Montier Shannon Co MO


Directions/Location: From Montier, on Hwy 60, turn south onto Hwy U and go .01 mile; turn right (west) onto Old Hwy. 60, go about 1/2 mile; turn left (south) on Shannon County Road #665 and go 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left.


GPS Coordinates:  Latitude 36.9848; Longitude: -91.5754


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Updated Oct. 20, 2017


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IPOCK, Dwayne 'Red'      May 16, 1940 - Mar. 5, 1972.      Son of  Edward Ipock & Edna Sarah Cooley. Born & raised at Alley Spring. Brother of Yvonne Denton, Barbara Hinnings, Donna Ipock & Ronnie Ipock.


IPOCK, Edna Sarah Cooley      Aug. 2, 1917 - May 10, 1980.
IPOCK, Edward      1905 - Jan. 14, 1974.     Son of  Ulysses 'Grant' Ipock & Ella Ritchey. Died at West Plains.  Parents of Donald Lee, Ronnie, Barbara, Donna, Mary Yvonne & Dwayne Ipock.


IPOCK, Ella Ritchey      Nov. 30, 1881 - Dec. 19, 1918.     Daughter of  William Ritchey (TN) & Daisy Day (TN). MO Death Cert.#50770: Born in Tennessee, died at Montier. Informant Grant Ipock, Montier. Burial Dec. 19, 1918. (Died of influenza).
IPOCK, Ulysses 'Grant'      Feb. 10, 1872 - Aug. 7, 1952.     Son of  Ben Ipock & Narcissus Emmett.  MO Death Cert.#30502: Born at Union Co KY; died at Alley. Informant E. D. Ipock, Alley Springs MO. Burial Aug. 9, 1952. Parents of Ethel, Jesse, Edward (m. Edna Sarah Cooley), Fred, Minnie, George, Benny & Lea Ipock.


JACOBS, Clyde Ray    Aug. 5, 1920 - May 23, 2009.     Memorial


JENKINS, Robert Douglas      Aug. 7, 1962 - Jun. 7, 1994.


JIRSA, George A.      Oct. 21, 1887 - Jan. 12, 1916. MO Death Cert.#4829: Born Chicago Cook Co IL, died at Montier.     Son of  J. J. Jirsa (Bohemia) & T. Moravek (Bohemia). Single. Occupation Farmer. Informant Mrs. Frank (looks like) Siprost or Sigrist? Burial Jan. 13, 1916.


DOUBLE: Married 11 Dec 1938.
JOHNSON, Dora Lorene Thomas      Oct. 18, 1902 - Oct. 24, 1964. Born and died Montier Shannon Co MO.     Daughter of  Eli Jackson 'Jack' Thomas & Ida May Parker.
JOHNSON, Wiley Alvin      Nov. 11, 1884 - Sep. 5, 1985. Born at Alton Oregon Co MO, died at Mountain View Howell Co MO.     Son of  James Wiley Johnson & Sarah Ann Frances Risenhoover. Parents of Donald Alvin (died in infancy), Dorita Kay (m. Gerald Wayne Derryberry) & Denny Eugene Johnson (m. Carolyn Lee, m. Doris Marie Taylor).


JOHNSON, Mary A.      Oct. 2, 1845 - Jan. 29, 1908.


JOHNSTON, Daisy      1884 - 1968.




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