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This cemetery is located in the Sadler Field area, currently a part of the Mark Twain National Forest.

Former home of Sadler family, called Sadler Field.
The tree stump marks the final resting place for Samuel J. Sadler, son of John and Nancy Sadler. The tall tree to the right marks Nancy’s final resting place. Both trees were planted to mark the respective burial spots. Samuel’s grave is marked by the stump. He died in a freak accident at the age of 18. 

Hand-carved tombstone of Nancy Sadler

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Feb. 20, 2015


Thanks to Clara Cromer, great-niece of the Sadler's buried here, for this information.

Sadler, Nancy M.    23 Jun 1838 - 11 Aug 1888    Wife of John Lee Sadler; mother of John Lee, Jr. (1862-1943), Martha M. (1864 - ), Mary Emily (1864 - ), James Wesley, (1868-1956), Samuel J.
(1870-1888), Charles H. (1876 - ) and Thomas Owen Sadler (1877-1951).

Sadler, Samuel J.    20 Apr 1870 - 11 Oct 1888    Son of John Lee Sadler and Nancy M. Hopkins. Died in a freak accident at their home at Sadler Field.



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