Massie-Neeley Cemetery


Eminence, Shannon County, MO



From Eminence, Mo., take Hwy 106 East to Hwy. HH, turn right (South) go 1.5 Miles to County road 549 and turn left (East),

go I mile, cemetery is on the right.


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Update March 25, 2014:

The name of Deslet is said to be a mistake of what the citizens of the community wanted.  Which was to be named, Desolate.  In reference to the desolated or remoteness of the location.  Deslet was the name provided by the US Postal Service, which was probably by clerical error.  Deslet was designated as a post office from 1896 – 1955.  Several postmasters were appointed in the area, but the longest serving and final postmaster was Albert Phillips (1880-1951).  He owned a small general store and within the store it was said that he also maintained a post office.  His store was located near the junction of modern State Highway 106 and Shannon County Road 551 (then known as the Carr Creek Road).  The store and post office offered material and supplies to the residents in the local area since the nearest large town (Ellington in Reynolds County) was about 10 miles distance toward the east.  But there were also residences and farms down into the Carr Creek Valley. 


Albert’s father, William George Phillips (1845-1923), homesteaded the land of what is today (2014) the Homeport Inn, a bread and breakfast resort.  The Homeport Inn is currently owned and run by Larry and Sheri Smith and is located a little less than 3 miles south of where Albert Phillips had his land and store.  After William Phillips’ death, his son, Christian Luther Phillips (1890-1971) inherited this property where the Homeport Inn is located and also ran a small store there (37.16204N x -91.12144W).  This store was located just next to modern state highway HH and across from Missouri Department of Conservation Road #25.  If it was operated in conjunction with his brother’s Albert’s store or as an addition, is not known.  But it appears that Christian’s store offered material and also provided postal service.  Probably just an extension to his brother’s store and post office.  With two general stores in the area being owned and operated by two related Phillips family members is where the confusion of Deslet’s location becomes.  I have always assumed that Deslet was located along highway 106 where Albert Phillips had his store (and this was also near a church and a historic school – Upper Carr Creek School).  But, adding to the confusion, the 1925 and later topographical maps produced by the US Geological Survey, show Deslet’s location at the MDC road #25 junction and highway HH in today’s world.  A later Missouri Department of Transportation map would pin a Deslet location name near the school house location on Shannon County Road 549 (historical called the Lower Carr Creek school, aka Rosewood school.  Rosewood school and Christian Phillips’ store were about -mile from each other).  Even a modern map (2007) by the National Geographic Society pins Deslet at the intersection of HH and MDC road 25.  I believe that the younger Christian Phillips’ store outlasted his brother’s, Albert Phillips, store and therefore became the new reference for the center of the community and the dot was put on the map for the location of Deslet.  Further, the Lower Carr Creek school would outlast the Upper Carr Creek school near Albert Phillips’ land.


But in reality, Deslet was an unincorporated community which appeared to be comprised of most of the homes and farms immediately south of Missouri State Highway 106 down the Carr Creek Valley and a little to the north of highway 106.  A lineal zone following the area surrounding Carr Creek approximately 4 miles in length comprising all or parts of Sections 7, 12, 13, 18, 24, 25 all in TS29N, R2W, Bowlan Township, in eastern Shannon County, Missouri.  The name of Deslet was used for anyone in the area who needed to provide a location of where they lived.  Why the residents didn’t name their community, Carr Creek or Carr Creek Valley is unclear.  But it is likely that store goods and mail was transported from the Albert Phillips’ store to the Christian Phillips’ store as a convenience to the homes and farms farther south, down the Carr Creek Valley.  While this may all seem silly now-a-days, remember that years ago roads were all dirt and at many times during bad weather, impassable.  Also most people either walked or rode on horseback, so a twenty-mile round-trip to a store in Ellington or a thirty-five mile round-trip to Eminence could take an entire day or perhaps two.  Even an additional mile or two for access to a store or post office could add hours to your day.  It would also be a challenge to haul your purchases back home without using a wagon.  So a local or semi-local store and post office would become a blessing for the community.  The closer, the better for all the residences in the area.


There were enough people living in the area into the early parts of the 20th century that the community of Deslet supported two small historic schools.  One was located just north of highway 106 across from the Albert Phillips’ homeplace and another just north of the Homeport Inn (Lower Carr Creek school, aka Rosewood.  The school building is now a home and owned by the family of Howard Turner.  It is on north side of modern Shannon County Road 549 located at 37.17081N x -91.11723W)  There are also three large cemeteries in the Deslet community.  These are the Phillips Cemetery (at 37.16341N x -91.12060W), the Massie/Neeley Cemetery (at 37.17789N x -91.10773W) and the Rumberg Cemetery (at 37.19437N x -91.11093W).  Some older death certificates lists Carr Creek Cemetery and Deslet as a place of burial.  These should be in one of the three cemeteries in this community.  Of special note is the Phillips Cemetery.  It is located near the Homeport Inn and on land homesteaded and lived on as a century farm by Phillips’ offspring, yet there are no Phillips family members buried there.  Larry Smith tells that his grandfather, Christian Phillips, just felt sorry for people and allowed anyone to be buried there that wanted to be.  There is also a small church located near the junction of Highway 106 and Shannon County 551 near the Albert Phillips’ store.  Historically it was known as the Carr Creek Methodist Church and today it is known as the Believer’s Chapel Church (at 37.19410N x -91.10418W), a non-denominational church.  A community of two stores, a post office, a church, two schools, several cemeteries, farms, and people.  What else could you have needed years ago?  The community of Deslet.


Banker Cave is about 200 feet from the dirt road over some rocky/grassy land, but if you take it slow?  There is a concrete walkway in the cave for a ways. 


-Randy Long

16 March 2014



Black, Edna I.     1843 – 1980
Black, Leroy     1933 – Living

Black, Steven A.     1962 – 1980

Bland, Clara Helen Bunch     Apr 7, 1909 – Oct 20, 1998    Obituaries
Bland, James Virgil     Jun 3, 1907 – Jul 4, 1982

Braddy, Ava     No Dates – FHM      'Age 1 Year'


Buckley, Douglas McArthur    Jul 17, 1942 - Jun 26, 2012    Memorial


Buckley, Junior Ray     Jun 13, 1936 – Jun 20, 1936


Buckley, Nova Shannon     1915 – 1968  'Mother'


Chitwood, Billy Joe    May 25, 1936 - Jun 9, 2010    Memorial


DOUBLE: Married Sept 27, 1934

Chitwood, Clyde M., Sr.     Jun 18, 1918 – Oct 24, 1986

Chitwood, Winnie I.     Dec 17, 1916 – Aug 8, 1980


Chitwood, Clyde M., Jr.     Born & Died, Nov 29, 1953    'Beloved Son'


Chitwood, Jessie Lucille     Nov 24, 1938 – Dec 1, 1938     'Beloved Daughter'


Chitwood, Joey     Born & Died, Jun 8, 1956     'Beloved Son'


Chitwood, Velma B.     Sep 14, 1921 – Mar 16, 1948     'Mother'


Chronister, C. E.     Oct 12, 1861 – May 11, 1919     'Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep'


Chronister, Charity Bell     Oct 28, 1885 – Oct 26, 1930     'At Rest'


Chronister, James F.     Apr 3, 1861 – Jul 2, 1939     Son of William Chronister & Nancy Anna 'Polly' Wadlow. Married Cyntha Emaline Thomason (12 Oct 1862 - 11 May 1919) daughter of George Thomason & Sally Stout. Married Lavina ( ) Chronister.  MO Death Cert.#26648. Burial 12 May 1919.



Chronister, William Duncan     1824 - 1908

Chronister, Mary Ann     1828 – 1867


Colott, Baby (Colyott?)     Feb 17, 1925 – Dec 26, 1927     FHM     'Twin'


Colott, Baby (Colyott?)     Feb 17, 1925 – Dec 6, 1927     FHM     'Twin'


Dees, Baby     No Dates (Hand carved marker)

Frazier, Alma E.     Jan 7, 1930 – Jan 28, 1930      Daughter of J. M. & Grace Holt Frazier

Frazier Twins    Born & Died, Oct 17, 1913      Children of J. M. & Grace Holt Frazier

Henderson, Edna     No Dates (Hand carved marker)

Henry, James S.     1901 – 1928

Henry, Ora Alice     1908 – 1920

Holt, Emma     Dec 21, 1929 – May 30, 1931

Holt, Willard Edward     1923 – 1924

Jordan, Amanda J.     Aug 23, 1871 – Jan 31, 1913
Jordan, John F.     Apr 23, 1863 – Dec 2, 1937

Melton, Arther     Jul 1852 (Hand carved stone with no dates; birth date provided by GLS)

Melton, John Wesley     Dec 19, 1869 – May 3, 1956
Melton, Louisa Katherine Jordan     Apr 26, 1873 – Jan 3, 1956

Melton, Sarah Wadlow     Feb 24, 1845 – Apr 25, 1911 (Hand carved stone, no dates; dates (Born in Reynolds Co MO) provided by GLS)

Morrow, May     Apr 20, 1902 – Oct 21, 1919     'Daughter'

Nichols, Martha Elizabeth     1875 – 1922     'Mother'
Nichols, Thomas Henry     1866 – 1934     'Father'

Norris, Andy     1870 – 1898     'Father'

Patterson, J. W.     Jun 4, 1898 – Dec 14, 1898 (Hand carved large stone marker)

Patterson, Joseph     No Dates 'Co. F, 6 Mo. Cav.' (Civil War)

Patterson, Joseph     No Dates (Hand carved large stone marker)

Ray, Bill D.     No Dates (Small hand carved stone)

Ray, Everett E.     1891 – 1978 (Small hand carved stone)

Ray, Hazel Lee Sutton     1914 – 1936     'Mother'

Ray, Infant     d. 1935     No Marker

Ray, James H.     No Dates (Small hand carved stone)

Ray, John E.     No Dates (Small hand carved stone)

Ray, Lizzie     d. 1935 (Small hand carved stone)

Roderman, Anthony     Sep 21, 1899 – Apr 20, 1967



Roderman, Billy Ray    Jul 16, 1931 - Oct 30, 2009    Memorial

Roderman, Jeanne M.    May 29, 1933 - Living/Reserved


Roderman, Frank     Feb 18, 1865 – Nov 14, 1944


Roderman, Janie     Aug 2, 1901 – Aug 16, 1988     'A Loving Mother


Roderman, Susan Annette    Jan 27, 1963 - Oct 9, 2008    Memorial


Ross, Willard B.     Apr 29, 1911 – Jun 10, 1987


Schaeffer, Margaret     No Dates, No Marker, Known to be buried here.


Scott, Thelma Marcella     d. Feb 13, 1936     'Infant'


Trent, John Gentry     Nov 27, 1896 – Oct 29, 1947     'WWI, PFC, 70th Inf., 10th Div.'


Trent, Leona B.     1903 – 1947


DOUBLE: Married: Dec 25, 1948
Turner, Helen L.     Sep 3, 1929 – Living
Turner, Howard Leo, Sr.     Sep 26, 1926 – May 25, 2005     'S.Sgt., US Army, WWII'    Memorial

Yates, Baby     Born & Died, May 26, 1947 (Small hand carved stone)

Yates, Barbra Jane     Born & Died, Mar 14, 1944



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