Delaware Cemetery

a/k/a New Harmony


Delaware community can be reached by taking HWY 106 WEST from Eminence, Mo. about 6 miles to HWY E. Take Hwy E. about 5 miles south to the community of Delaware.  

There is a cemetery (on the hill) behind where New Harmony Church use to sit. There is another cemetery about 1 mile on south on HWY E that is visible from the road on the LEFT as one goes south (See Rader Cemetery). 



GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.1033, Longitude: -91.4092


At least two of the graves that are listed here, according to the individual's death certificates, are said to be buried at New Harmony. I don't know if that means the community because the New Harmony Church is nearby, or if it is another name for this cemetery. If anyone can enlighten me as to whether it is the same cemetery, please do so.


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Baltz, Just David     05 Aug 1921 - 02 May 2009.   Obituary  


Barr, Clarice Irene Lahmeyer     Dec. 12, 1919 - Dec. 21, 1996.         Born in Shannon Co MO; died at her home in Springfield Greene Co MO. Daughter of Julius Lahmeyer and Hazeltina Walters. School teacher. Children Donald Wayne Barr (m. Teresa Unknown) and Debra Lynne Barr (m. John Dumier).
Barton, Verdie D.     Oct. 1897 - 1960.     No marker.     Child of Milton E. Barton & Eva Unknown Mefford.

DOUBLE: Children of John H. Bird & Della Hartman.
Bird, Edward     Jul. 20, 1914 - Jun. 10, 1915.     MO Death Cert.#20788.
Bird, Geneva Dulcie     Jun. 19, 1918 - Nov. 15, 1920.     MO Death Cert.#35857.

Carter, Robert Lee     Jan. 20, 1935 - Feb. 2, 2003.     'Father.'

Caswell, Charles J.      1892 - 1963.

Chilton, Thomas Joshua     Feb. 6, 1909 - Apr. 2, 1954.     Son of J. G. Chilton & Mary J. Tripp. Occupation: Senior Tower man, State Forest Service. Husband of Thela Cleo Pummill. Died at Eminence MO. MO Death Cert.#10899. NOTE: Thela later married Walter Winterbottom. Father of Richard Pummill Chilton (m. Carol Sue Roberts), Thomas Leroy 'Sonny' Chilton (m. Edith 'Edibeth' French) & James C. Chilton (m. Vada Wallace).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Aug. 17, 1956.
Chilton, Thomas Leroy 'Sonny'     Feb. 26, 1935 - Mar. 29, 1981.     Son of Thomas Joshua Chilton & Thela Cleo Pummill. Married Edith 'Edibeth' French 17 Aug 1956 Eminence Shannon Co MO.
Chilton-Ross, Edith Elizabeth 'Edibeth'    Sep. 27, 1935 - Jan. 28, 2018.    Memorial

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1940.
Crider, Austin George     Jan., 1920 - Oct.,1966.     Son of Frederick W. Crider & Sadie Reed. Born at Shulter OK; died at Blytheville AR.
Crider, Rosetta Dorow       Jan. 4, 1921 - Sep. 10, 2001.     Born at McCook Red Willow Co NE; died Mountain View Howell Co MO. Daughter of Henry Frederick Dorow and Oney Gertrude Rader.

Crider, Charles S. (or F.)     1926 - 1947.     'Son.'     Son of Frederick W. Crider & Sadie Reed.

Crider, Elizabeth J.     Jul. 14, 1909 - Apr. 21, 1977.
Crider, Lloyd H. 'Dutch'     Jan. 21, 1916 - Jan. 12, 1990.     Son of Frederick W. Crider & Sadie Reed. Married Susie Watkins; married Wilma Chrisco.

DOUBLE: Married 10 Jun 1910 Shannon Co MO.
Crider, Frederick W. 'Fred'     1885 - 1971.     Son of Samuel D. Crider & Minerva Unknown.
Crider, Sadie Reed     May, 1892 - 1977.     Daughter of Marion Francis Reed & Mariah Eveline Scott. Parents of Marion 'Dallas' Crider (m. Edith Irene Smith) Lloyd H. 'Dutch' Crider (m. Susie Watkins, m. Wilma Chrisco, m. Elizabeth J. Unknown); Austin George (m. Rosetta Dorow); Porter 'Nig' Crider (m. Wanda Laverne Chaney) & Charles S. Crider.

Crider, Gerald Dean     May 10,1968 - Feb.__, 1976.     Son of Marvin Dean Crider & Mary Sue Chaney.
Crider, Daryl     Born & died May 10, 1968.

Note:  'My cousins headstones are usually buried under a mountain of weeds and tall grass. They are in the far right hand corner end where you can see the old school house (can see the gravel road as well) that had been made into a church. Last time I went up that way, their graves could hardly even be seen. I cleaned them off as good as I could get them. ~ Sheila Bilbrey.

Cupler, Perry Alfred     Jun. 1, 1880 - Jan. 26, 1913.     Married Ella Duncan 10 Nov 1908 Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#3803: Born May 31, 1880. Born Pennsylvania; son of John Cupler (PA) & Ellanger Angeline Miller (PA). Married. Farmer. Died of tuberculosis of lungs; contributory: Mines at Webb City MO. Death Cert. states buried at New Harmony Cemetery. Informant Emma Conner, Purcell, MO. Father of Jim, John Wesley (m. Guila Mae Wakefield), Marion & Hattie Cupler.

Demster, Ernest Thomas     Feb. 22, 1913 - Mar. 3, 1962.     Born Eminence Shannon Co MO; died Birch Tree Shannon Co MO. Husband of Evelyn Seaman. Son of Lou Henry Demster & Mary Josephine Smiley.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1918 in Nebraska.
Dorow, Henry Frederick      May 14, 1892 - Mar. 20, 1969.     Born at Hebron NE.
Dorow, Olna 'Gertrude' Rader      Nov. 17, 1896 - Aug. 30, 1980.     Daughter of Jeremiah Benjamin Franklin Rader & Sarah Jane Honeycutt. Born at Summersville.

Dorow, Henry Gernon     May 15, 1924 - Jan. 1, 1999.     'US Army WWII.'     Son of Henry Frederick Dorow & Olna 'Gertrude' Rader.

DOUBLE: Mother & Son.
Duncan, Ida Ellen Perkins     Oct. 20, 1873 - Jan. 19, 1937.     Daughter of Abraham 'Lewis' Perkins & Mary S. Rader. Married Henry O. Duncan 27 Apr 1904 Shannon Co MO. Died at Phelps Co MO. MO Death Cert.#2574. Mother of Alma Duncan, Lulu May Duncan & Marion S. Duncan.
Duncan, Marion S.     1914 - Oct. 22, 1937.     Son of Henry O. Duncan & Ida S. Perkins. Died at Phelps Co MO. MO Death Cert.#38477.

Foster, Andrew 'Andy'     May 13, 1881 - Jul. 3, 1929.     Son of Burt Foster (TN) & Sina Riddle (TN). Born TN. Husband of Kitty Foster. MO Death Cert.#26727-a. Informant Dan Foster, Eminence.

Haviland, Lydia 'Mary' Huffman     Oct. 17, 1869 - Jan. 28, 1954.     Daughter of John P. Huffman & Catherine Reed. Died at Springfield Greene Co MO. MO Death Cert.#927. Informant W. M. Stubblefield, Springfield MO.
Haviland, Marvin Emmett     Jul. 19, 1879 - May 13, 1951.     Born in Michigan. Parents not named. MO Death Cert.#16189. Informant Mrs. Mary Haviland, Springfield MO.

Hill, Claude     May 30, 1911 - Oct. 25, 1918.     MO Death Cert.#37430: Son of James Alexander Hill (Jan. 10, 1863 - Feb. 5, 1923, buried at Winona) & Nora Brown. Informant Otto Hill, Eminence MO.

Hill, James Alexander     Abt. 1817 - Jul. 5, 1895.     'Age 78 Yrs.'     No marker.     Married 1st Lucinda McCormack Orchard. Married 2nd Ellender Davis. Children of James & Lucinda: Alice 'Alcey', Sarah, Jane, Margaret Frances & William R. Hill (m. Georgia A. McSpadden). Children of James & Ellender: Ellender, Louis D. (m. Meda Unknown), James Alexander (m. Elnora Brown), Martha Jane (m. William Samuel Shoemate), Permelia Dinah (m. Elias Ervin Sellars), David Orr, Emma C. (m. John W. Connell) & Chededa Hill.

Huffman, Mary 'Christina' Niebruegge     1861 - 1957.
Huffman, William 'Henry'     Jul. 24, 1864 - Dec. 18, 1945.     Son of John L. Huffman & Catherine Reed. Died at Bartlett MO. MO Death Cert.#42628. Informant August Huffman, Eminence MO. Parents of William Edward (m. Harriett 'Hattie' Randolph) & Henry August Huffman (m. Melissa Pearl Randolph).

Huffman, John L.     1839 - 1914.
Huffman, Catherine Reed     Apr. 10, 1837 - Dec. 18, 1924.     Grave marker has Kathern.     MO Death Cert.#33939: Died at Poplar Bluff Butler Co MO. 'Age 87 yrs 8 mos 8 days.' Informant M. E. Haviland, Poplar Bluff MO.

Huffman, John T.    Feb., 1859 - 1919.     Son of John L. Huffman & Catherine Reed. Born in Gasconade Co MO. Married Belle A. Reed 1889.

Katzmarek, Beverly J. Reed     Feb. 21, 1929 - May 15, 2017.    Memorial

Klepzig, Susie Jane Perkins     Aug. 4, 1871(or 1872) – Mar. 21, 1936 (or Mar. 20, 1936).     Daughter of Abraham 'Lewis' Perkins & Mary S. Rader. Wife of Walter Klepzig. Married Walter Klepzig 23 Mar 1899 Shannon Co MO. He was born Mar. 30, 1876, died Jul. 6, 1947, and is buried at Pine Lawn Cemetery at Winona. MO Death Cert.# 13697. Parents of Lillie Klepzig, Sadie Klepzig, Lottie Mae Klepzig, Floyd Raymond Klepzig (m. Dessie Pritchett), Florence E. Klepzig, Lewis A. Klepzig (m. Ruth Unknown) & Claude Leland Klepzig (m. Margaret Hibner).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 09 Apr 1911.
Lahmeyer, Hazeltina Walters     Dec. 24, 1887 - May 29, 1981.
Lahmeyer, Julius     Sep. 9, 1890 - Oct. 26, 1950.     Old & New stones.     Son of John Fritz August Lahmeyer & Augusta Pierce. Born Gasconade Co MO. Died rural Birch Tree MO. MO Death Cert.#44014. Informant Mrs. Hazeltina Lahmeyer. Parents of Elbert Lahmeyer, Nellie Nadine Lahmeyer, Roy C. Lahmeyer, Clarice Irene Lahmeyer (m. Unknown Barr) & James Lahmeyer.

Lahmeyer, James     Apr. 19, 1928 - Apr. 19, 1928.     Son of Julius Lahmeyer & Hazeltina Walters.

Lahmeyer, Nellie Nadine     Feb. 10, 1915 - Jul. 12, 1916.     Old & New stones.     Daughter of Julius Lahmeyer & Hazeltina Walters.

Lahmeyer, Roy C.     Jul. 18, 1917 - Nov. 29, 1980.     Son of Julius Lahmeyer & Hazeltina Walters.

DOUBLE: 'Beloved Sons'
Lee, Robert     Born & died Oct. 10, 1981.
Lee, Emmerson     Born & died Oct. 10, 1981.

Mahan, Oscar R.     Aug. 29, 1907 - Nov. 19, 1923.     (FHM)     MO Death Cert.#33191: Son of Joseph A. Mahan & Rosa Lee Perkins. Single. Occupation: Lather. Died at St Mary's Hosp., Kansas City Jackson Co MO of Tetanus. Contributory: Lacerated wound of left thumb; struck on thumb with piece of timber; accidental.

Mahan, Rosa Lee 'Rosie' Perkins     Apr. 28, 1877 - Aug. 17, 1942.     (FHM)     Daughter of Abraham Lewis Perkins & Mary S. Rader. Married Joseph A. Mahan 01 Sep 1899 Shannon Co MO. Joseph was born Aug., 1875; date of death unknown. Place of burial unknown. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#28340. Parents of Bernice Celia Mahan (m. Henry Nichols) & Oscar R. Mahan. Medley, Loyd Gale     Dec. 7, 1938 - Dec. 24, 1938.     'Son.'     Son of Ernest Carl Medley & Roberta Leah Miller. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#44639.

McAfee, Katherine M. 'Kitty' Pummill    Nov. 5, 1935 - Feb. 13, 2018.     Memorial

Miller, Charles Harvey 'Charley'     Jul. 9, 1865 - Dec. 15, 1950.     'Dad.'     MO Death Cert.#43417: Died Dec. 15, 1949. Son of Abraham Miller & Susan Bowlen. Widowed. Retired. Died at Eminence. Informant Mrs. Vada Means, Bismark MO.
Miller, Mary Elizabeth Chilton     Feb. 14, 1875 - Feb. 14, 1940.     'Mom.'     Daughter of Perry Chilton & Cynthia Unknown.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1960.
Nash, Carollee Ethel Herndon    Oct. 20, 1930 - Sep. 11, 2016.    Memorial
Nash, Donald L. 'Don'    Nov. 1, 1928 - Jan. 26, 2005.     Obituary

Nichols, Bernice Celia Mahan     Apr. 17, 1900 - Dec. 10, 1918.     (FHM)     Daughter of Joseph Andy Mahan & Rosa Lee Perkins. Married; husband not named. MO Death Cert.#50759. Informant Joseph A. Mahan. NOTE: Married Henry Nichols 17 Jul 1915 Shannon Co MO. Mother of Denver Nichols & Ethel E. Nichols (m. Willis Clark Harrison).

DOUBLE: Married 13 Dec 1905 Shannon Co MO.
Nichols, Ellen Victoria Williams     Feb. 9, 1885 - Oct. 27, 1957.     Daughter of John Shed Williams & Louisa Jane Rose.
Nichols, James Arthur     Dec. 27, 1883 - Mar. 25, 1967.     Son of Wilson W. 'Wilce' Nichols & Lucinda M. 'Lucy' Freeze.

Nichols, John Adam     Feb. 3, 1921 - Mar. 14, 1930.     Son of James Arthur Nichols & Ellen Victoria Williams.

O'Dell, James David 'Dave'     Jul. 24, 1947 - Jan. 22, 2017.     Memorial

Pelate, Evelyn Elizabeth     Mar. 8, 1954 - Jan. 11, 1984.     'Beloved Sister & Daughter.'
Pelate, Robert Lee, Jr.     Sep. 25, 1952 - Oct. 19, 1952.     Son of Robert Lee Pelate, Sr. & Grace Demster. Died at Mountain View Hosp. MO Death Cert.#34839. Informant Ernest Demster, Birch Tree MO.

Perkins, Abraham ‘Lewis’     May 30, 1841 - Mar. 25, 1925.     Born in Kentucky. Son of Pleasant Perkins (VA) & Polly Hasher (KY). Husband of Mary S. Rader (Apr. 7, 1852, Hart Co KY – Mar. 25, 1935). US Army Civil War. Died Delaware Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#10474; informant Ed Perkins, Delaware MO. Lewis & Mary were married 07 Aug 1867 Shannon Co MO. Children: Columbus 'Lum' Perkins (m. Mattie Crow), Susie Jane Perkins (m. Walter Klepzig), Ida Ellen Perkins (m. Henry O. Duncan), George P. Perkins, Lewis Benjamin 'Ben' Perkins (m. Minnie Duncan), James Wiley 'Jim' Perkins (m. Nettie Williams), Pearl Perkins (m. Green Buffington) Jacob 'Jake' Perkins (m. Effie Rose), Mary May 'Mayme' Perkins (m. Arthur Leroy Pummill), Daughter Perkins (died age 4), William Raymond 'Ray' Perkins (m. Laura Harper), Edward W. Perkins & Rosa Lee Perkins (m. Joseph Andy Mahan). Note: Mary S. Rader remarried to Louis Counts.

DOUBLE: Married 22 Sep 1906 Shannon Co MO.
Pummill, Arthur Leroy     Aug. 23, 1880 – 1960.     Born Osage Co MO. Son of John Hezekiah Pummill & Lydia Matthews.
Pummill, Mary May 'Mayme' Perkins     May 19, 1888 – Sep. 15, 1967.     Daughter of Abraham 'Lewis' Perkins & Mary S. Rader. Born near Mountain Grove MO. Died West Plains Howell Co MO. Children David Olen Pummill (m. Alta Lucille Fry), James Howard Pummill (m. Unknown Carpenter), Thela Cleo Pummill (m. Thomas Joshua Chilton, m. Walter Winterbottom), Thelma Leo Pummill (m. Burton A. Baltz), Arthur Leroy Pummill, Jr. and Mamie 'Maudeline' Pummill (m. Just David Baltz).

Pummill, Arthur Leroy, Jr.     1915 – Jan. 2, 1937.     Son of Arthur Leroy Pummill, Sr. & Mary May 'Mayme' Perkins. Died Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 4591. Tombstone spells it ‘Leeroy’.

Pummill, Samuel Wayne, Sr. 'Sam'     Oct. 15, 1942 - Apr. 9, 1988.     Born at Eminence Shannon Co MO; died Mountain View Howell Co MO. Son of David Olen Pummill and Alta Lucille Fry. Father of Sheryl Denise and Samuel Wayne 'Sammy', Jr.

DOUBLE: Married Sept 22, 1920
Reed, Arthur Austin     Jun. 21, 1901 - Oct. 30, 1980.     Son of Marion Francis Reed and Evaline Scott. Children Pete and Betty. He married Ethel Gregory in 1935; children Gaylor, Ronald, and an infant daughter.
Reed, Gladys M. Carr     Aug. 12, 1901 - Oct. 4, 1994.     Daughter of Fred Ivy Carr & Mary Cordelia Wells. Parents of Marion Austin 'Pete' Reed (m. Irene Thompson) & Betty Lucille Reed (m. Delburn Willsey).

DOUBLE: Married 6 Oct 1922
Reed, Dorothy Irene Randolph     Oct. 4, 1905 - Jul. 30, 1998.     Daughter of George Washington Randolph & Harriett Safira Mooney.
Reed, Marion Edward 'Ed'     Apr. 22, 1903 - Feb. 9, 1982.     Son of Marion Francis Reed & Mariah Eveline Scott. Parents of Ira Reed & Hazel Reed.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married abt. 1888.
Reed, Mariah Eveline 'Eva' Scott     Aug. 12, 1865 - Mar. 14, 1922.     Daughter of Ambrose Scott. She also married John D. Phelps.
Reed, Marion Francis      Jul. 3, 1852 - Jul. 28, 1916.     'Father.'     MO Death Cert.#26779 Jul. 13, 1852 – Born Gasconade Co MO, son of Nathaniel Reed (TN) & Sarah Biby (TN). (Shows buried at New Harmony Cemetery.) Died at Delaware Shannon Co MO. Informant Henry Johnston Reed, Ravenwood, MO. Parents of Russell Reed, Iva M. Reed (m. Leonard Brown), Sadie Reed (m. Frederick W. Crider), Mattie Reed (m. Harley Perkins), Arthur Austin Reed (m. Ethel Gregory, m. Gladys M. Carr) & Marion Edward 'Ed' Reed (m. Dorothy Irene Randolph).

Reed, Larry Stanley     Jan. 1, 1947 - Jan. 18, 1994.     'Dad.'     Son of Marion Edward 'Ed' Reed & Dorothy Irene Randolph. Husband of Barbara Reed.

Reed, William R.     1884 – Jun., 1941.     Died Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 26355.

DOUBLE: Married 24 Jan 1913 Shannon Co MO.
Richardson, Porter C.     1891 - 1967.     'Father.'
Richardson, Sibyl B. Whiting     1893 - 1966.     'Mother.'

DOUBLE: Married July 26, 1927 Eminence, MO
Sanders, Annabelle Williams     Aug. 23, 1910 - Oct. 29, 2000.     Born at Delaware Shannon Co MO; died West Plains Howell Co MO. Daughter of John Shed Williams and Louiza Jan Rose.
Sanders, Manuel     Feb. 9, 1908 - Jan. 8, 2005.     Born Van Buren Carter Co MO; died Springfield Greene Co MO. Son of William R. Sanders and Sarah Johnson (or Johnston).


Sanders, Billy Gene 'Sandy', Jr.    Feb. 6, 1958 - Aug. 8, 2012.    Memorial

Sanders, Harvey      Oct. 5, 1909 - Nov. 25, 1932.     Born Carter Co MO; died Shannon Co MO. Son of James Isaac Sanders & Mary Florence Dawson. Sanders, William R.     Aug. 22, 1874 - May 14, 1952.     Husband of Sarah Johnson or Johnston. (Sarah buried at Midco Carter Co MO).

Sheehey, James V.     1880 – Mar., 1943.     Died Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 15658.
Sheehey, Mollie Utley     Feb. 4, 1859 – Jun. 7, 1946.     Daughter of ‘Unknown’ Utley & Ann Calhoun. Born Viona (Vienna?) IL. Died Springfield Greene Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 20010. Informant M. O. Jones, Delaware MO.

Stogsdill, James R.     Aug. 24, 1858 - Feb. 20, 1925.     (Tombstone shows Slogsdill).      MO Death Cert.# 6554: Born Cabool MO, son of Silas Stogsdill (KY) & Caroline Burdine (SC). Husband of Mary E. Stogsdill (died Aug. 8, 1919 Texas Co MO). Died at Eminence. Informant Mrs. J. R. Williams, Springfield MO.

Stubblefield, John     Jan. 12, 1867 - Sep. 19, 1925.     Son of John Stubblefield & Susan Owens. Married Bell Reed 22 Dec 1914 Shannon Co MO. Died at Delaware MO. MO Death Cert.# 29029; informant Bell Stubblefield, Delaware MO.

Tarney, Peter     Jan. 3, 1846 - May 31, 1928.     Born Switzerland. Son of William Tarney (Swtz). Died Delaware Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.# 19583; informant Mrs. Tarney.
Tarney, Phoebe Logan     Mar. 11, 1860 - Mar. 25, 1945.     Daughter of John Logan. Born MO. Died Birch Tree MO of apoplexy. MO Death Cert.# 21508; informant Porter C. Richardson, Birch Tree MO.

Vieth, Henry     1901 - 1970.
Vieth, Susie     1904 - 1970.

Walker, Effie     1911 - 1975.
Walker, Ray     1898 - 1976.Winterbottom, Thela Cleo Pummill Chilton     Feb. 4, 1911 - Oct. 22, 1991.     Daughter of Arthur Leroy Pummill & Mary May 'Mayme' Perkins. Married 1st Thomas Joshua Chilton; 2nd Walter Winterbottom.


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