New Eminence Cemetery


Location: Two(2) miles south of Eminence, on Highway 19. Originally submitted by Johny W. Sconce.


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DOUBLE: Married 14 June 1947.
Ipock, Betty Jane Hunt     Jul. 28, 1928 - Sep. 27, 2011    Memorial
Ipock, Willis Fountain     Apr. 7, 1921 - Oct. 29, 1992.     Son of John Wesley 'Johnie' Ipock and Ollie R. Heiney. 'PFC US Army WWII.'  Parents of Clinton, Jerry and Gary Ipock. 


Ipock, Joel Clinton     Oct. 2, 1916 - Apr. 1, 1978.      Son of John Wesley 'Johnie' Ipock and Ollie R. Heiney.  'PFC US Army.'
Ipock, Rena Belle Dickerson     Nov. 17, 1917 - Jan. 14, 1999.     Daughter of William Henry Dickerson & Bessie Otilla Magness. Parents of Virginia Lea, Loretta Jean and Joseph Clayton Ipock.
No Photo of Rena's Grave

DOUBLE: Married Feb. 20, 1916 Shannon Co MO.
Ipock, John Wesley 'Johnie'     Feb. 13, 1992 - May 14, 1967.     Son of Andrew Johnson Ipock & Mary Jane Fenison.
Ipock, Ollie R. Heiney     Feb. 12, 1896 - Sep. 2, 1968.     Daughter of Francis M. Heiney & Juritta Patterson.
Parents of Joel Clinton, Joseph, Willis Fountain, Walter Adam and Golda Mae Ipock.


Ipock, Linda Mae 'Mariska'    Oct. 11, 1955 - Nov. 18, 2007.    Daughter of Lynn Ipock & Maybelle Unknown.    Obituary

DOUBLE: Married Oct. 2, 1948.
Ipock, Lynn     Sep. 3, 1907 - 1977.     Son of Andrew Johnson Ipock & Mary Jane Fenison.     'SSGT US Army WWII.'
Reese, Maybelle Street Ipock      Feb. 19, 1933 - Jun. 9, 2016.    Memorial  Roy Reese


Ipock, Mary Jane Fenison     Apr. 18, 1873 - Dec. 7, 1960.     'Mother'      Born in Dent Co MO. Married Andrew Johnson Ipock Jul. 28, 1891 at Bartlett Shannon Co MO. Mother of John Wesley, Ada, Pearl, William McKinley, Albert Benjamin, George Washington, Walter, Lynn, Irene and Jasper Van Hubert Ipock.


Ipock, Nellie H. Cooley    Oct. 29, 1942 - Sep. 6, 2011.     Memorial


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married July 29, 1946.
Ipock, Walter Adam     Jan. 21, 1924 - Nov. 4, 2004.     Son of John Wesley 'Johnie' Ipock and Ollie R. Heiney. 'US Army WWII.'
Ipock, Wanda L. Hunt     Apr. 9, 1926 - Dec. 12, 2006.     Daughter of George Clifford Hunt and Edith O. Smith. Parents of George, Randy and Edna Ipock.


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