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Midridge Community was located at Sec. 36, Twp 31 N, R 32 W on an unmarked road south of Rat


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Chilton, Melvina      Aug. 7, 1828 - Jan. 15, 1882.



Adaline Conway Dillard
Aug. 30, 1858 - Sep. 27, 1927
George Washington Dillard
Feb. 28, 1856 - Oct. 14, 1906.      


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Married Jul. 9, 1874 at Centerville Reynolds Co MO

Dillard, Adaline Conway -  Daughter of Lewis & Eliza Conway.

Dillard, George Washington - Son of Louis Dillard & Mary Jane 'Polly' Wilburn. Parents of Ollie (Mrs. Marshall L. Parks); William Alex Dillard (m. Sarah Ann Conway) Arthur Dillard (m. Rosa Ellen Chitwood); Alice Dora (Mrs. Henry Monroe Gore); Carrie Mae (Mrs. John L. Chitwood); Anna M. Dillard & Noah C. Dillard.



Dillard, Noah C.    Died May 13, 1899.    'Age 5 Mo.'    Son of George W. Dillard & Adaline Conway.


Dillard, Oliver Theodore    Nov. 20, 1916 - Dec. 29, 1916.    Son of Arthur Dillard & Rosa Ellen Chitwood. MO Death Cert.#43574: Born & died at Blairs Creek. Informant Arthur Dillard, Gang, MO. Burial at Dillard Cemetery Dec. 30, 1916.


Goforth, Joshua    Born abt. 1850 (MO).     Son of John Goforth (b. abt. 1805, TN). Died while visiting the Dillard family. Field stone marker, no dates. Identified (to list) by family member. No death certificate found so probably died before 1910.    


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Nov. 17, 1895 at Shannon Co MO

Parks, Marshall L.    Sep. 25, 1873 - Nov. 20, 1900.

Parks Chitwood, Ollie Dillard     May 7, 1879 - Sep. 26, 1899.     Daughter of George W. Dillard & Adaline Conway. Parents of Icy (or Icey) Parks who married George Washington Chitwood 11 Jan 1914 at Shannon Co MO.


Parks, Mexico    Aug. 24, 1896 - Oct. 28, 1898.     Daughter of Marshall L. Parks & Ollie Dillard.


Rivers, Erna May Dillard     Oct. 25, 1906 - Oct. 29, 1933.     Daughter of Arthur Dillard & Rosa Ellen Chitwood. Wife of Garland Rivers. MO Death Cert.#34186: Born at Gang, MO; died at Reynolds, Jackson Twp., Reynolds Co MO of typhoid. Informant M. E. Ruble, Reynolds, MO. Burial Oct. 30, 1933 at Gang, MO.


Strauther, Willie     No dates.      Son of Sam & Julie Strauther, field stone marker no dates, identified by family member.




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