Pine Lawn Cemetery


Winona Shannon Co MO


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.0078, Longitude: -91.3181

Located just off Highway H inside Winona City Limits. From Highway 19 North turn East on Highway H across from the Casey’s General Store; just after you crest the hill, a well-maintained dirt road leads off to the right it is the second ‘street’ on the right – not counting driveways to a couple of houses....follow the road down and around to the right; a gate into the cemetery is on the right. It’s about mile from where you turn off onto H.


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DOUBLE: Married Dec. 22, 1950 Pocahontas AR.
Acord, Burgess Franklin 'Bud'     May 16, 1924 - Nov. 4, 2002.  Son of Robert Acord & Dora Ellen McClard. Born at Bloomfield MO; died St Louis MO. 
Acord, Della G. Leslie     Feb.  23, 1932 - Living. Daughter of Julius 'Jude' Leslie & Sophia Ellen 'Sophie' Weaver. Adoptive parents of Timothy Paul 'Tim' Acord (m. Brenda Simpson) & Ella 'Alice' (m. Roger Woods).
Albert, Urel Junior      May 28, 1928 - Apr. 29, 1992. Son of Richard Zimriah 'Zim' Albert & Bessie Lona Hurst. Born at New Liberty, died at Mountain View. Obituary
Albert, Vesta A. Weaver      Feb.  3, 1930 - Dec. 1, 1997. Daughter of Oscar Edman 'Ott' Weaver & Mary Drucilla Matthews; Parents of Richard Edmon (m. Debbie Crass, m. Bertha Scaggs), Linda Denise (m. Michael L. 'Mike' Burrell), Deborah Lynn 'Debbie' (m. John Counts) & John David Albert (m. Sandra 'Sandy' Sallee).  Obituary
No Photo DOUBLE: Married 05 Jun 1907. 
Alcorn, James Harmon     Jul. 31, 1862 - Mar. 5, 1934. Son of Harmon Alcorn & Maggie Payne (or Smith).

Alcorn, Sarah Jane Bland     May 8, 1874 - Dec. 29, 1946. Daughter of James 'Wesley' Bland & Laura H. Dilts. Children of James & Sarah were Roy and Walter Alcorn. She married 1st Isaac 'Sherman' Norris 14 Nov 1894; son Otis Norris (m. Stella Voyles, m. Fannie Elizabeth Jordan, m. Azalee Bland). Married Roy A. Adams; sons Lloyd & Verne Adams.
Allen, Irvin C.     Oct. 16, 1867- Jan. 2, 1940.     Son of Samuel A. Allen & Sarah J. Barnes. Husband of Carrie M. Allen. MO Death Cert.#3986: Born in Iowa; died at Winona. Burial Jan. 4, 1940. Father of Thomas 'Tom' Allen (m. Mary Lee Elizabeth Van Winkle).
Allmon, William, Jr.  'Billey'      May 20, 1929 - Nov. 29, 1929.  Alternate source has date of death 15 Dec 1929. Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.
Allmon, Golda Pearl 'Goldie'     Mar. 12, 1908 - Apr. 15, 1923. Daughter of Thomas Hayden 'Bill' Allmon & Millie Gott.
DOUBLE: Married May 9, 1953 Salem Fulton Co AR.
Allmon, Jackie Lee     Sep. 6, 1930 - Living. Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins. 

Allmon, Martha Marie Greene     Feb.  22, 1929 - Dec. 3, 2002. Parents of Randy Duree, Theresa Lee, Sandra Renee' and Jackie Michelle Allmon.
Allmon, Jerry Dean     Oct. 8, 1937 - Aug. 29, 2004. FHM.  Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.
Allmon, Kenneth Eddie ‘Kenny’     Aug. 9, 1945 - Feb.  28, 1965. Son of William Marion 'Will' Allmon & Mattie Mae Atkins.
Allmon, Martha Harriet Sisco     Apr. 12, 1870 - Oct. 16, 1934.  Daughter of James Sisco (TN) & Queen Vashti Hathcock
(Nashville Davidson Co TN). Born New Liberty Oregon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 38215 spells surname ‘Allman’. Informant Mary Saad, Winona. Burial Oct. 21, 1934.
Allmon, Thomas Hayden     Oct. 19, 1854 - Oct. 19, 1932.  Son of James T. Allmon & Mary Ann Bockman.
MO Death Cert.# 34450: Merchant. Born Smith Co TN. Informant George Sharp, Winona MO. Burial Oct. 20, 1932. He was married to Millie Gott. His children with Millie were Eva Ellen (Mrs. Alfred Mattison); Nora (Mrs. Robert Capps); Delia Allmon and William Marion Allmon. Children with Martha Sisco were Rose (Mrs. James Harold Bruce); Connie (Mrs. ___ O'Dell); Cora L. Allmon; Golda Pearl Allmon; Mary (Mrs. George Saad) and Robert L. Allmon. The name was sometimes spelled Allman. 
Allmon, Velma D. Weaver     Aug. 18, 1926 - Dec. 4, 1997.  Daughter of Oscar Edman 'Ott' Weaver & Mary Drucilla Matthews; Married Ray N. Allmon; Mother of Mary Adele (m. Harold Thomas Lincoln) & Alice Rae (m. Robert Buell).  Obituary
Allmon, William 'Will'     Apr. 24, 1889 - May 11, 1945. Son of Thomas Hayden 'Bill' Allmon & Millie Gott. Married Lucinda Caroline Albert 15 Jun 1902; daughter Vesta Marie (m. Ray Laber). Married Mattie Mae Atkins ca. 1928; children William M. 'Billy' Allmon, Jr.; Jackie Lee Allmon; Shirley Mae (Mrs. Everett Lloyd Crawford, Jr.); Jerry Dean Allmon and Kenneth Eddie Allmon. (tombstone has birth year 1889).
See Bockman, Walter Melvin 'Mutt' Amour, Margaret Mae Gardner Bockman     May 9, 1916 - Dec. 26, 1990. Daughter of Silas Campbell & Rosa Belle Rich Gardner; Married first Melvin ‘Mutt’ Bockman; married 2nd Mr. Amour.
Arbogast, Elsie Belle     Jun. 27, 1884 - Oct. 15, 1900. 'Daughter of R. W. & S. E. Arbogast.'
Arbogast, Riley Wilson     Jan. 10, 1853 - Aug. 18, 1930. Son of Jesse Arbogast (IN) & Mary Allie (IN). MO Death Cert.#26419: Occupation: Stockman. Informant Mrs. J. H. Davis, Winona. Died of prostate cancer. Burial Aug. 20, 1930.
Arbogast, Sarah Elizabeth Foster     Jun. 11, 1857 - Oct. 1, 1928. Daughter of George Foster (TN).
MO Death Cert.#35757: Gives year of birth 1858. Informant Mrs. V. L. Matherly did not know her mother's name. Cause of death was asthma. Burial Oct. 2, 1928.
Argo, Eugene      Apr. 14, 1850 - Nov. 4, 1929.  Born in Macon
GA, son of Louis David Argo (Macon GA) & Mary Comer (Macon GA). MO Death Cert.#39373: Informant Mrs. R. Marshall, Winona. Burial Nov. 6, 1929. 
Argo, Grace Sarah Swingley
    Jun. 1, 1848 - Apr. 17, 1951. FHM. Daughter of John W. Swingley & Katherine Feiry. MO Death Cert.#12405:  Born Illinois, died Willow Springs Howell Co MO. Informant Etta Belle Underwood, Willow Springs. Burial Apr. 21, 1951.
Arnold, John Alexander     Sep. 23, 1873 - Jan. 24, 1947. Son of Thomas Arnold (TN) & Frances Young. MO Death Cert.#5914: Born at Anutt Dent Co MO; died at Farmington St Francois Co MO at the State Hospital. Informant: Hospital records. Burial Jan. 26th.
Arnold, Margaret D. Clark     1875 - 1961.
Baker, Mrs. Mary Ann     Died Mar. 22, 1899.
Ballance, Amos Eugene     Jun. 1, 1948 - Dec. 19, 1948. Son of Hubert Eugene Ballance & Mary Elizabeth Holloway. 
Ballance, Francis Doyle     Oct. 24, 1935 - Oct. 19, 1957. Son of William 'Austin' Ballance & Janie 'Irene' Keller. He was killed in a car accident on highway 60 between Winona & Birch Tree. 'Missouri A1C 2028 AACA SQ AF.'
DOUBLE: Married Aug 14, 1948.
Ballance, Hubert Eugene     Dec. 21, 1927 - Mar. 1, 2004. 'PFC US Army World War II.' 
Ballance, Mary Elizabeth Holloway     May 26, 1933 - Living.
Ballance, Raymond L.     Oct. 1, 1926 - Jan., 1980. Son of William 'Austin' Ballance & Janie 'Irene' Keller.
No Photo Ballance, Scotty Eugene      Jun. 26, 1994 - Apr. 18, 2007. Son of Cindy A. Ballance and Randal L. Doherty. Born at Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co AR, died at Fordyce, Dallas Co AR. Great grandson of  Hubert Ballance and James David Bland & Sophronia L. White.
DOUBLE: Married 12 Aug 1914.
Ballance, William Austin     Apr. 26, 1892 - Sep., 1973.  Born Maries Co MO.
Ballance, Janie Irene Keller     Sep. 17, 1899 - Mar. 23, 1990.  Born Comely Co
KS.  Obituary
Ballance, William Franklin 'Frank'     Apr. 30, 1918 - Aug. 10, 1935. Son of William 'Austin' Ballance & Janie 'Irene' Keller. 'Killed when run over by a road wagon.' MO Death Cert.#28420-1.
Ballew, Vernon O.     1891 - 1937. Son of William A. Ballew & Matilda Melvina Tippy.
Ballew, William A.     1864 - 1939.
Ballew, Matilda 'Melvina' Tippy    
Nov. 1, 1861 - Feb.  5, 1933.  Daughter of I. N. Tippy. MO Death Cert.#8181: Born in Illinois. Informant V. O. Ballew, Winona. Burial Feb.  6 or 7 (hard to read).
 No Marker. Married 27 Oct 1895.
Barkley, John T.     Feb.  10, 1865 - Nov. 3, 1900. Son of William M. 'Bill' Barkley (Hardeman Co TN) & Hannah Minerva Martin (Wayne Co TN).
Barkley, Nora Eleanor Harder
     Oct. 27, 1875 - Jun. 20, 1908. Daughter of Judge Thomas A. Harder, Jr. & Louisa A. Rucker. (Their graves are located in the same plot and John William, Esther, Lillian and William Harrod Barkley). Parents of Lillie Louanna, Hannah Edna (m. Otto Coleman), Eleanor Nora (m. Floyd Brock Weaver) & John William Barkley (m. Esther Olive Harrod).
DOUBLE: Married Dec. 24, 1924 Eminence Shannon Co MO.
Barkley, John William 'J. W.'     May 5, 1900 - Aug. 12, 1975. Son of John T. Barkley & Nora E. Harder. 
Barkley, Esther Olive Harrod     Mar. 10, 1903 - May 23, 1989. Daughter of George Washington Harrod & Martha Ann Greer. Parents of Lillian Karyl, Roy 'Don' (m. Lois O. Campbell Downs, m. Mary Beth Hoagland), Max Eugene (m. Lola Fansler), Lawrence Lovell 'Larry' (m. Marguerite Jo Scoville), Jennie Lea (m. Robert 'Bob' Sharp, m. Jay Prewett, m. Ishmael Kronk), Shannon Esther (met Jerry Brown, m. Nathan Goldberg) & William Harrod 'Billy' Barkley. 
No Photo
Barkley, Larry Eugene    Born & Died 1954. Son of Max E. Barkley, Sr. and Lola Fansler.  
Barkley, Lillian Karyl     Sep. 9, 1925 - Jun. 12, 1942. Daughter of John William Barkley & Esther Olive Harrod. Died in St Louis.
No Marker Barkley, Lillie Louanna        Apr. 18, 1896 - Dec. 12, 1918.  Daughter of John T. Barkley & Hannah Minerva Martin.  Obituary
Barkley, William Harrod 'Billy'     Jan. 13, 1945 - May 7, 1960. Son of John William Barkley & Esther Olive Harrod. Died in St Louis.
DOUBLE: Married Feb.  20, 1961.
Barton, Denny Ray     Jan. 18, 1939 - Jun. 30, 1996. Son of James 'Lufton' Barton & Gladys May Nash.
'TSGT US Air Force Vietnam.'  
Barton, Edna     Nov. 30, 1936 - Living.
DOUBLE: Married Oct. 16, 1937.
Barton, James Lufton     Sep. 14, 1917 - Jan. 21, 1992. Son of Vada Barton; raised by grandparents Milton and Eva Barton. 
Barton, Gladys Mae Nash     Nov. 18, 1916 - May 1, 1999.
Beazley, Helen     Nov. 8, 1906 - Apr. 17, 1907.
Bell, Janie E.     Aug. 6, 1926 - Dec. 19, 1994.
Bertram, Sarah Adeline Barrett     May 21, 1863 - Dec. 13, 1911. Daughter of William Barrett (TN) & (looks like) Giliad Burnett (TN). MO Death Cert.#3735: Informant Noah Bertram, Winona. Burial Dec. 14, 1911.
HUSBAND & WIFE: Married abt. 1925.
Best, Earl S., Sr.     Aug. 18, 1903 - Oct. 20, 1963. Son of Lee Best & Etta Unknown. 
Best, Rosa Emma Wilkes Lockman     1893 - 1973. 'Mother.' Married first Hazel Cyrus 'H. C.' Lockman 01 Jan 1910. Mother of Edna Lee, Andrew C. (m. Alma Jean Sallee) and Archie 'Elmo' Lockman (m. Ruby 'Geneva' Williams); Earl & Emma were the parents of Franklin Best and Earl S. Best, Jr. 
Best, Earl, Jr.     Aug. 13, 1927 - Aug. 30, 1927. Son of Earl Best, Sr. & Rosa Emma Wilkes.
Bizelli, Katy Sue Pierce Saad     May 5, 1931 - Sep. 12, 1995. Daughter of Fred Houston Pierce and Theora Lessie Evans Pierce; married 1st Farris T. Saad; children Christine Marie (died in infancy), Mary Katherine 'Kathy' (m. David E. Skiles), Farris Anthony 'Tony', Janis Ann (m. Unknown Ramsey) & Demettri George 'Joey' Saad. Katy married 2nd Clifton Bizelli.  Obituary
HUSBAND & WIFE: Married - June 16, 1973 at Winona. 
Bland, Herbert Charles ‘Herb’     Apr. 12, 1918 - Aug. 23, 1977. Son of William 'Sherman' Bland & Effie Mae Fazel. Married 1st Nona Martin 09 Mar 1941. Herb & Nona had children Leevoy Cerman Bland, Leon Thurman Bland and Herbert Charles 'Charlie' Bland, Jr. 
Bland, Laura Frances Smith Petty     Jan. 7, 1911 - Jun. 21, 1989. Daughter of George Smith & Mattie Ellen Brooks. Laura married Pearl Wallace Petty 24 Dec 1929. Mother of Anna Frances Sexton and Wilfred Eugene 'Gene' Petty. 
Bockman, Alma 'Bonnie' Chronister     Jul. 28, 1904 - Feb.  14, 2002. Daughter of John William Chronister, II & Mary Elizabeth Rodebush. Married Author O. Bockman. Mother of Alyne (Mrs. Raymond Dailey); Thomas Bockman and Carl 'Tinker' Bockman. 
Bockman, Auther O.     Aug. 10, 1884 - Apr. 20, 1952. Son of Thomas Brown 'T.  ' Bockman & Missouri Tennessee Hahn. Married 1st Daisy Robison. Father of Paul, Don and Fred Bockman. 
Bockman, Edwin 'Guy'     Jan. 1, 1903 - May 16, 1973. Son of John William Bockman & Lula Arminta Powell.  

Bockman, Pearl Coker     Nov. 9, 1902 - Dec. 4, 1993. Daughter of James Coker. (James was the son of John Coker & Martha Hurst).
Bockman, Emma Lou     1946 - 1985. Daughter of William Wesley Bockman & Noma Beulah Wright.
DOUBLE: Married Oct. 14, 1917.
Bockman, Grover Cleveland 'Cleve'      Jan. 8, 1893 - Aug. 25, 1961. Son of Thomas Brown 'T.  ' Bockman & Missouri Tennessee Hahn.
Bockman, Anna 'Laura' Williams     Oct. 4, 1896 - Oct. 27, 1967. Daughter of Ira Moss Williams & Catherine Harrod. (aka Laura A. Bockman). Parents of Norma (Mrs. 'Fat' Arthur).
Bockman, Lula Laverne Goforth     Jul. 23, 1914 - Dec. 21, 1951. Daughter of William 'Bill' Goforth & Cynthia Flourinda Herron. NOTE: The name was sometimes spelled Herrin and Harring.
Bockman, Roy E.      Sep., 1895 - 1961. Son of Thomas Brown 'T.  ' Bockman & Missouri Tennessee Hahn. Married Goldia Gay Pitts. Father of Kenneth, Maxine and Jack. He also married Golda Pitts. 
Bockman, Missouri Tennessee Hahn     Apr. 13, 1865 - Jan. 30, 1943. Second wife of Thomas Brown 'T.  ' Bockman; married Apr. 22, 1883 at Oregon Co MO. Mother of Auther O. Bockman; Minnie (m. Alfred Carr); Nell (m. H. Copeland); Grover Cleveland 'Cleve' Bockman; Roy E. Bockman; Nova O. (m. William R. Alcorn); Maude Bockman; Joseph Davis Bockman & William Orville Bockman. 
Bockman, Walter Melvin 'Mutt'     Oct. 30, 1914 - Mar., 1969. Son of John William Bockman & Lula Arminta Powell. 
Bockman, Margaret Mae Gardner     May 9, 1916 - Dec. 26, 1990. Daughter of Silas Campbell Gardner & Rosa Belle Rich. Margaret remarried after his death to a Mr. Amour.
DOUBLE: Married July 2, 1933.
Bockman, William Wesley ‘Wes’     May 23, 1912 - Aug. 1, 1989. Son of John William Bockman & Lula A. Powell. Wes owned the appliance store in Winona for many years, and got the first television set in Winona. 
Bockman, Noma 'Beulah' Wright     Sep. 17, 1914 - Sep. 18, 1991. Daughter of John R. Wright & Emma C. Stout. Parents of Emma Lou, Gary & Dale Bockman. 
Bowen, Arminta Geraldine Eaton     Apr. 13, 1853 - Feb.  8, 1932. MO Death Cert.#7050: Widow of John J. Bowen. Daughter of Orvel Eaton. Born in Tennessee. Died at Winona. Informant Fred W. Burrell. Burial Feb.  10, 1932.
Bowen, Golden Ray, Jr.     Mar. 28, 1970 - Sep. 22, 1994. Son of Golden Ray 'Sarge' Bowen, Sr. & Geneva Pearl Skaggs. 
Bowen, Mary Jane Mauldin     May 2, 1954 - Living. Parents of Michelle Dawn Bowen.
Bowman, David C.     1870 - Sept., 1942. 'Hand carved stone.' Died Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#35010. 
Bowman, Ollie Meade     1883 - 1959. 'FHM.' 
DOUBLE: Married June 14, 1968. 'Loving Husband, Father, Grandpa.'
Bradshaw, James E.     Jan. 29, 1931 - Jun. 11, 1999. Son of Daniel Bradshaw & Cora Jane Denning. He married 1st Eula Swift and had 8 children: James Arthur, Cathy, Kalvin, Otis Allen, Mary, Troy, Eddie & Elsie. He married 2nd Unknown, daughter Joy (m. Unknown Dodson). 
Bradshaw, Mary Sue Swift     Aug. 18, 1950 - Living. She remarried after he died.  Mother of Richard, Floyd Thomas, Johnny & Mandy Elaine Bradshaw (m. Jimmy Williams).
Bradshaw, Robert W.     1956 - 1976. 'FHM.' Son of Lester C. Bradshaw & Opal McBride. 
No Photo Bramhall, Nancy Catherine Williams     Mar. 21, 1854 - Jul. 15, 1933. (Tombstone has Mrs. J. A., died Jul. 2nd) MO Death Cert.#25329: Widow of John A. Bramhall. Daughter of William Alden Williams (KY) & Lucinda Humphrey (KY). Born Ozark Co MO. Died at Winona. Informant Chas. Holloway, Winona. Burial 'New Cemetery' Jul. 16, 1933.
HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 10 Jan 1946 Mountain Home Baxter Co AR.
Brawley, Carl Millege    Oct. 23, 1920 - Apr. 28, 1992. Son of James Walter Brawley & Maggie Buckner. He married 1st Cora Isabell Chronister and had a son who died in infancy. 
Brawley, Ada Arline Norris     Aug. 12, 1924 - Dec. 6, 1997.
Photo   Daughter of Isaac 'Sherman' Norris & Ollie Francis Sanders. Parents of Janet Arline (m. William E. 'Buddy' Underwood, m. Robert Douglas 'Doug' Davis, m. Carl Lee Willingham); Wayne Lawrence (died in infancy), Melvin Carl (m. Mabel 'Charlene' Alley) and Marvin Lloyd Brawley (m. Shirley Jean Bland, m. Casey Unknown, m. Ruthie Needels, m. Malinda Jean Bradshaw, m. Carolyn Sue Blunkall). She married 2nd Charlie Price.
Brawley, Melvin Carl     Jul. 4, 1951 - Jul. 5, 1971. Son of Carl Millege Brawley & Ada Norris. Married Mabel 'Charlene' Alley 26 Mar 1970. 
Brawley, Frankie Beulah     Mar. 18, 1932 - Nov. 26, 1959. (hand carved stone). Daughter of James Walter Brawley & Maggie Buckner; died of ‘cerebral thrombosis’, MO Death Cert. #40308. 
Brawley, Iva Myrtle Bland     Mar. 6, 1922 - Sep. 22, 1994. Daughter of Richard Bland and Minnie McDaniel. Married Lee Lyle Brawley on August 7, 1939. Mother of Dorothy Ellen (m. Douglas Henry Brooks), Letty Ruth (m. Ronald Wayne Nickerson, m. Unknown Rodriguez), Betty Annabelle (m. Luther Wayne Voyles, m. Andy Frank Mills), Lee Richard (m. Nancy Unknown, m. Judy Rosalee Joy), Barbara Ann (died in infancy in Colorado) and Lyle Simon Brawley (m. Shairron Sue Vermillion).  Obituary
HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 31 Oct 1908 at Alton Oregon Co MO. 
Brawley, Maggie Buckner     Feb.  20, 1890 - Apr. 3, 1963.   Daughter of John Wesley Buckner & Minnie F. Smith. James Walter & Maggie were the parents of Jeff E. (m. Selma Edessie Allmon), Etta Mae (m. Lloyd Huett, Bill Bell & Earl West), Viola Bernice (m. Omer Hayden Barnes), Melvin Dallas (died in childhood), Lee Lyle (m. Iva Myrtle Bland, m. Nova Marie Lay), Joseph Henry (died in infancy), Carl Millege (m. Cora Isabelle Chronister, m. Ada Arlene Norris), Elsa Lorene (m. William A. Chronister, m. Leland Audrey Vermillion, m. Unknown LaBruyere), Mildred Fern (m. Charles Chester Howell, m. Finis Otto Foust), Addie Ruth (m. Charles Elvie Vermillion, m. Archie Seaman) and Frankie Beulah Brawley.
Brawley, James Walter 'Preacher'
    Nov. 25, 1889 - Feb.  26, 1978. Son of Charley Dressler & Janey Brawley. He was married four times, to Etta Rose Buckner (abt. 1910), Eva Cross, Mrs. Marzella Gertrude (Rood) Brooks (1952) and Maggie Buckner. He was known as 'Preacher'. Note: Marzella Brooks was the widow of George Franklin Brooks who died Oct. 18, 1951.) Children of James Walter & Etta Rose: Everett (m. Opal Hicks) & Bernice Mae Brawley (m. Lloyd Marvin Lay).
Brawley, James Moses     Mar. 3, 1852 - Dec. 17, 1922. Son of Neal Theophilus O'Brawley and Julia Inman. Born in Tennessee. Married three times, Nancy E. Moore, Mary E. Unknown (abt. 1879); son Moses Neil Brawley; and Margaret L. Snider 16 Dec 1885 at Carter Co MO. 
Brawley, Marzella Rood Brooks     Jan. 26, 1896 - Sep. 28, 1969. Mother of George Rood. She was married 1st to George Franklin Brooks, and 2nd to James Walter Brawley. 
Brawley, Melvin Dallas     Feb.  12, 1915 - Jan. 3, 1920. Son of James Walter Brawley & Maggie Buckner. MO Death Cert.#4148: Age at death was 4 yrs 10 mos 23 days.
Born at New Liberty Oregon Co MO. Burial Jan. 4, 1920. 

Brawley, Joseph Henry     Nov. 18, 1919 - Nov. 26, 1919. Son of James Walter Brawley & Maggie Buckner.
Brown, Caroline E. Rice ‘Carrie’     Jul. 8, 1891 - 1962. Daughter of Sewell Longfellow Brown & Frances Ellen 'Fannie' Maxey. Born Wise Co TX.
Buckner, John Wesley     Jul. 4, 1967 - Jul. 5, 1967. Infant son of Gordon Buckner & Carolyn Denning. 
Burleson, James Edward     Jan. 21, 1933 - Mar. 19, 2005. 'US Army.' 
HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 03 Mar 1946. 
Burns, Kathleen Mae Cooley     Aug. 10, 1924 - Dec. 28, 1972. Daughter of Marley 'Merle' Cooley & Lorine Robertson. 
Burns, Richard 'Walter'     Aug. 14, 1918 - May 12, 2004. 'Tec 4 US Army World War II.'  Parents of Jim, Bill & John Burns. 

DOUBLE: Married 23 Jun 1920.
Burrell, Fred Warren     Jan. 16, 1897 - Oct. 11, 1954. 'Missouri RM3 USNRF World War I.' Son of Warren Burrell & Carrie Embeck.  

Burrell, Golda Viola 'Ola' Haynes     26 Jul 1896 - 16 May 1972. Daughter of William Columbus Haynes & Martha Allmon; Parents of William Fredrick 'Fred' Burrell.   

Burt, Betty Jean Taylor     Dec. 9, 1926 - Dec. 4, 1998. 
No Photo Butts, John      No dates.  'Civil War, Sgt Maj 32 MO Inf.'  (Possibly a son of Eli & Martha Butts who came to Missouri from Tennessee and settled in Carter County).


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