Ink, Shannon Co MO


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Updated April 24, 2014



Cox, Caleb Jackson 'Jack'    16 Jun 1844 - 26 Jul 1936.    Born in Virginia; died at Round Spring. MO Death Cert.#29515: Son of David Yearsley Cox & Jane Hughes. Married Alta Juritta 'Ritta' Summers. 


Price, Martha Rebecca Deatherage     11 Jun 1854 - 15 Nov 1935.    Daughter of William 'Newton' Deatherage & Louisa Crider. Wife of George W. Price (1834 - 11 Apr 1915).


Whitaker, Amanda Jane Ples    12 Jul 1875 - 19 Dec 1915.      MO Death Cert.#4825: Daughter of J. L. Ples & Elzira (or Elzina) Jaco. Widow. Informant A. J. Whitaker, Koller, MO.   





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