a/k/a Thompson Cemetery


Hwy A Timber 'Sinkin' Creek' Shannon Co MO

(abt. 6 miles from Bunker)


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.389, Longitude: -91.3433

Originally submitted by Kay Warren, who walked this cemetery and located a few more graves


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Updated Oct. 10, 2014




BARLOW, MARTHA L. BLAKE   Jan., 1894 - 1918.    Daughter of Rachel Potts Blake. Married Unknown Barlow. No death certificate found. She is found in the 1910 census living in the home of her grandmother, Mary A. Potts, her mother Rachel and a sister, Mary.


BLAKE, ANNA LOUISA ROSE REED      Sep. 23, 1899 – Aug. 18, 1954.     Daughter of George Rose & Eliza ‘Lizzie’ Williams. Married previously Unknown Reed.

BLAKE, HOMER JENNINGS Jul. 27, 1900 -  Aug. 26, 1961.     Son of Charles Edward Blake & Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' Lanham. He married three times: Lola Lee ca. 1925; Retha Victoria Stevens 27 Feb 1931. His daughter with Lola Lee: Lena, married Unknown Martin.


BLAKE, BENNY LEROY     May 28, 1927 - Jul. 1, 1927.     Son of Allen Ivo Blake & Goldie May Lundry.


BLAKE, BESSIE THERESA JENKINS PENNINGTON     Aug. 6, 1879 - Jun. 17, 1955.     Daughter of Dudley P. Jenkins & Sarah Unknown. Also married Unknown Holland & John F. Pennington. Parents of 8 children: Charles, Archie Leroy, Bertha Loretta (m. William Joseph 'Bill' Hurt), Allen Ivo (m. Goldie May Lundry), Rudolph Ira (m. Lulu Delta Stephens), Mabel Marie (m. Francis Anthony Morrisey), Theodore 'Doad' & Omer Samuel (m. Lorene Agnes George) Blake.



BLAKE, CHARLES EDWARD     Dec. 25, 1872 -  Sep. 29, 1950.     Son of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley.
BLAKE, MARGARET VIRGINIA ‘MAGGIE’ LANHAM     Oct. 31, 1873 – Jan. 16, 1963.     Daughter of Berryman Hardin Lanham & Sophia Caroline Unknown. Parents of Rosa Mae ‘Rosie’; Nora Caroline (m. Herman Ervin Weichelt); Ernest O. Blake; Homer Jennings (m. Lola Lee; m. Retha Victoria Stevens; m. Anna Louisa Rose Reed); Noel Ray (m. Minnie Lee Burnett) & Ruby Edna (m. Rev. Delmar Ray Parker).


BLAKE, ERNEST O.     Dec. 8, 1897 -  Jan. 3, 1903.     Son of Charles Edward Blake & Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' Lanham.


BLAKE, ESSIE M.     Aug. 24, 1900 -  Jul. 11, 1923.     Daughter of William J. Blake & Myrtle Blunkall.


BLAKE, EVERT E.     Jul. 1, 1922 -  Jul. 18, 1923.     Son of William J. Blake & Myrtle Blunkall.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 13 Aug 1862 Jefferson Co MO.

BLAKE, GEORGE ALLEN     Jul. 3, 1841 – Aug. 10, 1907.     Son of Samuel Thomas Blake & Elizabeth Ann Evilsizer.
BLAKE, MARTHA ELLEN MEDLEY     Oct. 13, 1843 - Apr. 12, 1923.     Daughter of Daniel Robert Medley & Sarah McGuire. MO Death Cert.#14906-a: Born Nov. 15, 1845. Died Apr. 11, 1923. Informant C. E.  Blake. Burial ‘May’ 12, 1923 (mistake: Apr. 12, 1923). Parents of George Alonzo 'Lonnie' (m. Essie J. Stewart); Sarah Elizabeth 'Betty' (m. Henry Wisdom); Lucinda Catherine 'Kate' (m. Joseph Marion Bay); John Daniel Leonard ‘Johnnie’ (m. Vienna Anna Carolina Brooks); Samuel Tackett (m. Rosetta Potts); Charles Edward (m. Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' Lanham); William Jesse (m. Myrtle Blunkall); Rhoda F. Blake; Emma Susan (m. Thomas Burlington Blunkall) & A. Blake.


BLAKE, GEORGE THOMAS     Apr. 24, 1898 – Apr. 3, 1931.     Son of John Daniel Leonard ‘Johnnie’ Blake & Vienna Anna Carolina ‘Annie’ Brooks. Married Lovie Lucinda Smith 07 Aug 1919 at Timber Shannon Co MO. She is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery at Salem MO. MO Death Cert.#16799: Informant Orin Smith. Burial at Medley Cemetery Apr. 4, 1931. Father of Pauline Aleda (m. Edward Aldridge) & John Leonard (m. Billie Lane White).


BLAKE, GERTRUDE G. ‘GERTIE’     Oct. 24, 1904 – Mar. 6, 1920.     Daughter of John Daniel Leonard 'Johnnie' Blake & Vienna Anna Carolina ‘Annie’ Brooks.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1892 Shannon Co MO.

BLAKE, JOHNNIE DANIEL LEONARD ‘JOHNNIE’     Nov. 23, 1867 – Feb. 27, 1928.     Son of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley. MO Death Cert.#7428: John D. Blake. Informant Lucinda Bay. Burial Feb. 28, 1928 at Medley Cemetery.
BLAKE, VIENNA ANNA CAROLINA ‘ANNIE’ BROOKS     Jun. 16, 1874 – Dec. 30, 1923.     Daughter of John Brooks & Margaret ‘Peggy’ Chrisco. Parents of Eva Orlena (m. Orin Hurt), George Thomas (m. Lovie Lucinda Smith), Charles Henry Lafayette (m. Rachel Elizabeth Enloe), Gertrude G. ‘Gertie’, Lola I. (m. Eddie Martin), Bessie Maude (m. Jonathan Pressie Wisdom) and William Glen (m. Blanch Avis Garman). MO Death Cert.#38532: Informant C. E. Blake. Burial at Medley Cemetery Jan. 1, 1924.



BLAKE, MYRTLE BLUNKALL     Apr. 9, 1882 -  Mar. 1, 1931.     Daughter of Thomas J. Blunkall & Nancy Elizabeth Bentley. MO Death Cert.#12856: Informant Hobart Blake. Burial Mar. 2, 1931 at Medley Cemetery.
BLAKE, WILLIAM JESSIE     Sep. 1, 1875 -  May 1, 1946.     Son of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley.  Parents of Essie M.; Lawrence Emmons (m. Pearl Wave Banks); Hobart Lloyd (m. Alpha Lena Bunch); Ervin William ‘Curley’ (m. Bessie Ellen Williams); Willard Leroy (m. Mela Marie Sutton); Bernice Irene (m. Rev. Raymond Ranso Bryant) & Everet E. Blake.


BLAKE, ROSA MAE ‘ROSIE’      Mar. 23, 1894 -  Feb. 14, 1895.     Daughter of Charles Edward Blake & Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' Lanham.


BLAKE, RUTHENE     Aug. 1934 -  Nov. 9, 1934.     Daughter of Homer Jennings Blake & Retha Victoria Stevens.


BLAKE, SAMUEL TACKETT     Jan. 23, 1869 - Mar. 13, 1920.     Son of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley. He married Rosetta Potts 05 Sep 1891 at Shannon Co MO; daughters Mary Rose (m. Edgar Charles Kofahl) & Martha Ellen Blake (m. Robert Monroe 'Bert' Thompson). MO Death Cert.#15211: Occupation: Blacksmith, farmer. Born Jan. 25, 1870 at Jefferson Co MO; died Mar. 11, 1920 at Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Informant C. E. Blake. Burial Mar. 13, 1920 at Medley Cemetery. NOTE: Rosetta married Peter R. Lehman 11 Apr 1900 at Shannon Co MO. It is not known where she is buried.


BLAKE, TWIN INFANT      Born & died between 1900-1922, child of William Jesse Blake & Myrtle Blunkall.


BLAKE, TWIN INFANT      Born & died between 1900-1922, child of William Jesse Blake & Myrtle Blunkall.




BLAKE, VERLA O.     Oct. 4, 1927 -  Sep. 14, 1929.


BLAKE, THEODORE ‘DOAD’     Jan. 8, 1910 – Dec. 1, 1926.     Son of Samuel Tackett Blake & Bessie Theresa 'Thursa' Jenkins. MO Death Cert.#40505: Burial Dec. 3, 1926 at Medley Cemetery.


BLAKE, WILLIAM GLEN     Mar. 12, 1913 -  Jun. 30, 1982.     Son of John Daniel Leonard ‘Johnnie’ Blake & Vienna Anna Carolina ‘Annie’ Brooks. Married Blanche Avis Garman 04 Apr 1939 at Eminence. Father of Janet Ann (m. Larry Norman Hardee), William Ronnie (m. Ruby Richison), Morris Deane & Larry Gene Blake (m. Carmetta Louise Pyatt). He married Oneita Nelson 12 Mar 1960; children Lonnie Blake & Connie Ann Blake (m. a Thiemann). NOTE: Blanche married previously Houston Rhodes ca. 1936. Mother of George Oliver ‘Dickie Joe’ Garman (m. Patricia Joan George).



BLUNKALL, EMMA SUSAN BLAKE     Aug. 2, 1879 -  Jun. 13, 1943.     Daughter of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley.
BLUNKALL, THOMAS BURLINGTON     Feb. 10, 1877 – May 13, 1944.     Son of Thomas J. Blunkall & Nancy Elizabeth Bentley. Parents of George Thomas; William Edgar (m. Mary Jane Hurt); Anna Celestia (m. Thomas Martin); Everett A.; Rosa Viola (m. Lyman Troy Williams) & Alma May (m. Clarence Lovins).


BLUNKALL, EVERETT A.     Oct. 15, 1904 – Apr. 27, 1912.     Son of Thomas Burlington Blunkall & Emma Susan Blake. Alternate dates: born Nov. 15, 1905. 


BLUNKALL, GEORGE THOMAS     Jan. 27, 1919 - Feb. 22, 1919.     Son of Thomas Burlington Blunkall & Emma Susan Blake.


CARVER, INFANT      No dates.     Baby of William H. & Adelia Carver.




CLARK, MAHALA CATHERINE ‘KATE’ MEDLEY HAVERSTICK     Jun. 20, 1846 - Nov. 9, 1926.     Daughter of Daniel I. Medley & Sarah McGuire. Married G. W. D. Haverstick; m. Unknown Clark.


CONWAY, MARY LOU      Dec. 13, 1932 – Oct. 31, 1968.     (might not be correct dates according to note).


CROWDER, MARRY JANE POTTS     1856 – Mar. 1, 1918.     Daughter of Isaac Joshua Potts, Sr. & Martha Thompson. Married Unknown Crowder. MO Death Cert.#11770: Born in Washington Co MO. Married, husband not named by informant Joshua Potts, Sinkin MO. Burial Mar. 3rd at Medley.



DEUR, WILLIAM     (or DUER)    No dates.     Born PA; died MO.
DEUR, MARTHA WREN     No dates.     Born KY; died MO. Parents of Oliver W. Deur/Duer.



DUER, OLIVER W.      Jul. 17, 1851 – Jan. 11, 1948.     Son of William Duer (PA) & Martha Wren (KY). Born AR. Died rural Spring Creek Twp Dent Co MO. Married. Informant Minnie L. Duer, Salem MO. Burial Jan. 13, 1948 at Delmar Cemetery.
DUER, MINNIE L.      No dates.     Wife of Oliver W. Duer. Died after Jan. 1948.


DUER, SARAH C.      No dates.


DUER, CHILD      No dates.


DUER, CHILD      No dates.


NOTE: James Potts     (son of Isaac Joshua Potts, Sr. & Martha Thompson) married Catherine Duer 10 Dec 1882 Shannon Co MO. Their children were Annie, Thomasine M., Laura Cecile (m. Thomas Quincy Moss), Florence & Minnie Potts.


FRILLMAN, REBECCA      Oct. 15, 1923 – Dec. 29, 1993.



FERGUSON, JAMES D.      Sep. 10, 1920 – Oct. 23, 1971.
FERGUSON, OPAL M.      Jun. 12, 1932 – Jan. 20, 1995.


HOWELL, HIRAM ‘HARM’     1872 – 1905.     Married Clara Ann Lanham 1891. (She remarried Rev. James A. Jordan and is buried at Pine Lawn Cemetery at Winona). Father of Charles S. (m. Alta Jane Wilson; m. Effie Pyatt); Cliff L.; Estella S. (m. Roland Byars) & Harden Odes Howell.


HOWELL, ALTA JANE WILSON      Mar. 18, 1899 – May 2, 1922.     Daughter of Albert Archibald Wilson & Sarah Clementine Shoemate. Wife of Charles S. Howell. Mother of Eugenia Howell.


HUTSELL, ELLEN      Feb. 6, 1894 – Dec. 2, 1960.


KARR, ANNIE S.     No dates.


LAGRAND, JEREMIAH ‘JERRY’ (LaGrande)     Nov. 11, 1869 – Oct. 15, 1935.




LANHAM, ADDIE M.     Nov. 1871 – Unknown.     Daughter of Berryman Hardin & Sophia Caroline Unknown. Married Andrew M. Gibson 01 Dec 1901 Shannon Co MO; married Samuel Hurt 18 Sep 1912 Shannon Co MO; married Albert Williams 24 May 1915 Shannon Co MO.


LANHAM, AMOS M.     May 8, 1912 – Sep. 11, 1992.     Son of Samuel Thomas Lanham & Arizona Widger.


LANHAM, ARIZONA WIDGER      Aug. 14, 1881 – Jan. 15, 1913.     First wife of Samuel Thomas Lanham.



LANHAM, ARVEL HARDEN      Abt. 1901 - Unknown.     First child of Samuel Thomas Lanham & Arizona Widger.
LANHAM, BESSIE IRENE CONWAY      Feb. 23, 1908 – Jun. 29, 1948.     Daughter of John Henry Riley Conway & Abbie Grace Ridgeway.


LANHAM, CORA B. WEESE     Sep. 5, 1888 – Aug. 27, 1965.     Second wife of Samuel Thomas Lanham. Daughter of Ephriam Weese & Nancy E. Webb. She married Albert Archibald Wilson 1910; two children Ena (m. Frank Griffith, m. Unknown Lanham) & a son who died in infancy.


LANHAM, REV. BERRYMAN HARDIN      May 2, 1839 – May 21, 1926.     Born in West Virginia. Married 2nd Emma Mooney.


LANHAM, EMMA MOONEY     Abt. 1849 – Unknown.     Second wife of Berryman Hardin.


LANHAM, EMMER S.     Apr. 1866 – Unknown.     Daughter of Berryman Hardin & Sophia Caroline Unknown.


LANHAM, LOWELL DEAN 'BUD', JR.    Feb. 7, 1954 - Jul. 13, 2014.    Memorial


LANHAM, ROBERT GENE 'BOB'    Dec. 20,1936 - Apr. 3, 2014.    Memorial


LANHAM, SAMUEL THOMAS     Apr. 20, 1870 – Aug. 9, 1957.     Son of Berryman Hardin & Sophia Caroline Unknown. Married Arizona Widger ca. 1900; married Cora B. Weese aft. 1913. Children of Samuel & Arizona: Arvel Harden (m. Bessie Irene Conway); Lawrence; Ernest; Beulah; George & Amos M. Lanham.


LANHAM, SOPHIA CAROLINE     Oct. 1833 – Unknown.     Born in Illinois. Children were Ellen O. (m. Hampton Woolover); Emmer S.; Clara Ann (m. Hiram ‘Harm’ Howell); Samuel Thomas (m. Arizona Widger, m. Cora B. Weese); Addie M. (m. Andrew M. Gibson, m. Samuel Hurt, m. Albert Williams); Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' (m. Charles Edward Blake) & Mary ‘Molly’ (m. Charles L. Shelton).


LANHAM, GENERAL    No dates.    (Note: Would be interesting if this was General Charles T. Lanham, friend & contemporary of William Faulkner & Ernest Hemingway?)



MEADE, REV. JOHN WESLEY MEADE      Sep. 5, 1851 (or 1856) – Nov. 19, 1941.     Son of Adam Monroe Meade & Sarah Amanda ‘Sally’ Clay.

MEADE, REBECCA MEDLEY     May 25, 1855 – Oct. 8, 1936.     Daughter of Daniel I. Medley & Catherine Null (or Newell).


MEDENA, O. B.     Jun. 2, 19_4.     Only (partial) date.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 06 Jul 1849.

MEDLEY, CATHERINE NULL (or NEWELL)     Jun. 4, 1833 – Unknown.     Parents of 11 children: Jesse Paul (m. Malinda Elizabeth Wilson); Mary Jane (m. James Waugh); Melissa C. (m. George F. Wilson); William H. (m. Isabella Jane Carver); James; Rebecca Mary (m. Rev. John Wesley Meade); Nancy Emeline (m. Hiram Wade ‘Bud’ Thompson); Miranda Adeline ‘Rand’ (m. William Calvin Cahell ‘K-Howl’ Warren); Thomas M. (m. Melissa Jane Hurt); Elizabeth & Daniel T., Jr. Medley (m. Alta Mae Moffitt).
MEDLEY, DANIEL I (or T), Sr.      Nov. 18, 1813 – Unknown.     Believed to be buried here. No marker. Son of James & Sarah Medley. Married twice. First to Sarah McGuire; children Martha Ellen (m. George Allen Blake & Martha Catherine ‘Kate’ (m. G. W. D. Haverstick).




MINER, ANNA MAY BLAKE     Sep. 27, 1933 -  Oct. 14, 1967.     Daughter of Noel Ray Blake & Minnie Lee Burnett. Married Carroll Miner 02 Sep 1950 St Louis MO.




MOTT, RACHEL E.     No dates.


POTTS, ARNOLD WINFORD     Jan. 15, 1921 – May 10, 1921.     Son of Benjamin Joshua Potts & Emma J. Tucker. Born & died at Sinkin’, Shannon Co MO.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1874 Dent Co MO.
POTTS, BARBARA THERESA ‘BARBRY’ PANKEY     Aug. 7, 1856 – Mar. 23, 1919.     Wife of Isaac J. Potts. MO Death Cert.#12709: Born Dent Co MO, daughter of Malon Montgomery Pankey & Margaret Short. Died at Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Informant L. L. Potts, Hardage MO. Burial Mar. 25, 1919 at Medley Cemetery.
POTTS, ISSAC JOSHUA, JR. ‘JOSH’      Oct., 1850 – aft. Mar., 1919.     Son of Isaac Joshua Potts, Sr. & Martha Thompson. Parents of 13 children: Charles Alonzo ‘Lonnie’, Martha Cordelia, Sherman, Juritta Ann (m. Anvil Spurgeon), Tempa Elaine (or Ealine) ‘Tibbie’ (m. William Henry Young), Lou Lemard (m. Ida Belle Tucker; he was born May 2, 1883 and died Dec. 18, 1952. He is buried at Reese Cemetery at Mountain View), Benjamin Joshua (m. Emma J. Tucker), Hardin Noah (m. Frieda Prugh), Elias Vinton, Arthur Otto (m. Dorotha Campbell), Herman Eli, Myrtle Arlena & Olive May ‘Ollie’ Potts.


POTTS, CHARLES ALONZO ‘LONNIE’     No dates.     Son of Isaac J. Potts, Jr. & Barbara Theresa Pankey.


POTTS, ELIAS VENTSON     Jul. 24, 1893 – Feb. 22, 1937.     (aka Elias Vinton).     Son of Isaac J. Potts, Jr. & Barbara Theresa Pankey. MO Death Cert.#6574: Occupation janitor for telephone company. Born at Eminence; died at Leeds Tuberculosis Hospital in Kansas City Jackson Co MO. Husband of Anna Potts. Death certificate states burial, cremation or removal: Willow Springs Feb. 23, 1937. Informant Annie A. Potts, 1218 Hasbrook Ave., KCMO.


POTTS, DOROTHY     Born abt. 1905.     Dorotha Campbell, wife of Arthur Otto Potts. Daughter of James Baker Campbell & Martha Ellen Terrill.


POTTS, MAHALA JANE    No dates.   


POTTS, NETTIE    No dates.   


POTTS, PATSY ANN    No dates.   


POTTS, SHERMAN ELI      Feb. 1865 – Unknown.     Son of Isaac Joshua Potts, Sr. & Martha Thompson. Married Alice N. Downs 27 Feb 1887 Shannon Co MO. Children were Mary, Martha, Levi, Bessie & Osie Potts.


POTTS, SHERMAN    No dates.    Son of Isaac Joshua 'Josh' Potts & Barbara Theresa 'Barbry' Pankey.


POTTS, SON    No dates.   


POTTS, WANDA P.    No dates.   


POTTS, WILLIE    No dates.   


PRITCHETT, RHONDA LOU     May 14, 1957 – Feb. 10, 1969.


PRUGH, MR.    No dates.   

PRUGH, MRS.    No dates.   


PRUGH, SON    No dates.   


PRUGH, JOHN HENRY     Jan. 19, 1905 – Oct. 31, 1968. Son of Walter Beech Prugh & Camilla Ley.


PRUGH, MRS. JOHN    No dates.   


PRUGH, MARJORIE ESTELLE     Jan. 2, 1932 – Jul. 25, 1932.     Daughter of Fred H. Prugh & Omaha Weber. MO Death Cert.#25082: Born & died Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Informant Mrs. Camilla Prugh. Burial at Medley Jul. 26, 1932.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1900.

PRUGH, WALTER BEECH, Sr.     Feb. 6, 1862 – May 29, 1946.     Son of James William Prugh & Melissa French. Married first Evalina Bates. Children Edith, Leon, Harold & Frieda Prugh. MO Death Cert.#16192: Born Madison Co OH; died Gladden Dent Co MO. Burial at Medley May 31, 1946. Informant Walter B. Prugh, Jr. PRUGH, CAMILLA LEY     Aug. 17, 1870 – May 4, 1950.     Born in Germany. She married 1st Herman Ervin Weichelt. Died at Hardage MO. Burial May 7, 1950. MO Death Cert.#19083. Informant Walter Prugh. Children of Camilla & Herman Weichelt: Louise, Pauline, Harry & Frieda. Children of Camilla & Walter Prugh: Fred Weichelt Prugh, (m. Flowrence Unknown); Karl, Emily, Walter Beech, Jr. (m. Maude Eudy), John Henry, Benton (m. Gladys Thompson) & Henry Lee Prugh (m. Bertha Ludwig). NOTE: Fred Weichelt Prugh is listed in one source as the son of Camilla & Herman Weichelt).


PRUGH, KARL     1903-1918.     Son of Walter Beech Prugh, Sr. & Camilla Ley.


RUTLEDGE, WILLIAM TAYLOR     Aug. 14, 1880 – Dec. 1, 1918.     Married Louella Stotler. Father of Oather Edward Rutledge, Sr., Luther 'Bunt' Rutledge, Ralph Willard Rutledge, Reuben A. Rutledge (m. Ruby O. Barnes), Necy L. Rutledge (m. Denver Paul Chowning), May Rutledge & Elree Ozen Rutledge (m. Laverne Evelyn Grandstaff).


SWENEY, TRAVIS J.     Born & died Aug. 14, 1975.


DOUBLE: Married abt. 1858.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM WADE     Dec., 1835 – Jul. 9, 1912.     Born in Kentucky, son of William Thompson & Martha Beasley.
THOMPSON, LYDIA JANE ‘LIDDIE’ CHILTON     Jul. 16, 1842 – Sep. 10, 1918.     Daughter of John Chilton & Sophia Lydia Woods. Parents of Sarah S. Thompson & Mayme Thompson.


THOMPSON, L. JANE     Only date Feb. 14, 1930.     Marker has only ‘Aunt Puss’.     Findagrave has the name L. Jane and a notation ‘not near William & L. Jane Thompson.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 15 Mar 1874.

THOMPSON, HIRAM WADE ‘BUD’     Oct., 1854 – 1916.     Son of John Thompson & Sarah Potts.
THOMPSON, NANCY EMELINE MEDLEY     Apr. 11, 1859 – Apr. 22, 1945.     Daughter of Daniel T. (or I) Medley& Catherine Null (or Newell). Parents of William Riley Thompson (m. Victoria Adeline 'Addie' Kendricks); John Daniel Thompson (m. Carrie Arizona Price); Sarah Catherine 'Kate' Thompson (m. Walter O. Lee); Louis Thompson; Jesse Thompson (m. Ethel Dooley); Magdalena L. Thompson (m. James M. Piatt); Harrison Thompson (m. Allice Unknown); Joseph W. Thompson (m. Rosa L. Lewis, m. Anna Bell Warren) & five children who died in infancy.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 31 Mar 1900 Shannon Co MO.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM RILEY     Dec. 26, 1879 -  Sep. 24, 1939.     Son of Hiram Wade ‘Bud’ Thompson & Nancy Emeline Medley.
THOMPSON, VICTORIA ADELINE ‘ADDIE’ KENDRICKS     Jul. 4, 1880 -  Jan. 16, 1957.     Parents of Andrew J. Thompson (m. Thelma Norene Plowman; Charles Edward 'Charlie' Thompson (m. Kathleen Unknown); Lena Thompson (m. Unknown Lashley); Nancy Emeline Thompson (m. George Washington Dooley) & Hiram T. Thompson (m. Beulah Cattolia Dunn, m. Carrie E. Mahan).

DOUBLE: Married abt. 1874.


WARREN, WILLIAM CALVIN CAHELLE ‘K-HOWL’     Nov. 10, 1855 – Aug. 11, 1935.


WARREN, MARANDA A. ‘RAND’ MEDLEY     Aug. 30, 1860 – Aug. 28 (or 29), 1922.    Daughter of Daniel T. (or I) Medley& Catherine Null (or Newell). Parents of Anna Catherine Warren (m. William Matthew 'Bud' Hurt); John William Warren (m. Florence Louella Sherrell); Thomas Daniel Warren (m. Rosa Viola Sherrell); Walter Lee Warren (m. Alice Janie Heaton); Jesse James Warren (m. Raussie Adeline Wood); Melissa 'Missie' Warren (m. Christopher Columbus 'Lum' Wilson); Dora Mae Warren (m. Moses U. Prater) & Lillie Warren (m. Lincoln C. 'Link' Conway).


WATSON, JOHN WESLEY     No dates.     (Found: John W. Watson, born abt. 1820 in Georgia; John Watson, born abt. 1853, son of William Wade Watson & Margaret R. ‘Peggy’ Tripp; John Watson, born 1817 Indiana, married Rebecca Russell, parents of John, Jr. born abt. 1848.  


WATSON, SARAH ELIZABETH ‘SALLY’     No dates.     Found: Sarah Elizabeth ‘Sally’ Morrison, wife of John H. Watson. Born Mar. 1884 in MO. Married 23 Aug 1903 Shannon Co MO. Mother of George W. Watson.


WATSON, MARY     No dates.     Found: Mary, wife of William W. Watson. Born abt. 1859, MO. Mother of Nancy E. (m. Andrew J. Bunch) & Margaret Ann Watson (m. Francis Marion Warren, Jr.). William W. was the son of William Wade Watson & Margaret A. ‘Peggy’ Tripp.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 19 Dec 1912 Hardin MO.

WEICHELT, NORA CAROLINE BRAKE     Nov. 1, 1895 – Oct. 17, 1969.     Daughter of Charles Edward Blake & Margaret Virginia 'Maggie' Lanham.
WEICHELT, HERMAN ERVIN     Dec. 14, 1892 – Oct. 21, 1971.    Parents of Ernest Lester Weichelt (m. Myrtle Jane Rupkey); Herman Gerald Weichelt (m. Opal Marie Mason); Charles Ervin Weichelt (m. Delphia Ellen Parker); James Earl Weichelt (m. Beulah Mae Rupkey) & Raymond Hardin Weichelt (m. Helen Oma Parker).


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 15 Feb 1903 Shannon Co MO.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS FOSTER     Apr. 1, 1881 – Nov. 22, 1928.     Son of Carroll Foster Williams & Sarah A. Hines. Married 1st Sarah Clementine Shoemate 21 Oct 1884 Shannon Co MO. Children Bessie May Wilson (m. James Edmond Burnett); Lillie Belle Wilson (m. Isaac Anderson Spurgeon); Grover Cleveland Wilson (m. Martha Anna Terrill); William Archibald 'Arch' Wilson (m. Lillie Mae Thompson); Alta Jane Wilson (m. Charles S. Howell) & Beulah Wilson.
WILLIAMS, SARAH EASTER STORY     May 5, 1884 – Oct. 24, 1922.     Parents of Sarah Elizabeth Williams; Alta Alzada Williams; May Williams & Hazel Williams (m. Henry Walter LeGrand).


WILLIAMS, SARAH E.     Born & died Oct. 14, 1922.     Daughter of Thomas Foster Williams & Sarah Easter Story.


WILSON, ALBERTA     No dates.   


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1910.

WILSON, ALBERT ARCHIBALD     Jan. 7, 1866 – Dec. 13, 1925.
WILSON, CORA B. WEESE     Sep. 5, 1888 – Aug. 27, 1965.     Married 1st Samuel Thomas Lanham; children Dean Lanham (m. Lorene Bounds), Wayne Lanham, Joe Lanham & Bob Lanham. Children of Albert & Cora was Ena Wilson (m. Unknown Lanham, m. Frank Griffith) & a son who died in infancy.


WISDOM, SARAH ELIZABETH ‘BETTY’ BLAKE     1864 – Unknown.     Daughter of George Allen Blake & Martha Ellen Medley. Married Henry Wisdom abt. 1879. Mother of George A. Wisdom & Samuel A. Wisdom (m. Amanda Meade).

There are five unknown graves between Karl Prugh and Baby Carver; several more unknown graves between William Rutledge and Rhonda Pritchett, & rocks marking graves between Jerry Lagrande and 'Aunt Puss'.


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