 1885 - Oct. 7, 1953.     Daughter of Ira Burnett. Born Dent Co MO, Died Memorial Hosp., Howell Co MO. MO Death Cert.#35737.

Comely, Infant      No Dates.    First born son of Arlie Comely & Esther Mae Burnett.

Comely, Infant      No Dates.    Second son of Arlie Comely & Esther Mae Burnett.

Comely, Lorene Lee      May 10, 1916 - Apr. 5, 1996.     Daughter of Arlie Comely & Esther Mae Burnett.

Comely, Ray James      Aug. 14, 1918 - Nov. 12, 1992.     Son of Arlie Comely & Esther Mae Burnett.

Hamilton, Lona      Feb. 28, 1880 - Jun. 13, 1898.     Daughter of J. E. & J. A. Hamilton.

Johnston, Catherine Tyler      No Dates.     Found two possible: Catherine, mother of Robert E. Johnston, and Catherine E., daughter of Robert E. May not be either person. No death certificate found.

Johnston, Fannie Elizabeth Woolery      May 25, 1868 - May 12, 1946.     Daughter of John Woolery & Tobitha White. MO Death Cert.#19161. Informant Kathryn Frisby, Kansas City.
Johnston, Hiram Green     Aug. 4, 1851 - Feb. 5, 1927.     Son of John Johnston & Fannie E. Woolery.  Died at Winona MO. MO Death Cert.#6924. Informant J. P. Johnston.

Johnston, Infant      No Dates.     'Stillborn Twin Baby Boy.'

Johnston, Johnny     No Dates.

Johnston, Loren      Mar. 1, 1906 - Jul. 22, 1921.     Son of Hiram Johnston & Fannie Woolery. Born & died Winona Shannon Co MO. Died of acute dysentery secondary to typhoid fever. MO Death Cert.#19606. Informant H. G. Johnston.

Johnston, Marion Andrew -     Died Apr. 1, 1921 - Age 22 years.     Son of Hiram Johnston & Fannie Woolery. Cause of death accidentally killed while hunting. MO Death Cert.#11214. Informant H. G. Johnston.

Matthews, Chelsea     Jun 16, 1924.     Only Date     Hand Carved Stone     Daughter of William David Matthews & Paris Weaver. Premature (7 mos.) MO Death Cert.#19524.

Matthews, Drusilla 'Drewsey' Beck      Feb. 7, 1830 - Nov. 16, 1904.     Hand Carved Stone.     Wife of William Matthews, who was born in Ireland. Mother of Nancy Drusilla Bland (Mrs. James 'Wesley' Bland) and Madison Riley Matthews (who married Nancy Elizabeth Williams).

Matthews, Nancy Elizabeth Williams      Sep. 21, 1869 - Jun. 12, 1932.     Hand Carved Stone.     Daughter of David R. Williams & Mary Barnett. Died of a stroke. MO Death Cert.#21663; informant Will Matthews.
Matthews, Madison Riley      Sep. 16, 1868 - Apr. 6, 1937.     Son of William Matthews & Drusilla Beck.

DOUBLE: Married 22 June 1918
Price, Alfred Otto      Jan. 19, 1895 - Sep. 20, 1990.     Son of George H. Price & Mary Unknown.
Price, Nova Ethel Bird      Jan. 14, 1900 - Oct. 6, 1984.     Daughter of Harless Parmer Bird & Minnie Lee Corbet. Parents of Ray Orbra, Juanita Mae, Olive Ruth, Inez Marie, Otto Dee, William Harless, Ethel Patsy, Lee Rogers, and Richard Donald.

Price, Arnold      Died Mar. 10, 1906.     Infant Son of C. L. 'DeForest' Price & Rose Unknown.

Price, Everett D.      Sep. 4, 1937 - Jun. 17, 1988.

Price, 'Granny'      1850 - 1920.     Inscription: Dates Approx. Midwife from Arkansas. No death certificate found.

Price, Laura      1836 - 1905.     Born in New York.     Mother of Alice Price born 1855. Husband born in Virginia.

Price, Mary 'Jane' Yearwood      1853 - Oct. 26, 1919.      MO Death Cert.#32095 lists birth year as 1849. Census has born Jan 1855.  Born in Georgia; daughter of William Harwood  (NC) (William Riley Yearwood, SC)& Mary Jane Yearwood (GA) (Nancy J. Unknown, TN). Died of dropsy, kidney failure. Informant Samuel D. Price.
Price, William 'Alfred'     1859 - Nov. 4, 1894.       Son o f J. W. Price (b. 1812, MD) & M. M. Unknown (b. 1815, TN)

Price, Ola Mae Bird      Aug. 6, 1906 - Dec. 6, 1994.      Daughter of MacDonald D. Bird & Elizabeth E. Schroeder.
Price, Samuel D.      Dec. 16, 1891 - Dec. 23, 1974.      'PFC U S Army.'      Son of George H. Price & Mary Unknown.

Price, William Harless     Jul. 7, 1931 - Feb. 21, 1932.     Son of Alfred Otto Price & Nova Bird. Died of respiratory failure secondary to bronchial pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#7053; informant Alfred Otto Price, Bartlett MO.

Price, William 'Riley'     Jun. 14, 1881 - Jun. 27, 1959.      Son of William 'Alfred' Price & Mary 'Jane' Yearwood.  Census gives birth May, 1881.

Snelson, Andrew Watta      Jul. 13, 1891 - Sep. 30, 1892.     Son of William Suggett Snelson & Sara Susanah Williams.

Snelson, Carrie E.     Sep. 10, 1890 - Oct. 15, 1968.

Snelson, Doil (or Doyal)     Feb. 14, 1905 - Aug. 12, 1906.      Son of William Suggett Snelson & Sara Susanah Williams.

Snelson, Sara Susanah Williams      Jan. 9, 1869 - 1907 ( or Mar. 11, 1897).     Daughter of Jacob Boston Williams & Eliza Jane Henson.
Snelson, William Suggett      Feb. 7, 1865 - Aug. 10, 1930 Son of Amos Leonard Snelson & Amy Sinclair. Husband of Carrie Snelson. (a 2nd wife?) Died of heat exhaustion. MO Death Cert.#28849. Informant Dopha Snelson, Greenville MO.

Snelson, Stella E. Carver     Jul. 13, 1901 - Dec. 28, 1981.      Daughter of William H. Carver & Adelia Unknown.
Snelson, William Harrison 'Harry'     Jan. 15, 1893 - Nov. 7, 1917.      Son of William Suggett Snelson & Sara Susanah Williams.

Snelson, Willard Dolph      Feb. 27, 1917 - Jul. 10, 1992.      'CM3 U S Navy WWII.'      Son of William Harrison Snelson & Stella E. Carver.

Weaver, Abigail Weaver     Jun. 28, 1854 - May 12, 1923.      MO Death Cert.#17871 gives date of birth as May, 1854. Daughter of Hezekiah Weaver & Mary Catherine Brock. Born in Kentucky. Died of nephritis. Single. Informant Silas Weaver, Winona.

Weaver, Riley Hezekiah     Jun. 8, 1872 - Mar. 16, 1956.      Son of James 'Hezekiah' Balfrier Weaver & Sarah Mary Catherine Brock. Widower of Cynthia Agnes Williams. MO Death Cert.#15239. Informant Fred Weaver.

Williams, Eliza Catherine 'Cassie' Weaver      Sep. 25, 1881 - Aug. 2, 1910.      Daughter of James 'Hezekiah' Balfrier Weaver & Sarah Mary Catherine Brock. Died of typhoid fever. MO Death Cert.#26130; informant Frank Williams.
Williams, Francis Sylvester 'Frank'      Feb. 23, 1875 - Oct. 30, 1952.     Son of Jacob Boston Williams & Eliza Jane Henson.

Williams, Carroll     1873 - Dec. 5, 1951.     Died at Missouri State Hospital in Farmington St Francois Co MO; Parents unknown. Born in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#42702.

Williams, David R.      Oct. 5, 1844 - Feb 5, 1901.     'Age 56 yr 4 mo inscription.' 
Williams, Mary Barnett       Jan 21, 1846 - Dec 14, 1918.     Age 72 yr 10 mo 23 days.     Mrs. D. R. Williams. MO Death Cert.#50756 gives date of birth as Jan. 21, 1854. Daughter of William Barnett & Nancy Gillen. Widow. Born Reynolds Co MO, died Pike Creek Shannon Co MO, of Bright's Disease. William Matthews, informant.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 01 Dec 1864 in Union Co IL.
Williams, Eliza J. Henson      Jan. 9, 1845 - Mar. 11, 1897.     Born in Indiana.
Williams, Jacob Boston      Nov. 16, 1836 - Sep. 25, 1893.     Born Baltimore MD.  Son of William Joseph Williams & Margaret Ann Thomas. He married 1st Virginia Elizabeth Breeden 17 Jan 1861 and had sons John Newell Williams & William Joseph Williams. Children of Jacob with Eliza Henson: Alice G. Chrisco (Mrs. Alfred Chrisco); Fannie Bryson Williams; Sarah Susanah Williams; Vinton Alexis 'Bud' Williams; Jackson Randolph Corey Williams; Francis Sylvester 'Frank' Williams; Cynthia Agnes Weaver (Mrs. Riley Hezekiah Weaver); Richard Oscar 'Dick' Williams; Pinkney Arthur Williams; James Princeton Clyde 'Jimmy' Williams; Willie Etta Williams and foster or adopted son, Ralph Reinsmidt Percell.

Williams, George W.     Jan. 8, 1881 - Apr. 3, 1948.      Age 67 yrs. 2 mos. 25 days.     Son of John Williams & Nancy Tripp. Husband of Nora Williams. Born & died Shannon Co MO. Two MO Death Cert.#25153 & 18417; informant Emmet Williams, St. Louis MO.

Williams, Vinton Alexis     Jul. 16, 1871 - May 27, 1948.     Son of Jacob B. Williams (MD) & Eliza J. Henson (IN). Husband of Code Williams. Oil field worker, born in Arkansas; died Shannon Co MO. Died of a stroke. MO Death Cert.#21881; informant R. O. Williams, Winona.

Willis, Kate     Jan 14, 1942     Only Date     Grave marked by a stick with a board nailed to it. MO Death Cert.#22424 for Catherine Willis, died Jan., 1942 Shannon Co MO.





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