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Brown, Jewel Dean    Jun. 30, 1938 - Jul. 5, 1938.  Twin - Robert Lee 'Bob' Brown & Effie Herren. MO Death Cert.#23085: Born Jun. 20, 1938. Died Jun. 21, 1938. Informant Robert Brown, Jacks Fork MO. Burial Jun. 21, 1938.


Brown, Joyce Gay    Sep. 8, 1940 - Mar. 21, 1941.   Daughter of Robert Lee 'Bob' Brown & Effie Herren. MO Death Cert.#16032: Born Oct. 8, 1940. Informant George Brown, Eminence. Burial Mar. 22, 1941.


Brown, Noel Gene    Jun. 30, 1938 - Jul. 5, 1938. Twin - Robert Lee 'Bob' Brown & Effie Herren. MO Death Cert.#23084: Born Jun. 20, 1938. Died Jun. 21, 1938. Informant Robert Brown, Jacks Fork MO. Burial Jun. 21, 1938.


Dix, Arthur Bryan    Jun. 19, 1906 - Sep. 18, 1939.     Son of Percy 'Roy' Dix & Ella Orchard. Born Pryor Creek OK, Indian Territory (now Tishomingo) OK. Married Jewel Powell 24 May 1931 Shannon Co MO. Father of David Arthur Dix. MO Death Cert.#33663: Informant Ella Hackett, New Madrid MO. Burial Sep. 20, 1939.


Martin, Charles Marion    1873 - 1936.     Son of David Henry Martin & Sarah Jane Adams. Married Martha Jane Conway 18 Sep 1893 Shannon Co MO. Father of Delpha, Henry R. (m. Mary Brawley), Thomas David, James Freeman 'Arnie', Stella Jane & Elvie Martin.


Martin, Ola     Died Aug. 2, 1939.    MO Death Cert.#30356: Wife of 'Rat' (?) Martin. Died at Eminence. No informant; no info. Burial Aug. 2, 1939.


Martin, Shirley Dean    1941 - 1944. (This may be the daughter of Marion Isaac Martin & Dona Mae Thomas).


McMillan, Enna    1850 - 1939.


McMillian, Viola 'Ollie'    1889 - 1925.


Powell, Amanda E. McCoy    Jan. 10, 1855 - Feb. 19, 1935.     Born Indiana, died Shannon Co MO. Daughter of William McCoy (IN) & Mary Raines (IN).
Powell, William Henry    Jan. 25, 1847 - Oct. 18, 1919.     Son of Robert Coleman Powell & Julianna A. Rhodis Moore. Parents of Alice E. (m. Thomas C. Dye); Julia M. (m. James H. Woodward); Marion A.; Mary Estelle (m. David Lee Bales); Elbert L. (m. Annie E. Lynch); William Robert (m. Edith Victoria Corder); Ferdie J. 'Tad'; Arthur Elmer (m. Effie May Thompson); Alonzo M.; Lee E. (m. Rebecca Ann Lynch); Mabel M. (m. Harry W. Sweet, Sr.); Wave D. (m. Marie L. 'Mary' Smith) & Daisy Powell.


Powell, Arthur Elmer    Dec. 25, 1884 - Mar. 14, 1929.     Son of William Henry Powell (IA) & Amanda E. McCoy (IN). Married Effie May Thompson 16 Jan 1906 Shannon Co MO. Father of Ferdie (m. Unknown Deatherage); Reva A. (m. C. A. Hassell); Flynn Arthur (m. Nova Isabelle McAfee); Pauline L. (m. Guy O. Dix); Wayland Lee (m. Alta Lee McCabe); Mildered Fern (m. Arnold 'Jink' Smith) & Johnnie Dale Powell (m. Mamie Lorene Street). MO Death Cert.#13506: Informant Clarence Hassel. Burial Mar. 15, 1929.


Powell, William George 'Billy'      Nov. 20, 1903 - Feb. 25, 1928.      Son of William Robert Powell & Edith Victoria Corder. Married Mattie A. Williams 09 Feb 1923 at Eminence Shannon Co MO. Father of Ernestine (m. Gilbert Lee); Daniel Lee (m. Delores Mae Russell) & Mildred Kathleen Powell (m. George Churcovich). MO Death Cert.#4752_b: Died Feb. 26, 1928. Born near Eminence; died at Mountain View Howell Co MO. Informant R. E. Hogan, West Plains. Burial Feb. 27, 1928.


Thomas, Opal    1931 - 1932.

Williams, Earnest 'Cotton'      1913 - 1941.

Williams, Glenna Pauline    Feb., 1930 - Sep. 21, 1930. MO Death Cert.#31853:  Age 7 months. Daughter of Robert Lee Williams & Cammie Jackson. Burial Sep. 22, 1930.


Williams, Wendel Dean    Oct. 6, 1936 - May 9, 1938. MO Death Cert.#19934: Son of Thela Williams. Drowned in Current River, accident. Informant Otho Williams. Burial May 12, 1938.




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