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Crabtree, Becky  Jane     Mar. 28, 1916 - Mar. 30, 1916.     Daughter of Andrew Crabtree (Texas Co MO) & Christina Jones (Cuba MO). Born at Hartshorn. Died at Current Shannon Co MO. Burial Mar. 30 1916.


Crabtree, James M.     Mar. 25, 1845 - Jul. 4, 1921.     Son of Solomon Crabtree (TN) & Sarah Brown (TN). Born Osage Co MO; died Casto Twp Shannon Co MO. Burial Jul. 5, 1921. MO Death Cert.#19611. Informant Mrs. James Crabtree, Summersville MO.


Crabtree, Solomon Saleamon     (b. abt. 1805, VA)     married Sarah Eliza Brown (b. abt. 1814, KY). Parents of Levina, Abt. 1832 IN; John, Abt. 1835 IL; Sarah Ann, Abt. 1837 IL (m. William A. Inman 26 Jan 1858 Dent Co MO); Abraham, Abt. 1838 IL; Serelda, Abt. 1840 IL; Nathan, Abt. 1842 IL; James M., 25 Mar 1845 MO - 04 Jul 1921 Shannon Co MO (m. Mary J. Wisdom Apr 1848 MO, daughter of Henry & Nancy Wisdom).


Crabtree, Jobe     14 Feb 1848 MO - 23 Oct 1914     Shannon Co MO, m. Iva C. Helton 12 Feb 1896 Shannon Co MO.

NOTE: Death Certificate for Job Crabtree (Feb. 14, 1845 - Oct. 23, 1914) lists son of Solomon Crabtree (TN) & Eliza Brown (VA). He is buried at Antioch Cemetery.




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